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3 Idiots (2009) & its inspirations other than Chetan Bhagat's novel.
16 Jan, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / I

Aamir Khan & Raj Kumar Hirani certainly gave us the most successful movie of all time as “3 Idiots” and it was indeed a well directed & brilliantly acted movie which was widely appreciated unanimously both by the critiques as well as the masses.

But the makers surely should have avoided the famous controversial clash between the producer-director and the writer Chetan Bhagat, whose novel was the main inspiration behind the movie and who was also duly paid for the rights of his works. The episode may have acted as another boost for the movie’s overall business but it was clearly not a pleasant sight to see our favourite film-makers coming on the news channels for all the wrong reasons.  

However, apart from the Chetan Bhagat’s novel, there were also few more sequences in the movie, which seem to be highly inspired from their foreign sources mentioned below:  

Firstly,the animated sequence where all the sperms are running towards becoming a baby is very much similar to the one in Woody Allen’s 1972 movie called “Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex, But Were Afraid to Ask”. Interestingly in Woody’s movie there is a complete good length sequence enacted by real life actors posing as sperms ready to run. A must watch for all.

Secondly, the examination hall scene where Aamir plays a trick when he is not allowed to submit his papers after the exam is also on the similar lines of an Advertisement of Instant Kiwi. In the commercial too, the student asks the examiner whether he knows him or his role number? And when the examiner says he doesn’t, the smart student quietly slips his answer sheet in the bunch of other papers lying on the table and moves out of the class laughing.   Chek out at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CqgnZhb--Q  

Thirdly the idea of those famous buttock seats used in the movie is taken from the exactly similar ones found in a park of China. You can took a look at them at the following link :


Lastly as written in my review, the basic format of the movie remains very close to Hirani’s own debut venture “Munnabhai MBBS”. It has many similar (not identical) scenes of college classrooms, lectures and exams (though the subjects are different). The interaction between Boman and Aamir is on the similar lines of Boman and Sanjay Dutt. There is also a Hospital Sequence of Sharman getting paralyzed and Aamir curing him with his miraculous ways (quite identical to Carrom Board Sequence in Munna Bhai). The lead character is again in love with the daughter of his annoying professor. And lastly as there was “Jaadoo Ki Jhappi” in Munna Bhai and “Gandhigiri” in “Lage Raho”, similarly here we have a new phrase “All Izz Well” used in 3 Idiots to woo the audiences.  

In other words, if you watch the movie, replacing Aamir’s character with Munna Bhai then with minor changes here & there the movie can easily be called as “Munna Bhai Chale Engineer Banne”.  

Your comments are eagerly awaited.

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16 Jan 2010 / Comments ( 9 )

Good to read all ur stuffs. Its really interesting. All comments and views etcs.

I just wanted to tell abt the upcoming movie of Big B. Teeni Paati.
Isn\'t it seem tat it has the same "thing" that we called the copy fact from the hollywood movie "21".
WAT U say...

I read all ur view regarding 3 idiots and i\'d like to have ur view on sherlock homes. As i\'ve seen but i want to know ur view.

looking forward for ur view.

Bobby Sing

Hi Starwar2424,
Thanks for your kind words.

Regarding "Teen Patti", the makers are denying it but they cannot really give any explanations for the uncanny resemblances between both the movies. Lets wait for the movie therefore.

I cant promise but I will surely watch "Sherlock Holmes" and would try to post the review too.

Thanks again and keep writing in....Cheers!

Swami Dev Nartan

It\'s not possible that the world can escape from the greatest Master ever walked on our planet-

Poets, politicians, painters, philosophers, journalists, directors...steal as much as you can, from me and my literature regardless of whether you mention my name or not. What I am speaking is not mine though it is happening through me. I happen to be the medium. What I am speaking is eternal and everlasting. I am simply the empty flute and the song of existence is flowing from it. But really what I am speaking is important, not the one who is speaking. But remember those who love me, know me and understand me, they will simply recognize it. You can not hide it in any way. My statements will surface from the whole orchestra; they will pulsate; they will be radiant enough to eclipse the eyes of the intelligent ones. Osho, the 20th century mystic from Indian soil, knows very well the very nerves of human Nature and it is why he has already spoken everything that one is yet to know, accomplish and execute.

When for the very first time I glimpsed the trailor of the movie Three Idiots, and there I saw Madhavan (FARAHAN) speaking as: even to be born I had to fight with three hundred million sperms. The one that won in that race was me. I simply recognized the voice of our beloved Master OSHO.

And when I watched the movie, Osho was found everywhere blowing the walls of our dreams. Even the lines composed in the song:

Bahati hawao sa tha wo,
Udhti patang sa tha wo...

Hamko to thi raah chalati

Wo khud apni raah banata

Humko kal ki fikar sataati

Wo bas aaj ka jashn manata...

Hum sehme se rehete kuen me

Wo nadiyo me gote khata

Ultee dhara cheer ke chalta tha wo...

Badal Awara tha wo

Pyaar humara thaa wo...

The biographical sketch of Rancho Ranchhor Das Chanchad is also derived from the Master. We should here be reminded of Osho having been called in America as Rancho Rajneesh.

After the movie got released, I became very surprised at the claim made by Chetan Bhagat that the story is derived from His famous novel Five Point someone.

Surprised- because this sort of story can be found from any College. The great writer\'s hankering for being recognized simply indicates that his own world is so poor that he needs them to get compensated.

OSHO has always been telling us that if anyone is impressed by any poetry or good piece of work, then never try to go to meet the man who has written them. Because your whole sense of poetry will be marred. You will get all your sense of receptivity spoiled. What they do is to fill the gap through them and it becomes a sort of consolation to them. And it is because of this they never fail to cling to it, for that is their only treasure.

Generally the poets, novelists, great writers live their life just opposite of what they write. Once OSHO gave an example of one of the best poets in Hindi Sahitya, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar who is known to have written great heroic poems and who was a regular visitor to Osho Discourses. He always tries to know the ways of how sweets and diabetes can go together. Always talking to Him about politics, sons having gone astray and the likewise. Osho used to tell him: Dinkar! my whole sense of poetry is spoiled when I read your poems because you come in between the lines talking about all the rubbish. Dinkar said,"Bhagwan, I am not twenty four hours a Poet." Osho said,"Come, when you are!" Actually the inner life should flower. The man should be recognized by not what he writes or speakes but by what he is and how he lives. But Dinkar was personally very timid man .

So far as the content of the movie is concerned, I have asked just one question to the people at large whether the dialogue delivery of the film is also there in Chetan Bhagat\'s book to whosoever has read his Five Point Someone. I was responded from every corner: No. I contemplated that anyone can easily manage to make a story like the movie Three Idiots if he goes to any reputed Engineering College of the Country and tries to know the life and the milieu there. But I can say for sure that the philosophy rendered behind that movie is not possible than to have already gone from the teachings of the Master Osho.

Though I say that if one could understand the basic message of the movie, one will only stept on the first ladder of the whole world of Osho; the world that is everybody\'s birth right. The Buddhahood that is everyone\'s essential Nature. We have not yet been able to make ourselves even to understand the first step of the whole ladder.

Three Idiots is great in this sense as it can prove a stepping stone to move towards the whole ocean of Freedom, Bliss and Love.

It was in this sense Osho spoke a book entitled Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Aur which people totally misunderstood. They did not even read it and they critisized. Every step of a ladder has got equal importance and place. No one can be replaced.

Appraisal of Three Idiots is a good sign as it indicates that perhaps people can understand. And of the greatest importance is to understand oneself.Understanding oneself is very simple but because of man\'s incessant sifting from this very moment has made him hereft from it. The whole exercise of Science, the total effort of mankind in making the world better, the complete Education system if they do not let us dwell into reaching our Essential Nature, everything done in the world is simply a stupid and idiotic game which will keep man weeping, crying, frustrated and compelled to live a life of meloncholy.

The movie has become the greatest hit ever. But I have asked to so many movie watchers as to what is the principal message intended to be conveyed by the movie. I am surprised. Not even a single individual I could find who could be able to confer the real message. They liked, loved and are influnced by it but they are found confused and bewildered at the very living philosophy shown in the movie.

Osho says: there is no difference between the character and understanding. Understanding is that part of character which is not visible; and character is that part of understanding which is visible. So it never happens that one understands and does something else other that what he understands. We know anger is not good but we never give up any chance of expressing them when the moment comes. Therefore, as far as I am concerned, Three Idiots is a turning point which can pave the path for the world to understand OSHO whom the world has still been missing. In fact, we are not understanding what we are missing.

Soon the moment will come when the world will face its final collapse if Osho is not understood. As Bertrand Russel in one of his essays Science and War says that man is such as he will choose death if he has an alternative between death and understanding. At last, he says: I hope I am wrong.

I appreciate the brilliant attempt of all the characters and the director that they all have done a great job in portraying the message of the Master adroitly.

The only thing lacking in the movie is the name of Osho being told to the world openly. The money can be made; entertainment can be done but when it becomes the matter of Death and Awareness, it shouldn\'t proceed likewise. Swami Rajneesh\'s saying in His mystical book Tears of the Mystic Rose that the World has gone really mad at Osho having been handcuffed in America is enough for world that it has really been missing Him.

I totally agree with Maa Amrit Sadhana saying: Why man can\'t feel gratitude?

Aamir Khan, Rajkumar Hiraani and all the great ones who are able to convey the message should tell the world that

This is OSHO

This is OSHO

This is OSHO

The Master of Masters
Swami Dev Nartan

Bobby Sing

Thanks Swami Dev for such an elaborate and descriptive comment.
It was a great read and should be very helpful for all the friends who are on the same path of understanding themselves and the spiritual world.

Hoping to see more such comments on the site......Keep Visiting....Cheers!


Swami Dev Nartan,

Right from the begning when I have listen to "Bahati hawao sa tha woh, Udhti patang sa tha wo..." my heart reminds me only one name "OSHO". I have said many times to my wife that the writer of this song is talking about no one else but OSHO. I am sure you are getting wat I am trying to convey to you...

Thanks for mentioning OSHO here.

One Software Engineer

This is true that 3 idiots is inspired from Osho\'s vision his childhood incidents & by his few books. People must know this, how his ideas are being taken in use without even mentioning his name. The great selfish and coward world!

Bobby Sing

Yeah One Software Engineer, you are right in saying so, but dear friend I would have really appreciated your comment more if it had been given with a real name and id. 

I hope you understand what I mean.

Thanks for visiting....Cheers!


I totally agree with Swami Dev.

Anyone who reads OSHO will understand that the under current philosophy behind d movie 3 IDIOTS was something that impressed & influenced millions of people in this country & still continues to do so. But it is such an intangible thing dat only people who have listened (not just heard) OSHO can understand & that too somewhat....becoz to totally understand him & life one has to be at his center.
Its amazing that whatever he said two decades ago holds true even today. They say that people like OSHO are ahead of their time but i think that they r not ahead but in fact out of time in whichever century they come they will be misunderstood. gr8 sincerity & gr8 intelligence is required to even come close to understanding this type of people...They r like light from the bulb.Its difficult to catch the light so people generally catch the bulb.

Exactly d same has happened with d movie 3 IDIOTS.Its difficult to get hold of the under current philosophy,the way of life,the altruism arising out of deep love & compassion. Hence people get impressed by the actors (Aamir Khan & co),characters,director,story etc..But any way how great that man (Bhagwaan Rajneesh) was that even 20yrs after his death he changed the whole outlook of this world through that movie 3 IDIOTS.

Thanks OSHO or should i say Thanks RANCHODH..


I thanks the actors,director,producer and singers of 3 IDIOT. Because they reached the message of osho to millions of people...I Hope that
all the actors,director,producer and singers should thanks to OSHO.

Bobby Sing

Indeed they should Rajeev,
Thanks for writing in and Keep Visiting.


Thanks to lots for sharing good information to me. Your post was very cool.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Anunual for writing in and Keep Visiting!


So hey, nice blog. I'd like to point out anther similarity. In season 3 of Veronica Mars(2004-2007), episode 6, there is this scene where Logan does the exact same thing Rancho did in 3 Idiots(2009). It's the scene where they ask the teacher "Do you know who I am?" and mix the papers in with the others when they realise the teacher doesn't know them. It's brilliant. Since Veronica Mars came before, I'm wondering if 3 idiots took the scene from the American T. V series. I admit, I'm a little disappointed. I thought 3 idiots came up with it on their own.

Bobby Sing

Hi Ronni,
Thanks for your kind appreciation.
Regarding the similarity, its same as the advertisement mentioned in the article so cant say who copied who.
But would surely check and add the info soon too.

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

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