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7 Patriotic (Fiction) Hindi films spreading the social message in their own unique manner. (Articles on Cinema By Bobby Sing)

27 Jan, 2018 | Articles on Cinema

There have been numerous patriotic films made in Hindi cinema since the origin based on real life stories or biographical accounts of freedom fighters, revolutionaries, reformers, sportsmen and other known iconic figures. But here are seven (differently) patriotic movies that give the same message in their own unique manner with a fictional account of happenings that in some cases got their inspiration from real life instances.
However as I began writing about the seven films, I noticed that they interestingly were actually representing the seven decades of our independence making an unintentional but important point.
AB DILLI DUR NAHIN (1957) - Directed by Amar Kumar
Mostly quoted as a children’s movie, made under the banner of RK films, this Black & White classic is about the journey of Ratan to Delhi, an innocent village kid coming to meet Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, then Prime Minister of India, more famous in the kids as Chacha Nehru. He wishes to meet him to get his father back from the jail, who has been falsely charged with a murder. The film is about his life teaching experiences during the journey before meeting the Prime Minister.
JIS DESH MEIN GANGA BEHTI HAI (1960) - Directed by Radhu Karmakar
Produced by Raj Kapoor, this is a musical hit revolving around a simpleton and a group of dacoits giving the message of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehruvian socialistic reforms as a means to build a better India. This was the time when social rebels turned dacoits were a major concerning issue for the people as well as the authorities. And the film was one of the most significant message oriented productions from the reputed RK Banner.
PURAB AUR PACHHIM (1970) - Directed by Manoj Kumar
The project was conceived in the times when the younger generation in India was getting deeply influenced by the Western Culture and their carefree patterns of living. It truly reflected the rich Indian culture and its traditional values in comparison to the west, along a touching story of a family separated before the independence.

VIJETA (1982) - Directed by Govind Nihalani
Story of a confused or directionless teenager looking for his individual path in life, this is a precious meaningful film produced by Shashi Kapoor, where a young boy chooses to be a fighter pilot serving the nation. And then he struggles both within himself and the world around in order to reach his chosen destination and status in life.
PRAHAAR (1991) - Directed by Nana Patekar
The debut directorial venture of the writer-actor-director Nana Patekar, the film gives an important message of fighting the inner enemy existing within our society along with fighting with the ones at the political borders of a country. With an authentic depiction of commando training of the young recruits in the military camp, the film returns back to the social life where a soldier also has to fight with the enemy living within the borders setting an example.
ROAD TO SANGAM (2009) - Directed by Amit Rai
The basic idea of this lesser known must watch film is surprisingly based on a true incident of the late nineties when a part of Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were actually found lying in a bank's locker waiting for getting immersed in the holy waters. The film is about how a big national procession is planned to do the final rituals creating communal tensions in the region. And the subject itself should compel you to watch it at the earliest.

KYA DILLI KYA LAHORE (2014) - Directed by Vijay Raaz
An off-beat experimental project featuring two of the most talented but underrated actors of the present times, the film revolves around just two characters and their mutual conversation, wherein one is the director (Vijay Raaz) and other is the dialogue writer (Manu Rishi) posted at the opposite sides of the border as an Indian Army cook and a Pakistani soldier. A first of its kind, courageous Anti-War film, it could have been lot better, but needs to be seen and appreciated for the off-beat, meaningful effort made by the talented team.

Jai Hind. 

(Note: The article was first published on UC-News Mobile App in January 2018)

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