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1921 - They continue fooling the dedicated followers of Horror with another poor film. (Review By Bobby Sing)

15 Jan, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

There is one genre in Hindi Cinema that has witnessed a big dedicated following since the last two decades. And there is one director here who has constantly encashed this fact making many mediocre or rather poor horror films known as Vikram Bhatt. So encashing the success of his 1920, the writer-director presents another seriously horrible film titled 1921 made on the typical set format good for simply nothing.
To be specific, 1921 follows the same old Bhatt formula where he gets 4-5 average love songs recorded, signs two or three (easily available) good looking faces for the lead, takes them all for a quick shooting schedule abroad and comes back with a complete film to be given to VFX and sound department for doing the rest. Hence here we yet again have an Indian horror film from Vikram Bhatt, where nothing at all happens till the intermission and later the repetition of the same ghost or spirit takes away all the horror in the film converting it to mystery, thriller movie all of sudden.
Fortunately this time Vikram does have an interesting suspense in the film, that easily could have been a much better ‘who-dun-it’ thriller instead of a poor horror flick. But since 1921 majorly keeps revolving around just two faces of Karan Kundra and Zarine Khan on screen, it fails to create any interest, becoming the biggest drawback of the film generating a painfully tiring, monotonous feel.
Heavily inspired from the black ghostly figures seen in the world cinema, Vikram tries his best to scare the viewers but gets successful only a couple of times to be fair despite giving some engaging historical references of the west.
On a lighter note, he adds some unintentional horror in the songs too where in the piano keeps on playing in the track, even before and after the pianist sits for playing, who is actually a professional musician. 
In short 1921 is just another Indian horror film made to fool the dedicated followers of this genre with a decent suspense to disclose but nothing else.
Rating : 1 / 2 

(Note: The edited form of the article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in January 2018)

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