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A Beautiful Mind (2001) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Biographical / Drama)

29 Sep, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Biographical

A beautiful experience synonym to its title. In simple words the movie will keep on haunting for days after you have seen it. It makes way into your hearts straight away. The lead actors Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly have not mere acted, but they just transform themselves in the bodies of their respective characters. You feel like being there with them, with the patient and his wife facing all the difficulties in their life. The film has moments which can make you cry and also moments which can lift your spirits up.

Based on mental disorders and schizophrenia or depression, it’s more about the love everyone needs from his close ones. It stresses on the importance of having people around you who really care. It teaches to face difficult and unavoidable situations in life, with love, trust and strong belief in existence. The film captures all aspects of a character, the good points, the brilliances and the weaker points too. The main plot of the story should not be revealed here as it can lessen the impact of the movie. But this Academy Award winner is a must see for every human being on this planet as it can really make a difference to how you feel about the people around yourself.

Directed By Ron Howard
Starring : Russell Crowe & Jennifer Connelly

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