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THE GHAZI ATTACK - Ignoring the filmy touches, it largely remains a rare and delightful focused war movie featuring a talented cast ensemble that deserves to be given a chance for sure. (Review by Bobby Sing).

This Friday's One Line Reviews from BTC for your weekend plans - By Bobby Sing.

JOLLY LLB 2 - The second half turns it into a fairly entertaining above average film taking too many creative liberties, crossing the limits of respect and logic in its court room sequences. (Review By Bobby Sing).

KUNG FU YOGA (English/Hindi) - Just fast paced action, eye-catching visuals, stunning girls, a little fun and no yoga results in a hugely disappointing film. (Review by Bobby Sing).

KHAIDI NO. 150 (Telugu) - A power-packed comeback film from the BOSS, bringing forward three socially relevant issues along with the typical entertaining format of a double role. (Review by Bobby Sing).

QATL (1986) took it all from IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (TV Film/1971), but the two still have their own distinctive culminations deserving an equal applause. - A revealing overview by Bobby Sing..

KAABIL - Watch it just for the impressive blind acts and an emotionally likeable first hour, as you already know about the rest, unexpectedly conceived in a twist-less filmy manner. (Review by Bobby Sing).

RAEES - Shockingly strictly routine with the only enjoyable merit being the Shah Rukh-Nawaz clash. (Review By Bobby Sing).

XXX: RETURN OF XANDER CAGE (English) - Fultoo-action oriented our kind of paisa-vasool filmy entertainment. (Review by Bobby Sing).

SARVANN (Punjabi) - Didn't expect such a weak and irresponsible film from a talented team, poorly mixing the elements of Rajesh Khanna's ROTI and DUSHMAN. (Review by Bobby Sing).

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February 21, 2017 Tuesday     

With this new EID release of another SALMAN KHAN movie, I would rather like to go for its review in a different mode.

First of all let me tell you that as far as the economics of Film Business goes, this has “A New Blockbuster” written all over it without any doubt. Releasing on a national EID holiday (on Wednesday), with more than 2,500 prints and 10-15 shows in a multiplex, plus full houses in the single screen theaters too, How can such a film can ever flop, irrespective of its content or quality? Considering the phenomenal fan following of the STAR, it is bound to become a success in any case before even the week starts on Monday. So, if you want to know the box office result of the film, then in all possibilities this should make a hat-trick of Hits for Salman, unless the Indian viewers wake up miraculously from their media created sleep.
Now secondly coming to the content of the film, what can one think of the story of a film, with the title BODYGUARD? Obviously it has to be the love story between the Bodyguard and the owner of the body he is guarding. Hence in that respect the film has got nothing new and it remains completely predictable from the first frame itself where the viewer very well knows what he is going to see in the next reels.
So it all comes down to the treatment of the film, which sadly is again below the mark and not at all impressive as expected. Salman’s magic is there for sure, but he is not given the perfect action or entertaining sequences which can win over the viewers as compared to his WANTED or DABANGG. The humor is pretty lifeless and sounds outdated with all 80s kind of jokes which fail to create the required impact. However, it seems that the writers were very much aware of its boring plot and therefore they thought of adding an unexpected twist towards its climax. But, believe me, this last reel addition is one of the most bizarre climaxes I have ever seen, written very poorly without any kind of sane, real life vision.
In few words, it’s a big disappointment in almost all its departments ranging from the story, script, direction and execution. Though the stars acts convincingly putting best of their efforts, but they alone are not capable of giving you a good time in the theater. Honestly speaking, I enjoyed only the first opening song when SALMAN enters the screen in the entire film and was really thinking why this was chosen to be re-made in Hindi since it had nothing to rave about in its script and content.
Nevertheless, SALMAN is there with all his trademark moves in the film, along with doing another kind hearted gesture for his own real life bodyguard, Tiger. Very sportingly Salman wears the uniform of Tiger’s own Security Agency and also makes Tiger dance standing next to him in the opening song. I guess that’s one of the reason, why SALLU BHAI is loved all over the world for his numerous similar kind of humble & friendly acts.
To end the review, I would like to tell you that why I almost walked out of the theater while watching BODYGUARD.
The film is directed by the same director, for the third time in a different language. Now who would have done it to satisfy his creative urge? Clearly this was a project undertaken for money and money alone, otherwise what is the charm of directing the same script for the third time? As a real creatively concerned person, the director should have given the project to another talented upcoming director and he could have been the Creative Visualiser of the project to keep an overall look on it.
But coming to the main point of my distress, there is a scene in the film, where people are standing around a pyre on which the dead body is lying covered in white. To be precise, this is a sequence in which they all have gathered to cremate one of the main villains of the film, killed by Salman. Now, to my shocking surprise, the scene has been shot by the talented director in HEAVY RAINS. The water is pouring heavily from the sky, the pile of wood is all wet, the body is all wet and here come a person holding a burning mashaal to set the pyre on fire. And as filmy it can get, he also successfully puts the pyre on fire and then we are shown the body burning calmly just in the middle of a heavy rainfall.
If this is what you call direction then Sorry, I am not interested in writing about this film anymore. For me its just like playing with the innocent loyalty of your millions of fans. And all the BIG STARS like SALMAN really need to give it a serious thought.
Rating : 1.5 / 5 (and that too only for the spirited efforts of the star-cast)
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31 August 2011 / bobbysing /
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Its not easy to make a SLAPSTICK Comedy because one can easily fall in the category of OVER-DOING it. So, you need to have an exceptional skill of directing such comical sequences with the right dosage of comedy, absurdity, humor and soft violence. Charlie Chaplin mastered this art in the early years of the last century and then it was further nurtured by the names such as Laurel & Hardy, The Marx Brothers, The Three Stooges, Mr. Bean and many more.

CHATUR SINGH TWO STAR also falls in this same category of Slapstick Comedies but sadly it stands amongst the worst ones ever tried in the Hindi Cinema. Cheaply based on all copied sequences from the famous PINK PANTHER series movies, this shabby comedy doesn’t even deserve a FREE TICKET outing spending your precious two hours in the theater.
Its quite understandable to watch such attempted slapstick comedies keeping our logic aside. But even then the film at least has to offer something to the viewer to enjoy and laugh at. Unfortunately CSTS fails in that department completely and just remains a silly kind of film which assumes that there are fools sitting in the theater who would laugh at any crap they will show in the name of cinema.
While watching all the childishly copied scenes on the screen, I was just thinking that what actually inspired actors like Sanjay Dutt, Anupam Kher and Gulshan Grover to sign such a low grade film made without any vision or content. Director Ajay Chandhok makes Sanjay play the role of a (supposed to be) funny Inspector written all around the original character of Inspector Clouseau from The Pink Panther Series played by Peter Sellers and Steve Martin in its various sequels. The writers not only copy from those western scripts but the stylists also copy the look, costumes and overall persona of the lead character from the ORIGINALS. But frankly what you are shown on the screen is not even close to that famous hilarious series more known for the brilliant clumsy act performed by Peter Sellers.
In short, it would be a big waste to write more on this forgettable venture and I would rather like to recommend watching “Tom & Jerry” along with your kids instead of opting for CHATUR SINGH TWO STAR even on a DVD.
Ratings : 0.5 / 5 (only for the efforts put in by the crew in its making)
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28 August 2011 / bobbysing /
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The name was great, the posters were well designed and the subject was well chosen. In fact, the plot was very much in news in the last few weeks only. So the time of its release was also simply perfect. But unfortunately the film fails to materialize on any of these merits and just remains an average kind of first time effort by the writer-actor-director Parvin Dabas. Besides, I was really taken aback by its very poor and sub-standard T.V. promos using the archival footage of our independence without any purpose, which was really not expected from a team having a reasonably good film-experience.

So as it began, I already had my doubts about its script and execution.
Written around a burning issue of Government taking away the farmer’s land in the name of development, the film takes off with reference to four local gang leaders and their don. The first half keeps revolving around these gangsters and their funny kind of gang wars but it doesn’t touch the real issue strongly. The director tries to keep this particular part of the film closer to an off-beat kind of venture talking about the life of farmers living in a village situated in the outskirts of Delhi. The writer mixes the gangster plot well with the land taking over issue, plus the script gets its full support from the original locations and some smartly written dialogues for its key sequences.
But the film loses both its direction and grip as the gang leader undergoes a heart transformation and decides to take the side of villagers. From here onwards it all becomes too predictable and filmy which fails to generate any kind of interest for the viewers. As a matter of fact, I strongly felt that in order to put too many elements into its narration, Parvin actually ruined the basic thought of the plot and came out with a ‘mixed vegetable’ kind of film not worth applauding.
SDGB tries to bring in the feel of many past HITS forcefully and fails miserably in the process. At times it also looks quite funny & amateur kind of attempt with people shooting, exchanging cars and killing each other without any Police in the scene. The four gangsters remind you of many past RGV films or the youth oriented ones where the boys commit crime along with having fun in the group. It also tries to bring in the Comedy touch as seen in KHOSLA KA GHOSLA earlier which was too based on a similar illegal land acquiring issue. But sadly nothing is up to the mark in the film. Here I also doubt that Parvin Dabas may have thought of making this project while working in KHOSLA KA GHOSLA only and might have roped in Kiran Juneja Sippy and Anupam Kher too having the same in mind.
On the performance front, I found Parvin deliberately trying hard to give a polished act in the film which was quite visible. And that may be the reason that he was not able to come up that impressive as the silent explosive man. His other three friends along with the rest of the supporting cast are all fine but nothing great with Anupam Kher simply wasted. Musically also it remains just an average fare though the songs are used smartly in its first half. However the Camerawork capturing the local ambience works great as required by the theme of the film.
Overall, SAHI DHANDHE GALAT BANDE can only be called a well intentioned average first time attempt by its actor-writer-director, which remains far away from its exact destination.
Ratings : 2 / 5
Tags : SAHI DHANDHE GALAT BANDE Movie Review by bobby Sing, Review By Bobby Sing at, Bobby Sing's Hindi Films Reviews, New Hindi Films Reviews By Bobby Sing at, Bollywood Movies Reviews at, Bobby Sing Bollywood Reviews, New Bollywood Movies Reviews, New Bollywood Movies Released, New Hindi Films Reviews, New Hindi Movies Reviews, New Hindi Movies Released, New Bollywood Reviews, Bobby Talks Cinema Review, Reviews By Bobby Sing, New Hindi Films Reviews at
25 August 2011 / bobbysing /
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Not A Love Story - Bobby Talks Cinema.comWith his current masterwork, Ram Gopal Verma makes a new statement, different from all his previous films, which is exactly what was expected from the maestro from a long time. For the people who are just ready to slam RGV down for once again exploiting a real life incident for his commercial venture, I would like to state that this time RGV has made such a film which pleasantly moves miles ahead of being A FILM alone and the

For many viewers and reviewers, this may not be entertaining stuff from the MASTER and they might like to rate it quite low, taking it only as an average interpretation of a real-life incident from RGV’s own point of view. But for me this is RGV’s new avatar as a Cinematic Philosopher where he superbly goes on to explain the significance of that one tiny moment in the life of a person in love, where he loses control and commits a horrendous crime, without any hidden and prior intentions of doing it at all. So as per my suggestion, if you watch this movie with a more deep and serious outlook then it will surely lead you to some real darker secrets of human psyche which may not be visible to any critique looking at it only as a film. 
As a project it obviously has got the well crafted direction with the trademark RGV camera angles adding an extra dimension to its shocking subject. But apart from the master at work, the three other aces in the film are its superb performances by the entire starcast (Mahie Gill, Deepak Dobriyal & Zakir Hussain), its fast paced slick editing and a well worked upon Background score which enhances the overall impact of the movie significantly. In fact I strongly feel that the film can be easily used to explain the importance and role of these two post production elements of film-making to the students of cinema.
The best part of NALS is that RGV never takes any sides of either of the killers in his second half. And then he ends the film with a well written open climax, showcasing a highly intense loving moment involving the lovers standing right in the middle of their family members, police officials and lawyers. And this last passionate scene of the film defines the feeling of LOVE within the couple, like never before in INDIAN CINEMA ever.
Moreover, what differentiates NALS from a normal film project is the way RGV brilliantly explains the value of those few moments full of anger, which become responsible for a serious crime committed without any prior motive. Particularly, in the court room sequences of the second half, the moment it is revealed that what actually happened in those few seconds, you feel like taken onto a dreadful trip within the sick & mean human mind which can go to any extreme to save his own self from a mistake already made. For instance after watching the film, just try to think for a moment that how ardently, the boy must have loved the girl whom he was visiting after a long gap and in return what the girl did, while opening the door crying like a baby. Again, just think how the girl must have made up all those words she said, in only a few seconds she had, which resulted in a dead body lying in her own house after a few minutes.
Hence, as I see it NOT A LOVE STORY is a journey into the cunning human mind capable of doing anything in those strong avoidable moments of ANGER & LUST. For the die-hard fans of RGV, the maestro is back in form with a blast and for students of the medium, here is another classy piece of art from the director, capable of teaching you many vital aspects of film-making in its two hours.
Interestingly, the basic storyline of the film is inspired from a real-life incident of Mumbai and very daringly RGV has also shot the whole movie in the same building in which the original crime was committed. But it was quite strange that the murder reminded me of a Hindi Crime Thriller novel read more than two decades ago in my school time, written by Ved Prakash Sharma, who is a well known writer in his regional market. Honestly speaking, that novel (the name I can’t recall), was even more scary and disgusting in describing a similar act in its narration and that is the reason I can still remember it after so many years. May be many of the readers here would feel awful reading this but in that novel, the murderer commits the crime, cuts the body into pieces as done in the film and then puts them into his fridge instead of burning them. After that for almost a month, he keeps on taking one piece every day out in a poly bag to be thrown in a nearby sever drain. And that’s how he gets rid of the body without any slightest point of doubt raised anywhere. This was the dynamic writing of Ved Prakash Sharma, who later also wrote for a few films in Bollywood.
Now coming back to Ram Gopal Verma and his latest insightful offering, I rate it as an essential watch for every avid movie lover since RGV undergoes a notable change with this movie revealing a lot more about our present society and its questionable norms. It made me feel like watching an intense Hitchcock film after a long time. In few words, I thoroughly enjoyed and loved watching NALS because :
With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV uncovers the rotten, open and ugly face of our society where SEX clearly remains the biggest currency which can be used to get anything in the world under the sky.
Here the director once again clearly exposes the awful side of a LAWYER’s profession and shows how disgustingly they try to mould the things to win their respective cases, stepping over the souls and emotions of their own clients.
With NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV bewares the viewers from the cunning desire and ambition of BEING SOMETHING above the others, for which a human mind can simply go to any extremes.
The film redefines the emotion of LOVE on Indian screen, especially in its concluding moments which declare the pure love still existing between the two loving souls despite of all those dreadful happenings between them.
And with NOT A LOVE STORY, RGV reminds me, one of my own earlier statements written few months back that, “CRIME is an illegitimate and unwanted child of ANGER and therefore we should always take extra care before it gets conceived.”
So, just watch NOT A LOVE STORY for its hidden lesson, for Mahie Gill who is a true performer to look out for and for its highly realistic treatment given by the director, accompanied by an outstanding background score by Sandeep Chowta. Further just remember to watch out the sequence in which RGV uses his own song from “RANGEELA” to explain the inner conflicts of the girl, while she is being arrested.

As a concluding line, I would like to say that do watch NOT A LOVE STORY because it sincerely tells you that no one is a born criminal as sent by the ALMIGHTY. But its only that one split of a second of his whole psyche being full of anger that the Crime gets committed and then it leads to the further acts of hiding it. And as said in one of its songs, 

                 “Koi Khud Se Bura Nahin Hota, Pal To Kisi Ka Saga Nahin Hota”
Highly recommended for all lovers of intense cinema.
Rating : 4.5 / 5 ( including 1 point purely for its exceptional climax)


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