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COCKTAIL - It impressively begins with an imported Gin but then starts serving a Desi Daru resulting in a mess. (Review by Bobby Sing)
13 Jul, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

COCKTAIL as the name suggests is a perfect example of the chaotic formula usually followed in our Hindi Films. Chaotic, because they often make a mess out of a film which in reality could have been a great entertainer for all the young at heart. In fact it has now become a routine to see new big banner films with a great star-cast, starting off brilliantly in their first half and then crashing down miserably in the second as if the makers had lost their interest in its making.

Unfortunately COCKTAIL also falls in the same category of films which successfully manage to impress the viewer before the intermission but then suddenly become tough to handle in their second half since they have nothing new to offer in terms of content or storyline. Now in case of COCKTAIL, no doubt the viewer already knew that its going to be the same love triangle as visible in its promos but still the treatment looked fresh and interesting with some good songs. So the excitement level was there which really gets served well in its first 90 minutes. But then what happens to the entire narration, writing, direction and acting in its later reels forces you to think that,

If the viewers can see this huge negative difference in the two halves of a movie then why the writers cannot see the same while writing it or why the director cannot see it while directing it or why the actors cannot see it while enacting it or why the consultants cannot report the same while watching the rushes of the movie while its being shot?”

Putting it differently, COCKTAIL is quite similar to the pouring of beer which excites you well with its energetic sound, bubbles and smell while its filling up the glass. But if you keep the same beer for a while then it just becomes useless losing all its charm, energy & taste representing the second half of the movie. Such is a contrast in its two halves that it further raises two questions that Whether there happened to be any problem in its making leading to this mess and Whether this was the exact movie, director wished to make in his mind or not?

Personally, I enjoyed watching both its performances and the treatment given to its predictable storyline before the intermission. But post that, the same narration turns so routine that it becomes really hard to even bear it for another hour or so. Also the writers remain pretty confused about how to portray their characters on the screen in moral terms. For instance, I kept thinking that How they really wanted to show Deepika’s character as? Was she a drug addict, a freedom loving person believing in free sex (sleeping with everyone) or just believed in being available?….Who was she as a person really? In the similar manner, the script is also never interested in talking about the character of Randeep Hooda, in the role of a cunning husband.

In the music department, though the songs sound great as a soundtrack but they do hinder the pace of the movie adding to its extra length. Pritam also borrows two hit Punjabi tracks from Pakistan's Arif Lohar (Jugni -Coke Studio fame) and Punjab's Honey Singh-Gippy Grewal (Angrezi Beat), may be since he is now working with Honey in his future projects too (probably RACE 2). Background music by Salim Suleman is cool working well in its romantic scenes and Cinematography surely adds to the exciting look of the movie in great terms. But writing about the technical aspects of the film would remain incomplete here if I do not mention the styling or fashion part of the movie deserving full marks for its appealing outfits.

Performance wise COCKTAIL is unarguably a Ladies film from start to finish with Deepika taking a small lead from Diana due to her bindas portrayal and skin show. She looks sizzling hot, comes straight out of her shell and delivers the best performance of her career till date. Diana Penty as the calm girl supporting Deepika, makes a highly impressive debut which is sure going to be noticed by the Industry. She really looks beautiful & elegant in all the Indian outfits and brings a special kind of innocence to his character deserving praises. Dimple Kapadia is truly lovable as Saif’s mother and one enjoys her scenes a lot in particular.

Talking about men, the film has a half hearted kind of performance by one of its producers, Saif Ali Khan. May be because he has done these kind of flirting roles many times before which have now lost the pull. Though Saif is not bad but he really is not there in his full spirits. Boman Irani shines in his few scenes and Randeep Hooda is treated like a forgotten character by the writers.

As a director, Homi Adajania who earlier gave us BEING CYRUS is in his full form in the first half of the film. But what actually happened in the second?....is a question which only he can answer the best. COCKTAIL does have traces of Woody Allen’s VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA in its initial reels but then it quickly falls off from the height and gets into the same old routine Indian emotional plot of a love triangle and its sacrifice.

In short, the film can easily be compared to a COCKTAIL party in which you are first served with an imported Gin and then later on the bar-tenders start pouring some Desi Daru into your glasses openly. On a serious note, its really sad that they really ruined a potential sparkling film just like that.

Rating : 2 / 5 (With a special mention for the performances of Deepika & Diana)

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13 Jul 2012 / Comments ( 13 )
Hindi Films And What Not

Cocktail is another one of those generic movies which is now mass produced like a burger at McD. It's the same old gift wrapped in different paper. I guess you make your point well here.

Bobby Sing

Thanks 'Hindi Films And What Not' for your valuable comment and I am sure you would love reading about many more movies here too.

Keep Visiting and Writing In,

shweta dhamija

Lovely movie and superb music particularly tumhe ho bandhu..diana penty is simply adorable and saif looks cute.

shweta dhamija

Hey i study in UK and fell in love with this trio, hope it happens to me in real life.

Bobby Sing

Hi Shweta,
Thanks for writing in and yes the film is cute and adorable but only in its first half....as then it makes way to all routine stuff.
However glad to read that your enjoyed it a lot.


Vikas Saitya
Hi Bobby

PLASTIC LOVE STORY would be prefect name for this trash.

Nothing in the movie one can relate to real, everthing is fabricated not once a scene was touch my heart.

Best regards,

Vikas Saitya

Bobby Sing

Yeah Vikas,
Thats the reason I gave it only 2 Star ratings in my review.



Hi Sir,
Sw d movie ystrdy only...m really wondering what does d director or the story writer wnts to convey..that there exists a magic wand which can get ppl transformed from their defined identities (as proposed previously by the script itself) into diagonally opposite persona...

Since you have noticed the differences in the first n second half, I think stark differences also exist in the pre-wand-touch and post-wand-touch characters of the leading trio.....

Bcoz Gautam has introduced an indian type meera as hz girlfriend 2 his mom under SITUATIONS, he suddenly wnts an indian wife who will cook for him...and he also bcomes an honest sincere devoted devdaas type lover himself and sticks to this image till d end...decision is fine but reason is uhhhhh!.....HUGE OVERNIGHT TRANSFORMATION.

Bcoz Gautam compliments /praises her beauty in a flirty way (he accepts that it is flirting instantly.... since she states smthng 2 this effect later so we knw that she knws in this scene that all of it is cold-blooded flirting), still Meera suddenly wnts to throw away all her inhibitions, dances and wnts to fly on her dream wings.....She realises her true beauty n self instantly on receiving these praises from smbdy she hates n distrusts....We also learn later that she hz also fallen in luv (true sacrificial standard love) bcoz of the same cheap flirting she recognizes so well...HUGE over-a-compliment TRANSFORMATION.

Bcoz her two friends hv fallen in luv , Veronica also wnts to fall in love...Simmy hz gt n ice-cream, Tommy hz got n ice-cream, so Pammy also wnts n ice-cream.....Bcoz the selected one does pooja, she also does pooja and dont miss our cool casanova appreciating her pooja act so heartingly. As if the first half storyline did not exist!.... or as if the first half characterisations were imposed on Gautam n veronica, who were just waiting for d gr8 indian touch meera 2 happen...n instantly bcome good grand nice desi ppl wd respectable characters n ideologies.!!!

PPl dont get trnsformed into bhartiya or western liberated souls over the click of a camera....LoGiC pleeez...

Hope u will agree wd this perspective, Sir....

With regards,

Bobby Sing

Hi Suhaana,
Thanks for writing in details about how your own views about the movie and I really appreciate that.
Thinking on the similar lines I wrote this post in Facebook in response to a comment which would tell you that what I exactly felt when the film did good business after its release.

"COCKTAIL - A perfect representative of our ages old Indian Psyche of enjoying the Superior MEN and the Inferior WOMEN ...............and Here's HOW -

ONE - A man gets attracted to a girl, gets close to her and then starts living in her house only. Now after getting physical with her, he suddenly gets interested in the other girl living in the same house and starts making advances towards her.
- This perfectly represents the MEN state of MIND who is known to move ahead & lose interest, once he is over with the SEX part.

TWO - A girl gets kicked off after having sex with the boy, but still is ok to sacrifice her love for her own friend only like a typical 60s heroine. But on top of this, the other girl is also so silly to say OK to the same man who had used her friend sexually and has no objections to accept Him only as his eternal love. 
- This perfectly represents the inferiority status enjoyed by the Women who are OK with this kind of DISGUSTING, Character less MAN.

In reality, if these two Girls really had the guts of a REAL 21st Century Women - Then they should have both kicked this SICK MAN hard at his back throwing him out of the their home on to the street.

In fact that should have been a perfect ending to this NEW AGE FILM. 
But the film doing good business, simply shows that Indian Viewers can be served anything in the name of films and I particularly wonder how the GIRLS or WOMEN POWER of India can accept such a kind of portrayal on the screen."

I hope you would agree with this second thought of mine about the movie, Suhana and Keep Visiting.


Hi Sir,
Thanx 4 d reply.....I completely agree wd ur thoughts n wud like 2 say that when I saw this movie, I felt d movie didn't do any justice 2 d situation...which it could n should hv dun....

Believe me Sir, ppl like Saif's character do exist in our very own society who always get away with all public support, n again there are girls like Meera who simply dont mind his profile....in fact many appreciate it as a status symbol 2 go out wd smbdy who has had numerous affairs (no matter hw many hearts hv been ill-treated in d process)....Its all SICKENING....n there are many visible/ invisible supporters of d same idea....

I guess thats d kind of Indian Audience who hv made d movie a big hit...who see this man-women status differences u hv outlined as just part of life n r completely comfortable wd d idea....of humiliating a women's dignity....

Best Wishes..

Bobby Sing

You are very right in your views Suhana and thanks for sharing your personal experience here (I have respectfully edited it) which helped me to understand your outlook towards the film.
You do have clarity in your thoughts and acccept my wishes for the same.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,


Agree Bobby it would have been pioneer movie if in the end the girls chose to kick Saif out from their life & lived happily like best friends just as one of the movie dialog meant "boys come & go, but girls stick together..." Was very disappointed with the ending & stereotyping of good girl vs bad girl image.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Shal_Oz and Yes I would love to see that kind of climax soon in a Hindi Film if anyone can make it.....
Keep Visiting.

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