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Friday One Line Reviews for your weekend plans - By Bobby Sing.
16 Jun, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases / Just In

BANK CHOR - Another of those casual filler projects made for the constant supply to the multiplexes apart from the timely biggies.
Avoid it and wait for a channel telecast soon in the coming months.

SUPER SINGH (Punjabi) - Wasn't expecting such a weak, routine and religious propaganda kind of super hero film from Anurag & Diljit.
Highly Disappointing.......!
Its like A FLYING JATT retried in Punjabi by Balaji Motion Pictures.
PHULLU - Probably the first courageous effort in Hindi cinema on the subject of women's menstrual cycle/periods and the importance of 'Sanitary Pads' still not used in the rural regions.
Not great, but path breaking film indeed talking about the 'lesser talked about' things in the Indian families.
Detailed Reviews Coming soon by Bobby Sing

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