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3G - An innovative idea lost in its monotonous execution. (Review by Bobby Sing)

16 Mar, 2013 | Movie Reviews / 2013 Releases

The fact that Horror films have a decent pull in the Hindi viewers cannot be denied by anyone knowing the Indian market well. Yet, another important acceptable fact remains that today our Horror ventures have in fact reached an alarming saturation point, where we do need new, fresh ideas to serve the same terror again to the viewers willing to get frightened sitting in the theaters. Now quite thoughtfully, a similar attempt has been made in 3G which undeniably has a unique plot to offer interconnecting the haunting spirits with the mobile phones lying in our pockets.
Hence thinking from that perspective, 3G does have the novelty factor, which works really well as the film begins showcasing the charming beauty of Sonal Chauhan emerging from the sea. The exciting plot of a haunted phone, receiving some strange or weird calls from an unknown destination (probably from the wandering spirits) successfully generates the desired interest in the viewers and one becomes hugely involved in the film to know what will happen next? But unfortunately nothing substantial turns up in the entire first half and the narration just keeps moving around the annoyingly ringing phone and the loving pair, without any definite purpose.
Continuing with the same monotonous feel post intermission, 3G purely fails due to its erratic writing and confusing characterization which is not able to deliver the expected, right from the word go. For instance, if a phone shattered into pieces by hammer in front of a lady, resurfaces again simply from no-where right there on her bed, then she would ideally scream like hell and would not dare to even touch it. But Sonal in the film, holds its very calmly as if there is nothing unusual for her in its reappearance quite weirdly. Similarly it never gets clear to the viewer that whether Neil is a split personality or a person possessed by the spirit, who is there to serve her own hidden purpose in his body.
The film keeps progressing at an uneven pace with many repetitive scenes, due to which one loses the interest long before it all gets over. No doubt the beautiful camerawork is there capturing the eye catchy locations and few songs composed by Mithoon are pleasing too. But in absence of a gripping progression followed by a messy screenplay, 3G is never able to pick up after making a fairly decent start. Director Shantanu and Sheershak keep trying to fill in the shortcomings with many sensuous kisses and erotic scenes which are unable to provide any kind of momentum to the film. And in the end the viewer is really not interested in getting impressed from the appealing revelations made in its climax.
Revolving around only few characters 3G has Neil Nitin Mukesh once again trying his best to come up with a worth noticing act post DAVID. Sonal Chauhan clearly indicates the insight that probably her stunning looks and skin-show can do the trick much better than her acting. Mrinalini Sharma is only there to do some erotic postures and Asheesh Kapoor becomes another victim of the film’s lackluster writing.
In all, 3G wastes a fine innovative idea stressing more upon its over the top execution and final look, planned without any clear vision. The director due surely have a knack of some wacky haunting ideas relating the supernatural with our trendy technical gadgets, as used in their earlier written plot for AA DEKHEIN ZARA (2009), talking about a camera looking into the future. But here if only they had used the idea of an evil phone more entertainingly, 3G could have showed the result, providing the much needed horrifying entertainment as expected by the viewers. Nevertheless in the present version, you may still watch it in the comfort of your homes instead of the theaters but that too only if you must.

Rating : 1 / 5

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16 Mar 2013 / Comments ( 4 )
hi bobyji
as you mentioned i have watched the movie in comfort of my home my laptop infact.
i enjoyed it as something new i got to watch, but it was streched a bit more, few songs and some unwnted scenes,
also i got confused at number of times,
and the climax again unclear, last time in Murder 3 also the Climax was confusing.
why the makers all of them end the movie with a ? mark in audiance minds.
its quite dissapointing,
both the movies i enjoyed but due to climax ruined.
you can put some light on this..
Bobby Sing

Hi Mustafa,
Actually now a days its a trend to leave the climax at an open end.
In case of 3G it was really diappointing and also not worth anything great too, but the climax of Murder 3 still had some intelligence in it.
So do let me know what you find confusing in it when the wife leaves her husband and send the key to the inspector to do his job.


Robin Chawla
According to me the only hindi movie which impressed me with its open end was AGYAAT.. By ramu....with its sequel title appearing on the screen... But it was also very funny as me and all my friends burst into laughter..... And sequel is never gonna come... What u think?
Bobby Sing

Yes Robin, With Ramu you can always expect the unexpected and that has always been his USP since the beginning. (Although its not working mostly in the recent times)


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