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3 IDIOTS : Hirani and Aamir once again prove as the two most precious assets of Bollywood. (Review By Bobby Sing)

25 Dec, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases / Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

Let me start with a unique experience I had while watching “3 Idiots” paid premiere in one of Delhi’s leading multiplex on Thursday night. The house was full and everyone was pretty excited to see the last most awaited film of the year 2009. The show was to start at 7pm but unfortunately the print got stuck somewhere and there was a delay announced in the hall of about half an hour. Unusually the wait became long enough to complaint, and the show started 3 hours late at around 10pm. But not a single person in the theater abandoned the show and went back home. Everyone just stayed there in their seats waiting for three long hours along with their kids and family. The ambience made me feel the power, magic and expectations associated with two big names of Bollywood, namely Aamir Khan and Raj Kumar Hirani. And as the movie ended, everyone stood there clapping as refreshed as ever, even after they had spent more than 6 hours sitting in the cinema hall.

In few words, “3 Idiots” fulfills every promise it made and entertains the viewer completely with its engrossing and enlightening content based upon some real life happenings, we see and read about every day. Loosely inspired from Chetan Bhagat’s novel, “Five Point Someone”, it starts with the story of two friends, who are in search of their third adorable room-mate of the engineering college who actually helped them both in finding their own desired path in life. Commencing with a phone call to Madhavan, about their lost friend, the movie keeps shifting between the present & the past and majorly talks about the days they all spent together in the college studying engineering.
The first half is full of highly enjoyable moments which have a distinctive Hirani flavor and are sure going to be liked by everyone of any age or gender. The pants dropping humor may be a bit weird for some but the youngsters would not mind it at all for a change. However the engineering college campus and the in-class sequences in the movie do remind you of all the famous medical college scenes in Hirani’s debut masterpiece “Munnabhai M.B.B.S”. The entertaining first half ends on a mystery note, which straight away gets solved post intermission and then the story moves on towards the search of the third lost idiot, Aamir. Though the second half has got some dragging moments in the mid but overall, it makes a good impact on the viewer with a masterstroke used towards the climax having a pleasant surprise twist. And in the end, it makes you leave the hall clapping with a cheerful smile.

Director Rajkumar Hirani brilliantly writes all his scenes along with the talented Abhijat Joshi and the experienced Vidhu Vinod Chopra. The ease with which he showcases serious issues like Suicides by Students, Ragging in Colleges, Faulty Education System based on memorization and the unnecessary competition creating tension is simply commendable. He politely gives his own message through many comic and hilarious sequences in the movie which also have much bigger hidden indications for the society. Further, he humbly goes on to remind you that Are you doing the job you always wished for...? Or you also have just compromised and bowed down to the demanding needs of your greedy surroundings and still regretting the major decision of your life.
To be straight, “3 Idiots” is a director’s movie completely. Though it has been more publicized and awaited as an Aamir Khan project, but it would be completely unfair to treat it at par with the perfectionist’s earlier movies where he is in full force as a solo hero. In fact, every big and small character in “3 Idiots”, strongly makes his presence felt, which in turn restrains anybody from calling it an Aamir Khan movie alone. Having said that, I would also like to add that with “3 Idiots” Aamir once again proves his unmatchable understanding of the medium and willingness to work better with a team spirit. He consistently delivers another flawless performance of his shining career under the expert direction of Raj Kumar Hirani. His commitment towards the works shows from the unbelievable slim physique he gets into for the role of a college student after the famous body building act of “Ghajini” and comes out as a clear winner.
After Aamir, the next best act comes from Sharman Joshi who very convincingly portrays a complex character of a student caught in a dilemma. It’s unarguably the toughest role and Sharman’s best performance of his career till date. A truly award winning act by the young lad in the Best Supporting Act Category this year. The third idiot, Madhavan equally impresses in the role of an engineering student, wishing to become a wild life photographer from heart. Madhavan, never makes you feel his huge star status in the south and impressively plays his part with a quite conviction. Boman Irani is superb as earlier seen in the similar role of a University professor. Actually, he has mastered this particular kind of character by now and looks great in his messy get up in the movie.
Kareena Kapoor hasn’t got a big role in the script, but she still manages to catch your attention through her new look with the glasses. Mona Singh is cool in her few scenes but Javed Jaffery is wasted in a two scene role. The actor playing the studious friend of the 3 Idiots is first rate and Parikshit Sahni thankfully is there with a controlled act. Cinematography is worth mentioning especially in the scenes where the three friends meet at the top of a high rise structure, the beautiful roads in the mountains and the climax scene shot along the blue water lake of Ladakh. Shantanu Moitra’s music is not worth buying as an album, but it impresses and leaves a mark after you have watched the movie in the theater. The song “All Izz Well” keeps growing on the mind, once you understand the real meaning of its lyrics in the movie. Background score suits the mood of the script well and is used creatively in the scenes.
Summing up, there is no doubt that “3 Idiots” is one of the finest movies of 2009 and will be a great success at the box office, but at the same time I would like to share a few points I have in mind about the movie :
Firstly, the basic format of the movie remains very close to Hirani’s debut venture “Munnabhai MBBS”. It has many similar (not identical) scenes of college classrooms, lectures and exams (though the subjects are different). The interaction between Boman and Aamir is on the similar lines of Boman and Sanjay Dutt. There is also a Hospital Sequence of Sharman getting paralyzed and Aamir curing him with his miraculous ways (quite identical to Carrom Board Sequence in Munna Bhai). And lastly as there was “Jaadoo Ki Jhappi” in Munna Bhai and “Gandhigiri” in “Lage Raho”, similarly here we have a new phrase “All Izz Well” used in 3 Idiots to woo the audiences. So I somewhere felt the basic framework of the movie written around the same commercial elements used in Munna Bhai.
Secondly the pregnancy sequence of Mona Singh, where Aamir has to perform as a doctor on the online guidance of Kareena, was a kind of deliberate, filmy and quite far from reality.
And thirdly, I couldn’t appreciate the way, Hirani hilariously treated the poor family of
Sharman Joshi and the character of his paralyzed father. He mercilessly used the poor character as a comedian and made the audience laugh at his helpless situation which I didn’t find very amusing. This particular part was not as per the standards set by Hirani himself through his earlier two masterpieces and was an avoidable patch on an otherwise brilliant and highly entertaining flick from the master craftsman.
Incidentally, as seen in his previous blockbusters, the master director continues to give you a glimpse of his western influences and favourites by using the animated scene of millions of sperms racing towards becoming a baby, which is highly inspired from a similar sequence in Woody Allen’s “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex”
But despite of the above mentioned points, the talented trio, Rajkumar Hirani, Aamir Khan and Vidhu Vinod Chopra have a sure shot winner in their hands, which will be unanimously liked by all the section of the viewers together and should turn out to be a big success. Raj Kumar Hirani once again proves himself as one of the most talented, gifted and capable directors of Hindi Film Industry. As his third offering he proudly presents an important movie for all the youngsters, which teaches them to just follow their inner dreams and desires. The movie has an ultimate message for all that “You should first aim at enjoying and achieving brilliance in your work and then success will automatically follow”. A must watch indeed.
Rating : 4 / 5 (Missed 4.5 due to the unwanted treatment given to Sharman’s poor Family)
(Added into my list of “Movies To See Before You Die”)

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25 Dec 2009 / Comments ( 15 )
Parth N. Acharya

Great review!

yup..sequences related to sharman\'s family isn\'t treated on a serious note! But, we shouldn\'t forget that the whole movie was with Madhavan\'s point of view. The whole story was told by him(Hari\'s character in FPS), so getting to the point, I cannot imagine Madhvan\'s character getting too much emotional for Sharman\'s family!(Still remember \'bhindi : 12 Rs./Kg\')
Madhvan\'s character was never that much serious for Sharman\'s family and I don\'t find any reason for him to be so.
So, I find it quite justifying....

Ya..Mona\'s pregnancy sequence was quite filmy, though was seeming logical to me; don\'t know why!

Amir-Hirani duo has worked tremendously well and the other characters; Sharman, Madhan, Kareena, Irani and even those two characters who are integral part of the movie, Chatur(the studious guy) and MM(that kid in campus), have given great performance.

Agree..a must watch and a movie to see before you die! :)

Bobby Sing

Thanks Parth for the appreciation.

Actually the treatment given to Sharman's poor family didnt match the otherwise human touch always there in a Rajkumar Hirani movie, hence I couldnt appreciate it.

But in all, a great motivating movie, inspiring everyone to do what you love in those 70 odd years granted to you on this planet.



hello bobby ,

I couldn\'t able to see the movie on the first day itself ....so little dissappointed......but that was all gone when i saw the movie yesterday. It\'s been worth waiting a year and kudos to Aamir-hirani duo. I wud say this was the movie of the year.... I haven\'t read the book(FPS) actually but went along with some friends who read it... This time i have all praise no complaints......jus like u i had some issues with the sequences of sharman\'s family not treated well....but after reading acharya\'s comments above i agree with him that the narration was frm the maddy\'s point of view so it\'s justified.

Bobby Sing

Ya Jagadish, Its no doubt the best film of the year.....And what a director Hirani has poved to be with his last three hits. Great Work!


The movie took the expected path, blowing up the Box Office, just like most Aamir movies. The added masala came from Raju that made it a refreshing treat catering to viewers\' building appetite ever since the promos rolled on.

Just before I leave, a mentioned about one of the most touching sequence of the movie that involved the student who commits suicide. That one sequence, including the guitar song, kind of laid bare the message Raju and Aamir have tried to deliver.

Bobby Sing

Hi Jaspreet,
Thanks for visiting the site and your comment.
Yes, the sequence of the Student's suicide impressively gave the right message in just the right tone.

But sadly the entertaining aftereffect of the movie took over it and the viewers never tend to think about the tragic sequence again as the movie ends.
Still Hirani gave his message on our faulty education system very Loud & Clear.


Excellent review ! now, this is what i would call a great review justifying good and bad from the movie. What other reviewers do is cricitize all the "bad" from the movie and give an F just because it didn\'t match THEIR expectations.

Coming to the point, the pregnancy scene was indeed filmy for most people even though it was handeled pretty well which I must say; but i couldn\'t digest the fact that rancho could live without 5 years and still not get in contact with his friends and also rancho managed to live apart from pia for 5 years (my girl-friend can\'t live without me for 5 mins !)


Bobby Sing

Hi Nihin,
Thanks for appreciating the review with your valuable comment.
As I stated down a few points in my review you too have given one more valid question on Rancho's 5 years exile.
Morevoer your point also reminded me of one more thing.

Why Kareena was marrying that same old moron after a long gap of 5 years ?

Thanks once again and keep visiting and writing in.....


Hi Bobby ,

I saw 3 I yesterday ....very nice film ....
Boman Irani was really good like always....and the other actors plays very well too.
I only don\'t liked the scene when Aamir Khan went into the hospital with his scooter .... and the paralized man behind him ...i think it\'s disrespectful to other patients and hospitals ...

thanks for your reviews !


Bobby Sing

Hi Fatiha,
Ya, its really good movie with only one thing you pointed towards.
I also mentioned the same point in my review...and I was really glad to find that you thought that way too.

Thanks for you comments and keep writing.

pandora style beads

Boman Irani was really good like always....and the other actors plays very well too.
I only don\'t liked the scene when Aamir Khan went into the hospital with his scooter .... and the paralized man behind him ...i think it\'s disrespectful to other patients and hospitals ...


good review.
I\'m also an engineering student and these characters are well defined.
But everyone are forgetting the best thing about this movie. That is the screenplay(not the story).
Most of the indian(hindi) screenplay follows (99%) the \'3 act structure\'.
In this movie they give another dimension to the 3 act. specialy in the later stages. These kind of screen writing is really difficult. Specialy when ur protaganist is missing u have to keep the details untill the later stages.but still u have to convince in 2nd act that his abscent due to a good cause
Lot of people commenting on the mistakes in the movie. but they have to understand this movie is made for masses also. once i watched a sri lankan movie about a blind man who wears a wrist watch. but that movie is a good movie.
But i think best amir movie is taare zameen par in every aspects.He has nothing to gain in acting so i\'d like him to be a full time director.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Dinuth for praising the review and yes you are very right in your unique observations.
If possible do also chek out the post on "Inspirational Sources of 3-Idiots other than Chetan Bhagat's novel" and post your comments on the same too.

Keep writing.......Cheers!

Qamaal Mustafa Sikander

Excellent review Bobby!

I strongly agree with your views on making fun of Sharman\'s poverty as well as the pregnancy scene. The message could have been conveyed in some other way but not this. I also didn\'t like the use of word "Visarjan" is associated with a sacred ritual here in Maharashtra, so am not too happy with its use in the movie.

Handling of script is truly amazing in this movie.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Graphikamaal for your kind words and Keep Visiting!

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