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36 CHOWRINGHEE LANE (English/1981) - The story behind its making, unique features and the OSCARS. (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama / Articles on Cinema by Bobby Sing)
11 Dec, 2017 | Articles on Cinema / Movies To See Before You Die / Drama / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

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Director Aparna Sen was willing to shoot 36 CHOWRINGHEE LANE with Govind Nihalani as its DOP. But since Govind was working for Attenborough’s GANDHI at that time as second-unit cinematographer, Sen decided to go with Ashok Mehta as suggested by her producer Shashi Kapoor.
Sharing it honestly in an interview Sen admitted that since she was completely new at that time directing her first film, so she was not really familiar with the technical aspect of filmmaking relying on the DOP a lot. And Mehta provided her his full support saying, “You just tell me the pictures you see in your visualization and I will put them on screen”.
Aparna herself dubbed for Debashree Roy as she wished the voice to be a bit mature or heavy conversing with Dhritiman Chatterjee as the couple in love on screen.
Apart from all realistic characters in the script, interestingly a cat too is an important character or part of the film sharing the old lady’s loneliness.
Though both Sanjna Kapoor and Karan Kapoor were later officially introduced in their films HERO HIRALAL (1988) and SULTANAT (1986) respectively, they both made brief appearances in this film much before their official debuts years later.
The film opens with a dedication caption for Bansi (Bansi Chandragupta), who was the art director of the film and passed away at the time of its final post production work.
Lastly, though its rarely mentioned in the media or may be not known to many, but the credit of beginning the trend of making English Films in India does go to the brave and thoughtful producer Shashi Kapoor and his director Aparna Sen for their film 36 CHOWRINGHEE LANE that deserves to be seen as a must by every true lover of cinema, strongly recommended by BTC as a Movie To See Before You Die.


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11 Dec 2017 / Comment ( 2 )
Debraj Moulick

I'm glad that you have included this classic in your list. The movie was a modern day adaptation of King Lear and the last few scenes invokes so much empathy that you would hate the shallowness in the modern day relationships.. Sad but that is the truth..waiting for more..

Bobby Sing

The pleasure is really mine Debraj and would love to add many more.
Keep Visiting and Writing in.

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