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May 24, 2017 Wednesday     
Though Inder Kumar’s GRAND MASTI was a big commercial success surprising one and all, it did face a lot of criticism for its questionable execution affecting the director’s image. And maybe that is the reason he decided to majorly tone it down in his GREAT GRAND MASTI (with more focus on the males) choosing a potential theme once again involving three loving couples and a lady wooing the three husbands. In fact the major feature of Inder Kumar’s latest offering is that the film is an interesting mix of two different genres rarely tried before in the recent times i.e. a sex comedy and a horror theme together targeting a wider audience.
No doubt GGM continues with the same objectification of women, cracking some silly jokes in many suggestive sexual scenes and dialogues making it all stale and boring for the viewers before the intermission. But it’s the last 45 minutes of the film that certainly save it from becoming a complete dud targeting a particular section of viewers to be honest. Moreover as the film is not as vulgar or crude as its previous part, having a story to tell too mixing two entertaining genres, GGM marginally scores over the rest, but doesn't turn out to be highly entertaining, plus is sure going to be hugely affected by the ‘unofficial leak’ happening more than a week before its official release.
The following are the thoughts penned down while watching GREAT GRAND MASTI in the theatre along its story progression.
  • Begins with a horror scene and a song featuring the titles.
  • The tricycle used by the three heroes reminded me of 80s English comedy series titled GOODIES.
  • The introduction of three friends, their families and a fake filmy baba is quick but the spirit calling act by the baba falls flat.
  • A sequence suggesting an interchange between the wife and the mother-in-law is weirdly executed with some poor graphics.
  • A funny scene selling a house in the mountains to a newly-wed couple works fine.
  • Sonali Raut is here in a cameo as the bai called “Shiny” (Are they referring to Shiny Ahuja?)
  • The second song too fails to make an impact post the opening one.
  • The three men are off to an all-boys outing to a village to sell a haunted house.
  •  A couple of weird sequences are here again referring to the village as Doodhvaadi.
  • A partially entertaining scene features Sudesh Lahiri in a cameo named as Ramsay having three brothers as Ramsay brothers.
  •  An indicative reference to Ragini MMS is made too with a well-made animation inserted as the flashback.
  • Song “Resham Ka Rumaal” sounds much better, but actually its another rehash version of the original song from the pop album of Ila Arun released in the mid 90s.
  • Boredom creeps in and stays for a while till the mirror sequence brings in some humour and the three get caught in the haunted mansion.
                                   ---------- INTERVAL ----------
  • Boredom continues with the references of Viagra and another below average song.
  • Urvashi takes over from here as the sexy ghost girl.
  • The story has a silly and absurd turn with the introduction of Shreyas as Babu Rangeela who is a local Gigolo operating in the village. (In a village????)
  • The reference of all known Hindi film stars is made in a pretty bad taste.
  • The three wives unexpectedly visit the haunted mansion too.
  • A dinner sequence brings back some laughter in the theater.
  • Another one with the Sasu Ma continues to deliver some crude humour.
  • Filmy drama returns with a vague insertion of Karva Chauth.
  • The fake Anatakshri Baba enters again with a hilarious sequence.
  • The last 30 minutes provide some entertaining moments mixing comedy with horror.
  • Shreyas reappears as the helping soul winning over the lady ghost.
  • And the film ends on another sexual note involving the sasu-ma again.
As the key performers Vivek Oberoi, Aftab Shivdasani and Riteish Deshmukh repeat their similar acts seen before, but Riteish still remains the best among all. Pooja Banerjee, Shraddha Das and Mishti playing the three pretty wives are just fine but Urvashi Rautela fails to sizzle in a great opportunity given. Sanjay Mishra as the baba manages to entertain towards the end, whereas Usha Nadkarni as the mother-in-law remains loud as per the given role. Thankfully Shreyas Talpade as Babu Rangeela manages to bring in some smiles in the climax.
With nothing great in its soundtrack other than the borrowed Ila Arun song and average cinematography, GREAT GRAND MASTI has quite less to offer and seems to be too long at times with the sex-comedy-horror mix marginally working only towards the finale sequences. So you can easily skip it in the theaters and later watch it if you must post the home video release in the coming months.
Rating : 1.5 / 5 (With the additional 0.5 for the interesting attempt by the writers mixing the two genres that could have worked wonders.)
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15 July 2016 / bobbysing /
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