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KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM - May be one time watch for some but far away from being super cool. (Review by Bobby Sing)
27 Jul, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

When it comes to Indian films then making a Sex Comedy is still quite a difficult task due to the dual mindset prevalent in our society. Here at one end the ‘generation now’ can see just anything on their electronic gadgets at their will and on the other we are still forced to make & see films which are supposed to be Sex Comedies, without any sex in the real sense due to the strict censors ready with their scissors.

As a result, what you really get to see in KYAA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM is a collage of suggestive scenes and double meaning dialogues where one wants to say the exact words, wishes to show some sexual content but cannot do so due to the Censor Board. In other words, the process of making films under this genre in our part of the world is just like studying the subject of PHYSICS or CHEMISTRY without having the permission to use the LABAROTARIES. Further, it all really seems to be utterly childish if you are an avid fan of Western or World Cinema and have seen some famous movies made in this particular genre.

So KSKHH can easily be called a desperate or forcible effort (made within the fixed framework of some strange restrictions and limitations), which tries its best to make you laugh occasionally. The funny moments are there in bits & parts, but that too only in its second half where the film picks up for a few minutes and then slides down again. The enjoyable scenes in the film are so hard to find that one cannot really call it a great attempt at all. The first half fails to make any kind of impact on the viewers in absence of an exciting script as compared to its unrelated "Kya Kool Hain Hum" released in 2005. Plus after making a decent start post intermission, the narration suddenly starts dragging due to its over-length, avoidable songs and a completely hushed up, pathetic climax. Hence if you are expecting a great laugh riot made on the lines of its Part One, then you are sure going to be disappointed hugely.

Honestly speaking, its really a difficult task to make the viewers enjoy a Sex-Comedy supported only by its double meaning dialogues (using the mute button at times), a few comic sequences and some fine performances, minus the Sex. As mentioned above its like making a body stand without any spine in it. The art was perfectly mastered by DADA KONDKE in the 70s-80s and till date no-one has ever achieved that kind of excellence in this genre in Indian Cinema. To say the truth, the moment anyone else tries to do the same, it all becomes completely class-less, weird and indigestible in a bizarre manner.

Putting it differently, KSKHH can also be described as just another unsuccessful attempt to create a SEX COMEDY genre in our Indian Cinema, where we still have to deal with the kind of CENSORS who think that even the vote casting ADULTS in our country are not supposed to hear the four letter word starting with F in the theater. The fact seriously makes me think about the actual age we really become Adults according to the authorities. Moreover here we have CENSORS who can readily pass a film like DELHI BELLY with hugely vulgar dialogues and contradicting themselves, can ask the other producers to mute the exactly similar words in their small films. Therefore, even though KSKHH does manage to hit you hard below the belt at times through its wacky one liners, still it cannot exactly be called a SEX COMEDY film as made in the other parts of the world.  

Coming to its performances, both Riteish and Tusshar are complete natural when it comes to these kinds of roles, still I couldn’t find anything new in their portrayal this time. They play it quite similar to what we have already seen in all their previous comedies. In the female lead, Neha Sharma looks great and acts well too but Sarah Jane Dias’s effort is clearly visible and she also needs the support of her great outfits to look good on the screen. Anupam Kher gets wasted in a half-heartedly written role and Chunky Pandey fails to generate any spark. Rohit Shetty (the famous director of Singham & Golamaal series) makes an uninspiring cameo in the film but Razzak Khan shines with his most effective lines, capable of generating a good noise in the theaters.

Director Sachin Yardi handles few sequences well, particularly in the second half, but he surely could have gone for a decent storyline to support his talented dialogue writers. At times I also felt that he gave too much attention to the Pug (dog) in the film which could have been replaced by some entertaining scenes in the script. In the technical department, Cinematography and Background score doesn’t give you anything special to write about. However the soundtrack of KSKHH scores some decent marks due to its peppy party tracks namely “Dil Garden Garden”, “Volume High Karle” & “UP Bihar” redone version.

To conclude, KYA SUPER KOOL HAIN HUM may appeal only to the viewers who wish to hear some crazy double meaning dialogues alone in this supposedly called SEX COMEDY. But if you don’t find what you were looking for in it, then simply blame the questionable standards followed by our CENSORS more than its makers.

Ratings : 1.5 / 5

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27 Jul 2012 / Comments ( 3 )
Hindi Films And What Not

Kyaa super Fool Hain Hum should be the reaction of the audience for watching this movie. This is clearly a bad film and a derogatory take on all the things considered adult. The humor is as cheap as it gets and I pity the critics who had to sit there and watch this not by choice.

Bobby Sing

Yes films like KSKHH really give us hard times in the theater often but thats the hidden tough part of our job too!



Kyaa Super Kool Hain Hum sex comedy brings back to mind. Designed with teenagers and young adults in mind, the film's limit sexual innuendoes, jokes and sly humor with adult...

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