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4th January - R. D. Burman takes his musical leave from the world to become immortal.

04 Jan, 2012 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

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Its 4th January 2012 today but I still remember that day of the year 1994, fresh as just yesterday, when we were in Chandigarh to participate in a Folk Dance Competition representing our college. It was morning hours in our practice room where everyone was just chilling in absence of our Coach.
Few of the friends were looking out of the window and few were dancing their own western steps on a song which I was singing along with the tape playing in the recorder. The song was the Hit number from the film “Zamane Ko Dikhana Hai” with the words :
"Dil Lena Khel Hai Dildaar Ka - Ho Bhule Se Naam Na Lo Pyaar Ka"
The vibe in the room was electrifying and pumping,...........the boys were all dancing and singing aloud with their deafening voices....but just then a friend came in, giving us the news.........the sad news of RDB passing away……………and the voice from the tape recorder said,
“Pyar Bhi Jhootha, Yaar Bhi Jhootha,
Dekho Mujhko Dilwalon Han, Khaya Hai Dhokha Maine Pyaar Ka”
And believe me, even after listening the shattering news……nobody stopped…..and just after a slight pause simply started dancing again with an amazing energy like madness……….The song played on till it ended on its own and we all kept on dancing like mad people shouting, screaming and calling RDB’s various names with all our power………
Our Coach was standing outside the room, at the door…..but he didn’t enter and later on told us about our strange euphoria in the evening.
And that’s how we celebrated RDB’s physical departure from this earth because actually he never left us and is still alive in our studio-rooms kicking in all his immortal songs.
Cheers to the phenomenon called RDB !

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