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706 (2019) - BYPASS ROAD (2019) - HALKAA (2018) - SHIMLA MIRCHI (2020) at Netflix (Short Review Notes by Bobby Sing)

13 Mar, 2020 | Movie Reviews / 2020 Releases / 2019 Releases / 2018 Releases

706 (2019)
A psychological crime thriller featuring Atul Kulkarni, Divya Dutta and Mohan Agashe in the cast certainly raises the expectations of the viewers. Interestingly, the film also begins at an engrossing note giving you hope, with a missing person reported and a child coming into focus knowing much more than he actually should. But sadly the momentum doesn’t remain the same as the story progresses moving into various directions and the suspense element soon becomes predictable losing the required grip.

As a result a film with an intriguing title and an engrossing beginning eventually ends as a below average fair which you just want to get over quickly revealing it all. So this can easily be skipped, even when you feel tempted reading the otherwise dependable names in the lead cast.

Rating : 2 / 5
Written & Directed by Shravan Kumar. 
Starring : Atul Kulkarni, Divya Dutta, Mohan Agashe, Written & Directed by Shravan Kumar.
In the recent times, the one genre in which Hindi films have rarely succeeded and the South filmmakers have repeatedly scored is crime mystery thrillers or who-dun-it suspense dramas. The failure sadly continues with BYPASS ROAD that begins with a road accident, a murder and the protagonist coming onto a wheel chair. However, the premise with a great potential gets ruined with absurd twists and turns and an uneven narrative followed by the first time director who also goes on stuffing it with all unwanted songs as usual. Besides,  this time they ruin another classic track “So Gaya Yeh Jahan” from TEZAAB without any regret whatsoever.

In short, this is a very loosely written thriller which neither shocks nor impresses with the revelation in the end since it remains as illogical as the entire film. So this BYPASS ROAD should be strictly bypassed without giving any second thoughts.
Rating : 1 / 5 
Story, Written and Screenplay by Neil Nitin Mukesh
Directed by Naman Nitin Mukesh
Starring : Neil Nitin Mukesh, Adah Sharma, Rajit Kapoor, Gul Panag, Shama Sikander, Manish Chaudhary and more.
HALKAA (2018)
As a developing country, India is still struggling with one prominent issue of insufficient Toilets in the villages or interiors resulting in several health issues. It actually remains a problem even in the new-millennium as superstition and poverty still works as a big obstacle in the fight against open defecation and no toilet culture in the rural regions.

HALKAA talks about the same but from the slums point of view wherein an eight-year-old boy wishes to have a separate toilet for himself and his family and then successfully gets that too becoming a local hero. With a simple narrative and likable performances from the unusual cast (Ranvir Shorey and Paoli Dam as parents), HALKAA is a message oriented film, which certainly delivers the message but in a ‘made to order’ kind of form resulting in an average product, which only excels in the scenes featuring the kid and his friend. 

So expecting some deliberately designed sequences and not anything extraordinary in its execution, HALKAA can only  be tried for the kids and their scenes together along with noticing the message which remains equally important for the villages and the cities together.

Rating : 2.5 / 5 
Directed by Nila Madhab Panda
Starring : Ranvir Shorey, Paoli Dam, Tathasthy (the kid) and more.
Released after a delay of around five years, this is a poor romantic drama which has the biggest surprise as the name of Ramesh Sippy as its director and four names in the writing department including the veteran visionary who gave us the cult SHOLAY.

Basically presented as a mistaken love triangle between a mother (Hema Malini), daughter (Rakul Preet) and a young man (Rajkummar Rao), SHIMLA MIRCHI simply forces you to question that why this film was even made by such a big name, following what kind of a creative vision or inspiration?

Failing to impress right from its initial scenes, it has many illogically absurd sequences that have also been enacted quite strangely giving you a real hard time. So this can easily be quoted as one of those strictly avoidable films which cannot even be completed, in case you begin watching them reading the names in the cast and in the direction credits. Honestly this is yet another film that reminds me a debatable rumour in circulation since many decades that certain film projects only get made to show some heavy losses in the accounts.

Rating : 0.5 / 5 
Directed by Ramesh Sippy
Starring : Hema Malini, Rajkummar Rao, Rakul Preet Singh, Kanwaljit Singh, Kamlesh Gill, Shakti Kapoor and more. 

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