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April 16, 2014 Wednesday     

Ankur Arora Murder Case

Just two shows on the first day and less than 10 viewers in the theater for a rare Bollywood film made on the subject of medical malpractice! Why?
Because in our country we don’t really like to see or talk about the real problems and just wish to enjoy a fantasy world presented along some action, dance and music, featuring our favourite actors. Also, because here cinema is just meant for ‘a time pass entertainment’ and is not considered anywhere close to something significant like literature, music or painting. As a result, neither the exhibitors are willing to give any major attention to off- beat projects like these, nor the viewers are interested in WASTING their time on such meaningful, preachy and socially relevant movies quite frankly (Pun intended).
So in that scenario, when one clearly knows that it will be tough to get a good number of shows as well audience into the theaters, I would first like to congratulate the producers of ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE, who had the blessed vision to finance such a film for a market which is widely known to stay aloof and discourage this kind of film-making from last few decades. Thankfully we still have such responsible people in the industry who do care to address some burning issues of the society through the medium of cinema, so all is not lost yet.
Talking about the film itself, usually I am not supportive to projects which unofficially borrow from some hidden foreign sources heavily. But ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE can be left as an exception since it does raise a very important issue of our Indian society at present, regarding the questionable status of life saver DOCTORS & their Private Hospitals. The whole medical premise of its script and the proceedings of the court with the mention of number1 being changed to 9 is straight away taken from Sidney Lumet’s THE VERDICT (1982) starring Paul Newman, which itself is a true masterpiece from the West revealing the ugly commercial aspects of this noble profession (Included in my ‘Movies To See Before You Die List’ too). Interestingly the makers of AAMC are widely publicizing it to be based on a real life happening. But if it really is about an actual incident then either this is a rarest of rare case of real life copying the reel life or The Almighty must have seen THE VERDICT before repeating an exactly similar case in this part of the world.
However getting over with the inspired status of the film, AAMC is a decently made flick focusing on an irresponsible mistake by a famous and reputed doctor, who instead of admitting & apologizing, tries to cover up the case with his powerful influence. As the truth comes out, a case is filed on the hospital and the doctor, turning the film into a court room drama in its second half which is both intense and emotional in its execution. Now though it surely could have been much more hard hitting and impressive in its overall portrayal of the issue as expected. Yet it is no doubt a pretty decent and worth praising attempt from the entire team for sure, including many spellbinding performances from the cast led by Kay Kay Menon.
Ankur Arora Murder CaseIn few words, AAMC deserves to be seen both for its crucial issue raised, as well as for its brilliant key performance by Kay Kay as the culprit doctor, Tisca Chopra as the helpless mother and Arjun Mathur as the honest intern together. No one can deny the fact that Kay Kay is one of the most under-rated actors we have at present who truly deserves more good roles and praises both. But here Tisca Chopra shines even brighter in the film as the silent mother witnessing the justice denied by the court with only her tearful eyes looking into the dark. The lady once again proves the unexplored hidden talent in her, post TAARE ZAMEEN PAR in 2007 and she truly needs to be given much more chances like these to come up with even better. Arjun Mathur makes the best use of the opportunity given in the role of a revolting intern having a ‘still alive conscience’ and Vishakha supports him well as his colleague. In the court room sequences, Paoli Dam delivers a powerful act playing the lawyer with some great dialogues and Manish Chaudhari, Vishesh Tiwari (The Kid) and Harsh Chhaya perform just fine. The camera captures the tragic emotional sequences in the film beautifully and the Background Score gives it full support in generating the desired impact.
Admittedly, it’s not a great classic film which would force you to stand up and clap as you might be thinking. It has its own set of flaws, like an unwanted sub-plot of suicide attempt along with the love angle & few songs, as usual. But still it does successfully makes you think about the state we are living in, wherein the established doctors are more worried about their huge hospital running expenses and the intern doctors are more worried about their future careers instead of admitting the mistake they all had made in the operation theater.
It makes you fearful, watching the way a reputed doctor performs a minor operation with an absent mind and over confidence leading to some adverse consequences beyond control. And it even forces you to question that have we lost this noble God-like profession too in the current monetary race of our blind society?
AAMC also needs to be considered as a trend setting film because we have simply stopped making projects talking about our own social issues quite sadly and moreover the viewers too have stopped showing any kind of interest towards such relevant movies. In fact that is what we have lost in our Hindi Cinema since the 80s and the only film which was made on this issue of ‘Medical Malpractices’ happened to be NASOOR in the year 1985 almost three decades back. Honestly it was quite surprising to see the film written & presented by the recent ‘Horror specialist’ Vikram Bhatt and skillfully directed by a not so known director Suhail Tatari. So these two men also deserve their own share of praises for coming up with this thought provoking film in the present commercial times.
As a concluding message, we need to grow up and support films like ANKUR ARORA MURDER CASE because it’s a universal cause the film has been made for. A medical condition doesn’t differentiate between a rich or poor coming from any region or religion and thus the film should be taken as a “Wake Up Call” for every single person reading this review, especially the aspiring doctors and the ones currently practicing the divine profession.
Nevertheless, the other side of the coin is that in the new millennium, we are certainly not willing to see any film questioning our own corrupted souls & social system together. So I can easily predict that this is going to be a FLOP and there will be no-one to see this in the theaters in the coming days. In India we have a die-hard habbit of not addressing an issue till it reaches our own homes and we are not used to being shown the ugly mirror with the truth, right at our faces.
Rating : 3.5 / 5
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15 June 2013 / bobbysing /
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As an essential clarification, I would like to begin with the fact that if a film is remade or its sequel is planned after decades (to en-cash the euphoria around its original title), then there are simply no grounds on which either the films or their music can be compared in any form or manner whatsoever. And the gigantic reason for this valid argument is that those two projects are purely related to two different times, distinctive eras and two diversely brought-up generations which don’t allow us to discuss any kind of comparative study related to the projects unnecessarily. Therefore the review here has nothing to talk about the original AASHIQUI released in 1990 or its extremely popular music in the paragraphs ahead.
However, the other harsh reality here remains that with AASHIQUI 2, the Bhatt camp once again proves the wide spread notion in the industry that they truly know the film business more than anybody else in the present, when it comes to making remakes, sequels and inspired movies with some hit tracks unarguably. Dealing with all similar projects only (remakes & sequels) in the last few years, the Bhatts have passed on their “HIT Formula” of making low budget, inspired movies with a new star-cast & super-hit music to their next generation too. And the new brigade is clearly making the most out of it quite evidently as visible in their latest venture AASHIQUI 2.
The film has a title fetching them an instant recognition due to its brand value, an already successful soundtrack, an interesting fresh lead pair and the whole ‘Cost-Factor’ under control like a perfectly planned business venture which has no probability of giving them losses even if the film is not liked by majority of the audience sitting in the theater. In short this is an ideal example of how successful films are now being made in our Industry like branded Soaps, Perfumes and Shampoos selling in the departmental stores displayed in some attractive packing on the shelves.
Oh! Wait, I really missed the major ingredient of film-making here in the above description, which happens to be “The Storyline or Script” in a film as required. But then, that’s never been a problem with The Bhatts since they’ve always got the English or World Classics by their side, as their truly inspiring friends, providing them everything they require from start to finish related with the storyline of their films. So following their own decades old track record, this time they pick up the 1976 version of A STAR IS BORN, directed by Frank Pierson and featuring Barbara Streisand & Kris Kristofferson in the lead.
Interestingly, the English film has its own history of remaking in both the West and the East beginning from the year 1937. After its initial release in 1937, it got remade twice in 1954 & 1976 (in the west) because of its engaging subject on music & its illustrious career struggles. In India, Hrishikesh Mukherjee made his own cult classic ABHIMAAN in 1973 featuring Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri (Bachchan) in the lead, which was a subtle Indianised version of a similar tale. Though the original AASHIQUI (1990) too, revolved around the same subject of musical careers, ego clashes and misunderstandings between the lead pair. But it’s the current 2013 remake of the Hit, which religiously takes its inspiration from the 1976 version of A STAR IS BORN, revolving around the life of a immensely famous Rock Star fading away from the charts due to his drinking habits & arrogant nature.
No doubt, director Mohit Suri and his writer Shagufta Rafique add their own notable insertions in the script to make it an intense emotional love saga, as always expected from the Bhatts. But in the process they push their film into an avoidable zone which is too melodramatic, extremely slow and not so happening for the young audience in particular, after its first hour. In straight words, the film begins well with all its introductory scenes and manages to hold the attention of its viewers in a decent manner. But just before and after the intermission, it loses all its pace, becomes completely predictable and offers nothing in the name of entertainment (read emotional pleasure), despite of having some good tracks playing in the background.
At times it does make you feel the ‘Mahesh Bhatt Impact’ in few of its lovable scenes (Mahesh lends his voice in the film as the Father), but along with that the film also has few directly lifted sequences from the original as usual. It begins with an exactly similar scene taken from the 1976 remake of A STAR IS BORN, the couple meet each other in a bar in almost the same settings and then the film ends too on an identical note, truly following its inspirational source from the West, unsurprisingly.
The film’s Soundtrack is already a Big Hit, its Cinematography is fine and the Background Score provides what was required from it in a decent manner. But somehow I felt the arrangement (orchestrisation) of its songs too heavy and repeatedly interfering with the otherwise melodious compositions of the tracks & their meaningful lyrics. May be it was done keeping in the mind the Rock base of the film, but could have been toned down a lot as I felt personally. Anyway, AASHIQUI 2 is sure going to be the major vehicle in the career of its singers such as Arijit Singh, Ankit Tiwari & more.
In the acting department, the fresh pair is likable and they have also acted well in their difficult roles respectively. Yet the appreciation would more go towards Aditya Roy Kapur than Shraddha unfortunately. The boy impresses you right away from his first scene itself and then seems to be at a comfortable ease with his confused character throughout the film. Shraddha looks cute and does well particularly in the second hour. She is sure going to win some hearts with her innocent feature, but still I couldn’t feel the emotional attachment with the two characters suffering together on the screen and couldn’t relate to them honestly as I wished too.
Probably one of the reasons for this detachment from the film was its story-base which in the current scenario is simply bizarre and unimaginable. Because today there is no place as such for Pop Singers or their Individual Pop Albums in Indian Music Market anymore. Yes, this was the scene in the 90s when Pop Culture was flourishing in India due to the Cable TV revolution in the country. But in this new millennium, only film music rules the nation and there is almost no scope of any Pop Artist to make such a name & fame in only few weeks as shown in the film.
In a nutshell, it has got performances and some good music too but how many times we are supposed to see the same rotten story again & again like dumb viewers. Its fine that in our part of the world if you have a Hit soundtrack then half of your box office battle is already won. But what about the entertainment factor or the emotional connect in a movie for which the viewers are there sitting in the theater. And in case that is missing in an intense love story such as AASHIQUI 2, it really doesn’t deserve any high ratings as far as this review is concerned.
Rating : 2 / 5 (Including 1 only for its soundtrack)
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26 April 2013 / bobbysing /
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ABCD - Any Body Can Dance

Exploring a new genre of dance movies in Indian Cinema (earlier tried in the 80s with DISCO DANCER, DANCE DANCE & more) ABCD straight away comes to the point in its first scene itself featuring a dance competition. And then it takes you on to an energetic dancing journey right till its explosive climax where Lord Ganesha is remembered in a spectacular show on the stage. Needless to say that the film is all about passion of dancing, I have quite less to write about the movie as a whole and more to express on the making of this important project which is nothing less than a milestone in the Hindi Film Industry.
To finish with its weaker points first, story wise ABCD may not have got anything novel or fresh to offer but execution wise it does have many exclusive firsts in its kitty, especially for the viewers who share the same passion of dancing in their real life. The film has music, dance and expressions written all over it and it keeps moving around these three things only woven with all the clichéd plots already seen before on screen in various films.
But if it has nothing new to offer then what is so special about this film which forces me to rate it as an essential watch for every young at heart living in India?
There is in fact more than one answer to the above question and they are all mentioned below as the merits of the film intelligently called ANY BODY CAN DANCE which interestingly gets an abbreviation as ABCD.
1. First of all this is a film in which you have “The Indian God of Dance” Prabhudeva (acting after a long time) playing the Master of Dance only for a group of enthusiastic students eager to learn from him. And when Prabhudeva is there as the maestro himself then you are sure to get some exclusive, unbelievable and jaw dropping dance sequences on the screen like never before. Here it needs to be mentioned that apart from entertaining the viewer with his impeccable dancing skills, Prabhudeva also decently manages to act in his emotional scenes too and doesn’t turn out to be uneasy or awkward at all.
2. Along with Prabhudeva, ABCD has also got another popular dance maestro Ganesh Acharya playing a dance teacher assisting Prabhudeva as a true friend to achieve his desired goal. The lovable act of Ganesh straight away wins your heart as its not easy to accept such a side role, when one himself is running a professional dance academy and considered a Master of the art in his own industry. In clear words, in this cunning world of gigantic egos it was really nice to see Ganesh featuring in this project displaying an appreciable sportsman spirit and its indeed a treat to watch the two masters together on the screen in one frame interacting with each other in a funny but emotional manner. So hats off to Ganesh Acharya for this great step taken in his career as an actor and coming up with a surprisingly amusing performance too.
3. The third merit of the film includes all its stunning stage performances well supported by a breathtaking choreography, innovative cinematography and a dazzling technical show which superbly shines in 3D. Director Remo shows a tremendous growth in his second venture made on his most favourite subject and he does come up with an impressive show with many worth watching songs and dance sequences lead by the grand finale saying “Bappa Moreya” loudly. The film features almost all kind of dance forms and is sure going to be a great watch by the young ones who are into learning the art seriously. Here though I missed an instantly likable composition with some catchy beats in its songs but still the soundtrack of ABCD (by Sachin-Jigar) successfully impresses the viewer while watching it as required. Particularly I loved hearing the track, “Duhaayi Hai” & “Saada Dil Vi Tu” which are both rendered and filmed quite well.
4. Now after these key points, in my opinion ABCD’s biggest USP is that it features almost all the winners/participants of the famous TV show “Dance India Dance” who became famous in their hometowns due to their amazing performances on the show. Interestingly TV shows on Talent competition have been the topic of discussion in our society from the last few years, because as they get over, the already popular young contestants find themselves hanging in the mid having left on their own by the show organizers and their judges with no further guidance.
But here since director REMO thankfully found that vision, courage and spirit to bring all his young contestants of the show together in his own film made on dance. Therefore I consider ABCD as a valuable example set by him in the industry by acting like a responsible mentor, giving them the much required chance to showcase their skills on the big wide silver screen. Here a few friends might find this move too as a pure commercial one, taking advantage of the young ones available for no cost at all. But personally I would not mind that, even if it is so, since we do need dependable, responsible and thoughtful teachers, mentors and directors like REMO who can play the gamble of giving such big chances to the deserving young candidates in their reputed projects. This young brigade in ABCD is lead by Dharmesh and Salman along with many other talented names who show a commendable confidence acting with stalwarts such as Prabhudeva, Ganesh and KK, who is simply outstanding as the cunning, ambitious owner of a renowned dance academy.
Admitting the truth, yes as a film script one may find ABCD just an average flick made with great passion, highly inspired from the STEP UP series of the west. But as a special project collectively made by all the masters of the art together along with the young talent picked up from their own TV Talent shows, I would like to rate ABCD as an important film of the current times which actually shows us a new inventive way of making interestingly appealing films featuring the fresh talent.
Sharing the experience of watching it in the theater, it was really great to see ABCD with a group of young dance students sitting in the row ahead, who were really enjoying each and every dance movement on the screen with their energetic shouts, whistles and comments. And while its final song was there (in the end credits) with Saroj Khan, Prabhudeva, Ganesh Acharya and Remo dancing together on the screen in one frame, I just had a thought that if me and these young students are enjoying so much watching these masters dancing together, then what a good time they all must have had in shooting the whole project like an unforgettable picnic lived away from all the worldly pains and discomforts...........following only one common mission in mind and that’s the passion of dancing.
So as I see it, ABCD is a zealous and appreciable attempt from all the dancing maestros putting their own students in the front, which deserves to be looked upon with love & respect by one and all. In short, watch ABCD essentially if you love dancing and watch it as a must if you don't as it may open your mind towards one of the most precious gifts of nature, i.e. The Joy of Dancing………Cheers!
Ratings : 3.5 / 5
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10 February 2013 / bobbysing /
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