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1947 Earth (1998) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama/Historical)

21 May, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama / BTC Exclusive

Among many other worth watching movies made around the subject of Indian Partition in 1947, here is a film which looks at the disastrous event from a different angle. Based on Bapsi Sidhwa’s novel, “Cracking India”, originally published with the title, “Ice Candy Man”, Deepa Mehta’s powerful film with a superb star-cast is one of the most important movies made on this burning topic. It superbly illustrates how the hard decision of our leaders and politicians at that time, adversely affected the life & relationships of every Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi and other minorities living in the city of Lahore before the partition.

The film stands apart because it looks at the issue from a different perspective, from the eyes of an eight years old Parsee girl Lenny and her loving relationship with her Hindu maid Shanta. It captures all those tense moments impressively where the little girl witnesses people changing characters in a single day. Particularly how a person who used to be a passionate lover a few days before, gets converted into a jealous maniac willing to give away his beloved to the angry mob hunting the Hindus left in the area.

Its really frightening to feel the cruel experiences of a Parsi family, getting caught between the Hindu Muslim riots and who simply are confused that where they should go to save themselves. Among the star-cast, Amir Khan and Nandita Das give the most impactful performances along with the child actor. The background music and melodious songs by A. R. Rahman are another highlight of this well made film by Deepa Mehta. In fact the soundtrack by the maestro can be included in one of his most under-rated works, which surely deserved much more recognition and appreciation from the masses. 
But sadly at present the film is more remembered for its over-famous sensual scene between Nandita and Rahul Khanna, for all the wrong reasons. As I see it, though the scene was important as per its script, but still deliberately making it controversial, to gain some extra eye-balls could have been avoided by the director. Because in the long run it has taken away the lime-light from the otherwise important subject of the film, which essentially needs to be seen by the younger generation for their own better understanding of the historical event.
So for everyone interested it is indeed a worth watching film showcasing a true to life drama with many cruel historical references.
Directed By Deepa Mehta 
Starring : Amir Khan, Nandita Sen, Rahul Khanna & More
Music By A. R. Rahman

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