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24 / TIME STORY (Tamil/Hindi/2016) - A fine one-time watch entertaining sci-fi thriller revolving around a time-travel gadget. (Review by Bobby Sing)

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Indian Cinema hasn’t got many enjoyable films in the genre of ‘Time-Travel Science Fictions’ to be referred as ‘must watch’ ventures. Thankfully here we have at least an above average film that can easily be seen as a one-time watch, well complimented by its graphics and performances led by a spirited and energetic Suriya.

Taking too much time coming to its basic theme, 24 has a usual formulaic beginning dealing with the initial invention and killings (till almost 25 minutes) and then loses the next 15 minutes too in nothing significant happening in the script taking the story forward by 26 years. In short the ‘Time Travel wrist-watch’ is still to be found and re-activated even after 40 minutes of the film as usual (the time-span in which similar English films are almost half over).

Anyway the game begins as soon as the wrist-watch gets re-activated accidently and the very first sequence makes you smile expecting a lot of fun ahead in the remaining duration. The first ‘freeze sequence’ certainly raises the excitement level of the film and then the director keeps focusing on the lighter romantic moments for the next half an hour till the extreme shock comes showcasing the two Suriyas (double role) together meeting after 26 years.

From here onwards we get to see a few interesting twists and turns dealing with the time travel revealing another important feature of ‘the watch’ not known to all. Emotions make a comeback post almost 100 minutes and they sadly stay for quite long resulting in many dragging sequencing involving the family members and the love interest post the intermission.

Next the writer-director sadly goes back to the same old filmy tactics to end the film taking too many creative liberties (specifically in relation to the so significant technical changes made to ‘the watch” by only a simple watch-mechanic in just a day). Yet, the entertainment factor is right there and the film does manage to give you a fairly watchable content equipped with many exciting moments.

In all, 24/TIME STORY is a fine mix of commercial elements and a risky time travel theme handled well. It largely relies on Suriya excelling in his triple role (as father, son and uncle) along with some good supporting acts, a fine cinematography and pulsating background music as required by the theme. The soundtrack of A. R. Rahman though fails to rise above anything routine, but the film does have a competent direction from Vikram Kumar, who clearly presents it as an enjoyable mix of masala entertainment and science fiction minus any visible confusion. So without expecting anything path-breaking or exceptional, you can easily go for it as an entertaining one time watch having its own praise worthy moments.

Rating 3 / 5

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03 Jan 2017 / Comment ( 2 )
I highly recommend you watch and review the Tamil sci-fi movie \"Indru Netru Naalai\" on time travel released 1 year before Twenty-Four. 24 is just an average below-par movie but \"Indru Netru Naalai\" is a brilliant witty Time travel movie made a by a debudant director. Do not miss it.
Bobby Sing

Sure Ramesh.
I will certainly try to watch it at the earliest as I simply love this genre.
Thanks a lot for recommendation.

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