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November 23, 2014 Sunday     
After watching this not so appreciable adaptation of the original Tamil hit with the same title PIZZA, I reached an important conclusion on why many of my friends are not interested in watching the actual South movies being regularly remade in Hindi Cinema. And logically the reason is that when the adaptation turns out to be so uninteresting and disappointing for them all then they are obviously forced to assume that the original might be a fluke hit with more avoidable similar stuff and nothing else. As a result they remain deprived of many great worth watching projects and the blame completely goes to the Hindi film-makers adapting such path breaking films so unimpressively.
Sadly this week’s ‘horror-thriller-suspense’ remake once again commits the same serious crime of disgracing the original and why I have used the phrase ‘horror-thriller-suspense’ to describe the film, would only be clear once you have watched it knowing the real secret of its ghosts as its major surprising twist.
Talking about the experience of watching PIZZA as a new release (irrespective of its remake status), the film actually doesn’t work since it takes too much time to deliver the much awaited spooky content, has much less to offer in terms of horror or 3D and fails to build up the tension as expected by any fan of this particular genre. The first half keeps trying to make an impact with only one character alone which becomes monotonous after a while and then the deliberately prolonged climax spoils the whole game (which is not there in the original). No doubt the novel revelation in the finale does provide you something to think about while walking out of the theater. But the huge damage made earlier never lets you praise the movie despite its interesting culmination to say the real truth.
Actually the fault completely lies in the re-writing and unimaginative treatment adapted by director Akshay Akkineni who forcibly tries to add something of his own to the script unnecessarily. Particularly towards the last 30 minutes of the film, which turn out to be the major drag making much lesser impact on the viewer than it could, with a quicker and smarter climax as seen in the original. Further weak handling of two main characters in the story progression, the lead actor’s spooky wife and the tantric visiting the pizza joint in the beginning, truly fail to create any kind of mysterious premise for the viewers as brilliantly conceived in the Tamil hit.
The performances range from below average to mediocre, soundtrack gives you nothing to write about and cinematography despite being decent, fails to incorporate any special angles for the 3D, going against the huge expectations made from the specific format. On the other hand, background score and sound effects do try to bring you on to the edge of your seat, but it’s the long lazy sequences in the film which don’t let them achieve their desired results on the screen.
To sum it all, PIZZA is an experimental attempt having some novelty in its theme unarguably. But watching the Hindi remake of the original is sure going to spoil the magic of its splendid suspense beautifully tackled in the Tamil Hit. The actual version is rough, raw, believable and a worth watching venture indeed for all horror genre lovers. So if you are really interested in witnessing something out of the routine then do watch the original Tamil PIZZA with subtitles and skip this lousy version of the same made ambiguously.
Rating : 1+1 / 5 (With an additional one just for the great experimental twist in the climax.)
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19 July 2014 / bobbysing /
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(Spoilers – The review reveals film’s basic storyline)
Continuing from where he left four years back in AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI, writer-director Raj Kumar Santoshi strikes again with another of his slapstick comedy called PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO wherein we have Shahid Kapoor trying almost similar things as played by Ranbir Kapoor in the 2009 hit. So as per the execution is concerned this is exactly like a differently named sequel of APKGK which tries too hard to generate another box office success on the lines of the Ranbir-Katrina starrer, hugely appreciated by the masses four years back.
Though in his latest comedy, Santoshi stresses a lot more on the emotional factor and mother-son relationship right from the first frame to the last. Still the good thing is that the film does have some fun filled comic moments reminding you of Santoshi’s cult comedy ANDAZ APNA APNA and thus for me its much better than APKGK which I couldn’t enjoy a lot, to be honest. In reality APKGK got a huge boost due to its big star-cast and hit melodious music missing in PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO. But the truth is that you will find more traces of that good old Santoshi of AAA in this Shahid-Ileana starrer (not relying on any Chaplin like sequences) as compared to director’s 2009 blockbuster, quite frankly.
Having said that, the other dark side of the coin remains that PPNH does have an avoidable list of hiccups associated with its plot & story progression, which are sure going to restrict its box office results, as it seems. The film begins exactly like a typical Bollywood family drama of the 80s and then has a song in store too before the comedy takes it over from the front. The narration takes time to set the mood in but once it comes into the flow, you have a pretty good first half with many hilarious scenes and witty dialogues to enjoy on the lines of ANZAZ APNA APNA. The opening 30 minutes also have a surprise sequence with SALMAN KHAN wherein he too mentions AAA Part 2 being made by Santoshi with Aamir Khan in a sarcastic tone. Both Shahid and Ileana perform well in the comic sequences, brilliantly supported by four exceptional actors namely Sanjay Mishra, Saurabh Shukla, Darshan Jariwala and Zakir Hussain. Together they put up a good show in few sequences and one overall enjoys the first half ignoring its initial weak moments and the deliberate songs.
Post intermission, as the viewers are ready to enjoy it more, surprisingly the film goes into a different mode altogether and drops badly. The long emotional & slightly absurd insertions simply ruin the enjoyable build up of its first half and one starts losing patience waiting for its promised comic moments for long. After a while it does strike back, but is not able to generate the similar kind of impact as made in its initial hour, till the climax. The villain’s additional plot of Operation White Elephant simply falls flat since its neither scary nor funny in its outdated execution. Further a few songs (in shorter versions) are thrown in just like that and the film’s clumsy end (treating the Police real bad) lacks the solid punch required in such comic scripts.
Musically PPNH has one enjoyable track “Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai”, which is not only melodiously composed (Pritam) and well sung (Mika) but also has a dazzling choreography well adapted by Shahid. Plus I also liked “Main Rang Sharbaton Ka” while watching it on the screen featuring the stunning Ileana. Besides both background score and cinematography enhance the comedy sequences fairly as required.        
In the performance section, it’s a Shahid Kapoor film all the way and the actor tries almost everything in his act quite convincingly (and he even mentions the same in one of his dialogues). Shahid shows variety in his act but unfortunately the script plays the spoil sport here particularly in the second half. Ileana in her second film post BARFI plays it well but doesn’t get any strong role to present her acting skills. She undoubtedly has a promise to make but needs to look into the styling department urgently as she frankly appeared to be more ravishing and beautiful in her songs than the scenes.
It was really a treat to watch Padmini Kolhapure in a major, long length role after a long time but I don’t think the generation today is really willing to listen to emotional family songs as used in the film’s both halves. Providing the much needed comic support, Sanjay Mishra, Saurab Shukla, Darshan Jariwala and Zakir Hussain are truly superb with their admirable timing. Mukesh Tiwari sincerely tries hard to put up a good show as the villain but Nargis Fakhri is not up to the mark in her song-dance cameo. Also Rana Jung Bahadur and Navin Prabhakar are just there in few scenes to fill up the space.
Putting it together, the biggest merit of PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO is its clean, enjoyable comedy (away from sex and double meaning stuff), along with many funny, entertaining dialogues which instantly reminds you of the director’s first comic movie released almost two decades back. Yes, the film cannot be termed as a great entertainer or a perfect comedy due to its many drawbacks mostly visible post intermission. Yet I would like to rate it much more than Santoshi’s last APKGK for the only reason that it did reach quite close to the unique ANDAZ APNA APNA in its few scenes thankfully.
Now coming to the INSPIRATION Section of the review, PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO gets its basic inspiration from various sources as mentioned below:
1. The title of the film is taken from a dialogue of HERO HIRALAL (1988) in which Naseeruddin Shah comes out tearing a film’s poster and says the same words.
2. The very first scene of the film dealing with a self confessed traffic challaan is straight out of FERRARI KI SAWAARI (2012) wherein Sharman Joshi does the same act as done by Padmini Kolhapure.
3. Most importantly (as also confessed in a dialogue of the film only), the whole story idea of PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO (in its first half) has been inspired from MUNNA BHAI MBBS with the theme of Doctor being replaced by an Inspector. To elaborate it further, as seen in Munna Bhai film, here the hero’s mother thinks that her son has become an Inspector and she is coming to visit him in the town. Knowing this, the hero becomes a fake inspector and all his friends play different roles of a hawaldaar, a social worker and more to support the inspector’s act.
Anyway, if you loved watching AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI a lot, then you are sure going to enjoy PHATA POSTER NIKHLA HERO too as a one-time watch, particularly for all its entertaining funny moments in the first half. So just keep that yardstick in mind and make your own decision for the coming weekend.
Rating : 2.5 / 5
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20 September 2013 / bobbysing /
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Paan Singh Tomar - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

First of all, I would like to admit that this is not a routine review of just another new film released this Friday from Bollywood. Because in true words, we all so called literate, knowledgeable countrymen sitting in the comfort of our cozy houses in the metros, simply have no right to judge this honest film made on a real-life gifted character, who was ready to die for the country if given a chance. So please excuse me if you were looking for a detailed movie review here as per the custom.
Beginning with the headline used above, I really felt both proud as well as ashamed after watching this honest well crafted film revealing the bitter truth of our Indian Social System through its powerful narrative.
PROUD, because the film perfectly proves to be a true example of CINEMA made in the right manner for the overall benefit of the society. CINEMA, as per my understanding is a powerful medium of expression which basically needs to serve two main purposes. It has to entertain as well as enlighten its viewers about the various important issues prevailing in the system which need to be addressed urgently. Though in India, the medium is largely used and exploited for mere entertainment of the masses, but still it feels proud to have directors like Tigmanshu Dhulia who are blessed with the spirit, understanding and enthusiasm to make movies on such subjects which otherwise remain untouched and underground due to their fiery political nature.
To be precise, how many of us ever knew about this character called PAAN SINGH TOMAR who actually existed in our society a few decades ago? We all love Cricket so much, remembering all its record makers and breakers on our tips. But how many of us ever knew about this seven-time NATIONAL CHAMPION in steeplechase (obstacle) race, a born athlete who later had to pick up arms and became a hard-core WANTED rebel (not Dacoit) of Beeharh? The film enlightens us all about Paan Singh’s sad life-story and thus fulfills its duty of being a “True Cinematic Effort” made by Tigmanshu, Irfan and the team. So on a positive note, I really felt great watching PAAN SINGH TOMAR as our own Bollywood product made in the most authentic manner as it should have been, ignoring all the commercial aspects associated with the business.
It also made me remember another proud product of our Indian Film Industry, BANDIT QUEEN directed by Shekhar Kapoor in 1994, which is till date considered to be a major benchmark in the history of Film-making in India. Interestingly, (as reported) director Tigmashu Dhulia worked with Shekhar in this project only in his early days, which undoubtedly must have helped while making his own present masterpiece on a similar subject. As mentioned above, BANDIT QUEEN was also mainly responsible of making its key character PHOOLAN DEVI, hugely famous all over the country, who was still alive at the time the film got released. But unfortunately PAAN SINGH TOMAR is not with us today, otherwise he would have surely got his much awaited honor and respect from the Indian audience after seeing this shocking bio-pic made on his actual life.
Before moving on to the acidic part of this write-up, I would like to say that as a movie, it’s a gripping experience which works majorly in its first half with a pinch of comic moments too, added brilliantly in its screenplay. The second half expectedly talks about the transformation part which can also be considered as just another ‘Vengeance Saga’ by many critiques. However, putting all the pieces together, it’s a lot more than only a revenge tale, taking you deep into the innocent world of PAAN SINGH and the reasons for which he was forced to pick up the gun.
Well supported by a spectacular cinematography, sharp editing and an award winning performance by Irfan Khan, it’s a worth watching gem striking a difficult balance between the life of a sportsman and a rebel. Though as I felt, the background score could have been better but still it serves the purpose well while watching the film. But here instead of giving you a review, I would like to mention a few dialogues of the film (as I can recall), which should be enough to prove the precious value of this rare gem (a biography) coming out of Bollywood after a long time.
As the film starts off, defining the thin line between a Dacoit and a Rebel, Paan Singh informs his officer saying, “Hamaar Mama Beeharh Ke Baaghi Thhey, Dacait Nahin…..Aur Bahut Izzat Thi Unki Purey Ziley Mein!”
After winning an important race, PAAN SINGH goes straight to his coach, touches his feet and says, “Guruji, Aap Hamare Guru Hain Par Aage Se Kabhi Hamein Gaali Mat Deejiyega, Hamse Sehan Nahin Hota”
On being addressed as a Daku by the reporter in his interview, Paan Singh comes forward and says, “‘Beeharh Mein Baaghi Hotey Hain…..Dacait Milte Hain Parliament Mein'.
In the last meeting (after becoming a rebel) with his supportive Military Officer, the Officer leaves Paan Singh saying, “Ab Main Tumse Kabhi Nahin Milunga Aur Yeh Hamari Aakhri Mulaqaat Hogi”……..but to this Paan Singh replies, “Par Khabrein Milti Rahengi!”
And lastly, on hearing the radio, broadcasting the news of Paan Singh Tomar’s search by the Police all over, he laughs in anger and says, “Jab Desh Ke Liye Bhaaga, Tab Kisi Ne Nahin Poocha………, Ab Beeharh Mein Bhaag Rahey Hain To Saaley Sab Naam Jap Rahey Hain!”
So, if the above few dialogues cannot convince you to watch PAAN SINGH TOMAR as soon as possible then I seriously don’t know what else can.
Now coming to the harsh part of this write-up, I felt ashamed after watching this flick due to more than one reason related to both Bollywood as well as the polticial social system we are living in.
Taking up Bollywood first, it was really a shame that this well-made film was lying in cans, waiting to get released for more than one year for some undisclosed reasons. If it was due to any personal disputes in the team then that’s a different case, but if it was due to lack of buyers (because of its non-commercial subject) then that is really something serious to think upon by the Industry. The word CINEMA is complete only if we keep on making films on diversified subjects related with its various genres. Otherwise it will be just like eating the same dish in dinner every day leading to boredom. So if films like PAAN SINGH TOMAR will continue finding difficulties in getting released then Who will like to make them in the near future?
It was also painful watching the movie as a viewer too since there were only 20-25 people watching it in the theater in its first show. At one end we all keep shouting loudly on all those crap movies offered to us week after week in the disguise of big budget multi-starrers. But when such a meaningful, well conceived and superbly performed enlightening movie releases, we don’t opt for it to save our money for something else. So it’s like double standard mindsets working on both the sides, in the makers as well as in the viewers. And if that goes on like this, then the gap between such enlightening gems is sure going to increase further, which would indeed be a big loss for all the true lovers of Indian Cinema.
Talking about the real theme of the film, I was ashamed to know the facts since I never knew or ever read about PAAN SINGH TOMAR’s tragedy before watching the film. As an Indian it was really shameful to know that Paan Singh opted for SPORTS during his Defence services, not due to any passion for athletics but only for the reason that in SPORTS there was no restriction on the quantity of meals you eat during a day. It was also shocking to know that even before going for international events, the Indian athletes were never given Spikes to wear in their practice sessions, but were asked to do the same just before the final race. (Reminding me of another film under-production on the life of MILKHA SINGH)
Further, it was really disgusting to see the way, a NATIONAL CHAMPION from the Defence services was treated by a Police officer asking him the proof of winning all the games and throwing away his Gold medal with some loud abuses. And then how the same NATIONAL CHAMPION was not given any chance of “A Dialogue” or “Surrender” by the government for whom he had served and won several prizes during his service tenure.
But that was not all, as the biggest shock came when in the end they showed a whole list of names on the black screen, who were NATIONAL Champions in OLYMPICS and other games but had died eventually either due to lack of medical treatment or being penniless without any kind of help given from the Indian Government. Reading the list scrolling on the screen was really disheartening which only reminded me of a scene from the film itself, which was just contradicting to the list.
In the movie, as the WAR is on, everyone is leaving for the Front but Paan Singh is not allowed to go since he is a fantastic Athlete representing the Defence forces in its various competitions. When he questions this decision from his officers, he is told that “Sportsmen are not allowed to go because they are our National Treasures and we cannot afford to lose them”.
The words came to my mind while reading the list of all those great sportsmen shown on the screen and I asked to myself,
“Are these talented people, the NATIONAL TREASURES of the country only till the day they can perform on the field?
Don’t they remain the same NATIONAL TREASURES once they get retired?
And Isn’t this a NATIONAL RESPONSIBILITY of the Nation’s Government to take care of all these gifted personalities after their retirement, till their last breath and give them a honorable farewell in the end?”.
The same principle applies to every art form including the Film Industry, where we have recently seen veterans like A. K. Hangal in a sorry state asking for monetary help on the national news channels.

So this is not a review of the film PAAN SINGH TOMAR but a humble tribute from my side along with Tigmanshu and Irfan Khan, for such blessed souls who were sadly not treated well by our own society. Paan Singh may have opted for a wrong or debatable path in order to fight for this own rights. But had the Government been there to take care of him in those difficult days, considering him as A NATIONAL TREASURE, we could have got a great COACH instead of a REBEL running in the Beeharh.
Ratings : RESPECT instead of Stars and Highly Recommended.
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