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FERRARI KI SAWAARI - A near perfect, one of the best FAMILY films of 2012 reminding you of 3 Idiots. (Review by Bobby Sing)
15 Jun, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

Ferrari-Ki-Savaari - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

Vidhu Vinod Chopra is back with his team introducing a new director Rajesh Mapuskar along with the “Golden Touch” man Rajkumar Hirani as the writer (dialogues) with a fresh film based on an interesting family plot revolving around Cricket and A Ferrari.
To start with FERRARI KI SAWAARI may not be a perfect film since it does have its flaws including its over length and few avoidable scenes & songs. But here I would like to strongly mention that BOLLYWOOD is not actually making many FAMILY OUTING movies in the present scenario. And looking at the trends followed in the last few years, we seldom get a movie which can be watched by ALL IN THE FAMILY together from a 7 year old kid to a 70 year old grandfather. So from that point of view, I would like to ignore the weaker points of this film and would rate FERRARI KI SAWAARI as “One of the Best FAMILY movies of 2012” which even reminds you of another perfect family entertainer, 3 IDIOTS presented by the same production house.
Now as suggested by its title and the promos, the film obviously revolves around the subject of Cricket and A Ferrari, yet it’s not entirely a SPORTS movie as you might be thinking. On the contrary, it is a film based on relationship between a father, a son and a grandfather. In poetic words it’s a film based on cricket where the team consists of only 3 players and the rest all are simply cheering for them in their own unique ways. But instead of revealing the actual plot here, I would only like to share the rare merits of the film, which easily convert it into a must watch family film particularly for the Indian Viewers.
FKS firstly becomes an enjoyable experience for everyone because of its emotional theme which talks about the most untouched or tense relationship in a middle class family that is between a father and his son. It enlightens a young father about how to bring in more positivity into this important bonding taking it onto a different level altogether…….of being friends.
Secondly it very importantly teaches you the value of Forgiveness when a person simply forgets and forgives his dear friend for having played a dirty game with him (ruining his entire life), arising out of professional jealousy & greed. And I rate a particular scene in the film, between Boman & Paresh as one of the best scenes of current times, capable of teaching you the art of forgiveness in just a few seconds.
Thirdly but most importantly, FKS actually gets converted into a worth watching film because of its two flawless performances by Sharman Joshi and Boman Irani wherein they both quietly surpass their own benchmarks set in their other famous masterpiece 3 IDIOTS. Sharman Joshi is simply exceptional in his simple yet impressive performance of an honest father. He infuses great positive energy in the entire film, especially in the opening and last 15 minutes when you honestly cannot stop falling in love with his character on screen. The boy once again strongly makes the industry realize his great hidden potential waiting to be tapped in films like these.
Complimenting him beautifully there is Boman Irani who undoubtedly is one of the most talented character actors in Hindi Film Industry at present. Boman simply takes over from Sharman like a relay race post intermission and delivers an even better performance than his 3 Idiots. Even though he (easily) plays a Parsi character in the film (being a Parsi himself), still the way he remarkably slips into the character of the depressed grandfather in the script  is nothing short of being called ‘Amazing’. Completing the trio is Ritwik Sahore, the kid who despite of being placed in front of such great actors, superbly makes his presence felt with elegance. The kid never overacts or gets casual which in turn helps both Sharman and Boman to come up with such fine performances in the film. So Ritwik, deservingly gets equal marks as won by these grown-ups for their polished acts.
Further, this team of 3 gets great encouragement from a brilliant supporting cast lead by Seema Pahwa, who is superb as the wedding planner and completely steals the show in many of her scenes. Paresh Rawal is bang on in his short cameo and so are the other actors contributing a lot in the overall impact of the film. Cinematography adds to the excitement related with the Ferrari along with a fine background score. But musically, Pritam is just ok with nothing great as one does not remember the songs once out of the theater. May be the impact was such since the tracks are all used in the film in their shorter versions. Yet there was really no need of a Lavni song featuring Vidya Balan and the one in the car.
The tag line of the review calls it a ‘near perfect’ film since FKS does have few weaker moments in its narration which could have been tackled in a better manner. For instance the complete side track of a corrupt politician and his son’s wedding seems to be a bit over the top with many cardboard like characters. The plot also takes too many liberties with the Ferrari moving freely on the roads without being noticed and the song with the car flying in the air in reality looks absurd and avoidable. As seen in many earlier movies on cricket, the scenes featuring the game once again remain the weakest ones. Like, how can one look for hitting the wickets when the ball is being pitched way outside the off-stump (when Boman is bowling to his grandson)?
Now as mentioned before, Why I would like to ignore these drawbacks in totality? That’s because we all lack one major feature in our lives which is called POSITIVE THINKING and FKS is full of the same positivity we all are looking for. We don’t get to see such positive films too often and that doesn’t mean that it is a ‘weepy movie’ at all. The film has a father and his son living their lonely life with a great positive attitude, people or neighbors helping out each other in the times of need and it even has good policemen, miles away from the routine kind of men on duty seen in every other film. Moreover it has few surprises too in the name of Sachin Tendulkar and on top of all the film has no female characters at all thrown in just to be the romantic interest of the hero as per the routine.

Keeping that in mind, FERRARI KI SAWAARI is indeed one of the best FAMILY films of 2012. It is a fine first time attempt by director Rajesh Mapuskar backed by the same talented men (Vidhu Vinod Chopra & Raj Kumar Hirani), who gave us Munna Bhai films and 3 Idiots. So that should be another big reason why it deserves to be seen by all.
Ratings : 3.5 + 0.5 (only for Sharman & Boman) / 5

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15 Jun 2012 / Comments ( 16 )
Amit Joshi

Before posting my reviews about this movie I would like to remind you that I admire you alot as a person and a reviewer and most of the time (98%) your views (about life ) & reviews (about movies) are so perfect that I totally lost and wonder how a person can write with so much honesty :)

Now coming back to this movie:
I had a thinking that One should have a GURU/Mentor (not Godfather) in his life to achieve something, it may be in form of father, teacher, advisor whatever. But today I felt that after spending too much time with Rajkumar Hirani, Rajesh Mapuskar's talent didn't seem to me even 1% of Hirani's. It tought me a big lesson that even spending time with legend can't make you a legend if you don't have your own vision & experiences.

1. This movie came in a era when cricket has become a game of Money & Glamour so people don't watch cricket and cricketer with same enthusiasm as they used to see (too much cricket also has spoiled the fun). So making FKS in 2012 is like making 'ROTI' (1974) in 2012. means now people wont like to see a movie where Hero snatch Roti from a shop, runs away and grows up instantly while people are chasing him.

2. This movie is thousand miles away from 3 idiot. & I think Boman's acting is not better than 3 idiot (because his character is not defined correctly)

3. This movie is toooooooooo filmy..yes Indians love to see masala movies but it doesn't mean we show them a Father who pay traffic fine even when no trafficman is watching him......its a height of honesty (after 'Satyakam') and I bet even Raja Harishchander will not do this in 2012.

4. The Son, Father and Grandfather relations seems bit confusing .......we don't know what went wrong with Boman why he was upset all the time sitting idle eats only peanuts and watch TV whole day ? Just because he failed in his professional career? That can not be a reason for sitting idle whole day..... Sharman's wife shown dead just to focus on Son & Father relationship ?

5. A Govt employee can easily get personal loan & according to my knowledge now a days Govt employee has much credibility than a private employee But the director was in so much hurry that he showed that Bank's loan officer doesn't find Sharman eligible for a loan of 1.5 lac and he doesn't even tell him how much loan he can get............In my opinion Sharman must be drawing 20-25K per month (a normal salary for a Govt clerk in Traffic Departmnet (after 6th pay commission :)............sorry for going in too much detail but its Director's fault for giving its audience this much time to think and rethink about weak points.

5. The boy hits sixers on Boman's super duper loose deliveries in middle of night & it convince Boman ? How ? Don't he know that he himself is not a great bowler (actually he was a batsman) ?

6. A Govt employee having only 3 members and is breaking all his piggy bank to collect just 2800 rupees...... isn't it too much ?

7. Sachin Tendulkar lives on 7th floor in an apartment...I used to think he has
his own Bungalow :) means some other day you can show Sachin leaving
in DDA Flat........will it not makes scene funny and unbelievable. it looks
like Sharman is going to meet someone else not real Sachin Tendulkar.

8. The Security Guard shown too funny & dumb so that he can let anyone take away Ferari easily.
9. under 14 cricket (Playing at Lord ) will not be telecast live on TV (Last
scene). TV telecast only International or County Cricket..... sorry again for
going in too much details.

10. I didn't hear any laugh in Theater except 2-3 scenes (not to mention I & my wife was included) whereas in 3 idiots I was with my 15 family members and they and all the theatre were smiling, laughing & crying at every scene so please dont compare it with 3 idiot.

Yes I know and accept that you watch movies with passion and not with a critic eyes but please accept that we also go to theater for entertainment & offcourse for a good story & belivable characters.........not for pointing out weak points of story & screenplay.

I am writing in the middle of night because I am dissappointed with the way director handled the subject..........yes the movie is noble attempt but treatment, characters & situations are not believable. We need movies like 3 Idiot, Vicky Donor or Pansingh Tomar to make us laugh & cry at same time but we don't need movies which DEPENDS ON ITS PREDICTABLE PLOT AND ILLOGICAL SITUATIONS.


Amit Joshi

Bobby Sing

Hi Amit,
Thanks for your detailed comment and praises too. 
You are right in your observations as its not a perfect film as mentioned in my review.
But the important thing is that its a POSITIVE film which is enough to recommend it to all friends.

Now coming to my answer to you points, I have only two things to say.

1. You are a big fan of Raj Kumar Hirani......so let me tell you that this whole film is the brain child of Raj Kumar Hirani himself as he is one of the writers and has also written the dialogues of the film single handedly.
The director is given the chance as a part of their team, (he use to assist Hirani) but if only you got to blame someone for all the loop holes you are mentioning then you got to clearly blame the same man who gave you 3 Idiots that is Raju Hirani alone and not the director..........because remember he is a debut director directing a film written by Raj Kumar Hirani.

2. Secondly If this was filmy then do think again as all Raj Kumar Hirani films are filmy too.....infact a big filmy.....Why.... because if you as a well educated creative person can very much accept and clap on a child being born with the help of a Vaccum Cleaner then you should not really complaint about all these points in FKS.

Cause for me nothing ever has been so filmy on Indian Screen than this kind of child birth being applauded by the people with claps.....so from that viewpoint FKS was too less filmy.....and thats infact Hirani kind of cinema which is evidently visible in FERRARI KI SAWAARI too.



Cricket, Ferrari and the adventures of a middle class Parsi family is what this film revolves around. Ferrari ki... has a lot going on for itself on the surface. An interesting story line, a strong cast and of course the whole suspense involving whether or not Sachin Tendulkar will grace the film with his presence, is going to draw in huge crowds.
All these factors combined with a tear-jerker of an ending makes Ferrari Ki Sawaari a full family entertainment flick. It is a good way to spend your weekend and definitely your money's worth.

Bobby Sing

Sure it is a perfect family entertainment Harman!
Thanks for your comment and keep visiting!


Amit Joshi
Sorry writing dialogue and writing story & screenplay is entirely different thing & works quite differently for movie........for example.

The scene when sharman wants to pay his fine even when no traffic man saw him.......the traffic man says 'Ye lo rakh lo puri challan book, jab mann aaye bhar lena' is a hilarious dialogue but the scene is totally fictitious........I bet even person like you who is too honest according to my observation will not go to traffic policeman :) instead you may say to your child 'Beta mujhse galti ho gai but one should never cross red light'. So my problem lies with screenplay and treatment of characters which is not written & developed by Hirani.

According to my Data ........Film is written by Rajesh Mapuskar, Vidhu Vinod Chopra & Neeraj Vora.

Stealing Ferrari too easily, Reacting & chasing by security guards too calmly, Presenting corrupt Politician & his Son too dramatically, Boman behaving too annoyingly, Entering in meeting of selection process & threatning Chief Selector too fearlessly & Sharman showing hand to mouth in spite of a Govt Job (with only 3 members) is too much to digest.

At the end everyone has their own choice and flavour.


Amit Joshi

Bobby Sing

Dear Amit,
I would like to correct you here because the very first requistie of Film-making or the backbone of a film remains Story, Screenplay and Dialogue.
And it is not at all an entirely different thing or  works quite differently for movie........

A film becomes a film only due to its writing.....and that is the reason people like Vidhu or Raj Kumar Hirani spend more than 2-3 years on their script and then shoot the film within few months only...........In short writing is the most difficult and most important part of film-making as a backbone of the body..........A body can be made beautiful but without a back bone it will fall apart.

To clarify the doubt, the official site of the movie says both "The original Idea and Dialogues of the film written by Raj Kumar Hirani" and he is also the Creative Producer of the film. (Neeraj Vora has nothing to do with this team)

Chek at : http://www.ferrarikisawaarithefilm.com/cast-crew.html

But specially for you I would like to quote A MASTER and you should be able to learn a lot from these few lines only.

Once someone asked the lengendary film-maker SATYAJIT RAY, 

"Sir, what about the status of your next film?" - and to this he replied.

"The film is complete.............only shooting is pending"

And that says it all Undoubtedly.


Amit Joshi
I agree but the screenplay is not written by Hirani.........and screenplay plays a vital role.

Its like Chetan had a very good story but the way Hirani and Joshi turned it into Screenplay was simply amazing......they reinvented Venkat (which was not highlighted in novel too deeply) into Chatur which was one of the strongest pillar of 3 idiot.

A night @ call center is also a very good story from Chetan but the way it was adapted in movie 'Hello' was horrible .......I think I am clear on my part.


'Avtar' and 'Baghbaan' both have same story but the screenplay is very different which set them very apart from each other.

'China Town' and 'Don' both have same story but the screenplay is very different & people like Don because of its charcterization & treatment.


Amit Joshi

Bobby Sing

You are not getting the point.
If you say that its screenplay is not ok then do keep in mind that the dialogues are a part of the screenplay only.

Raj Kumar Hirani writing the dialogues means that he obviously was ok with the way it was being conceived by the screenplay writers. 
So in that way Hirani is a part of the Screenplay and your all complaints again go to the writers collectively.

To summarise - Writing a movie starts from - A Story Idea moving into ..... Synopsis......and resulting in a Script/Screenplay (which includes Dialogues)
And it collectively gives you the BACKBONE of a Film.


Dilip Apte

Hi Bobby, I like the way you put up your case. As if you are defending an accused in Court - precise and to the point. Good job . Will be looking forward to read everything you write and grow as you write.
Dilip Apte

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot Dilip Apte ji for your kind visit and encouraging comment.
Glad to be in touch and eager to learn a lot from you through our new & valuable relationship formed today.

Please find some time more articles at the site, as you feel like as I would love to read your honest comments on all.
Thanks once again.

Ajay Joshi

Hi @Amit,
As a critic its ok to review a film and indicate loop holes but this only pleases your own hunger of being successful in finding loop holes, then a perfect film is only a few (not really a single in fact! Because there is nothing like perfect! ) may be. I would rather keep AVATAR to near perfact.

So the presentation is beautiful, plot is great, scenes beautiful and inspire public to br honest (some scenes are above our common routine thinking) , then Sharmans honesty justify his short of money and having 3 people n family makes it even hard.
Boman has filled his plate as always and i agree his plate was small a legend actor, Sharman gets 12 out of 10 in climax scenes, above all seema and Ritwik were just exellant , and all supporting ctors need praising what else needed
Oveall 9 out of 10 a hit movie , must see much better then as normal rubbish .

Bobby Sing

Thanks Ajay for your comment and its always great to have a healthy duscussion on a movie with different viewpoints.

So do Keep Visiting and Writing In.

Vikas Saitya
Dear Bobby

Movie is simple & one time watch, but the effortless acting of
very cute & talented boy wins my heart despite the presence of
Sharman & Boman Irani
one thing which I have noticed with Sharman in 3 Idiots (Interview Scence)
& with T V crews in end In FKS, that this guy can very easily bring tears
to the eyes of most of the people.( Which is really unique in todays fast paced World)

Bobby Sing

Hi Vikas,
Sure the boy puts up a great show caught between the two veterans and yes Sharman does have a great talent to bring tears to your eyes in such emotional scenes. Infact all the directors with a keen eye must have noticed that to use it more in their next ventures with him.


Mustafa Kamaal Sikander

I did enjoy the movie and agree with Bobby about unnecessarily lengthy and unwanted songs which you can't forward because some progress may happen which unfortunately doesnt. About the Tapori politician & his son, I actually loved the movie for them than anyone else. It is so typical Bambaiya!

Sharman Joshi paying fine for jumping signal is taking it over the board, could have been established in some other way.

Bobby Sing

You are very right in your observation Mustafa regarding the red light jumping scene and thanks for sharing your views here.
Keep Visiting.

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