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A Clockwork Orange (1971) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Thriller)

26 Jan, 2014 | Movies To See Before You Die / Thrillers

Before revealing anything about the movie itself, I would like to begin with a straight forward WARNING that this is one of the most controversial, disturbing as well as important films made till date, also rated as one of the greatest movies ever made by American Film Institute in 2007. The movie hits you hard with some sickening scenes and then forces you to think in a quite weird but strongly thought provoking mode like very few films have been able to do in the history of cinema. So do consider this warning seriously before going for it, as its experimental content is truly capable of giving you some insane thoughts in a unique unavoidable manner, unexpectedly. And in case you treat cinema as just a means of weekend entertainment or to be enjoyed while having your family dinner then please stay away from this dangerous, unusual flick and go for another routine enjoyable drama instead to be on the safer side.
To take you further into the enigma around this famous classic, at one end A CLOCKWORK ORANGE was nominated in four main categories of 1972 Academy Awards, namely Best Picture, Best Director, Best Writing & Best Film Editing proving its worth. But on the other, it received an ‘X’ rating in 1971 and was later withdrawn from screening, two years post its initial release (in 1973) by director Stanley Kubrick himself (as per its IMDB page). Reportedly he did so as he received several death threats due to the film itself and therefore decided to play it safe. So the film was not available for viewing in the UK since 1973 till 2000, the year Stanley Kubrick died. And before that it is said that due to numerous irritating requests for this particular film, many British video stores had to display a sign saying “No, we do not have A Clockwork Orange (1971)” in their outlets. As a result, the enthusiastic fans wishing to see the movie had to order it from video stores out of UK, normally France. Eventually after the director’s death in 2000, the film was re-released all over Great Britain with an ‘18’ rating and they all got to see it finally after almost three decades.
In real terms A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is called one of the most controversial or disturbing projects due to a specific reason. The film has an unusual content which is experimental as well as scientific with a quite unique viewpoint towards extreme violence, a criminal mindset and the hidden sexual fantasies running in a person’s mind. Honestly, it’s really hard to sum up this enlightening piece of art in just a few paragraphs and I can go on writing about the blunt, revealing or naked human truths showcased in the film like a long chapter of a book.
But keeping it short, this is a rare & precious project by director Stanley Kubrick, based on the path breaking novel of Anthony Burgess, which takes you onto a shocking journey inside the mind of an ultraviolent psychopath criminal, who refuses to change despite all the efforts made. And the journey is quite shameless, explosive, satirical, futuristic and visionary enough to be included in the list of ‘Most important films’ made till date. The film leaves you with too many unanswered questions hammering your mind in an annoying yet enlightening manner and probably one might need more than a single viewing of the film to grasp it properly, like myself.
Accepting it frankly, the first viewing of the film left me utterly disturbed in a speechless mode and I had to watch it again after a few contemplating days to value and appreciate the thoughtful effort being made more adequately. So where many might find it to be a highly over the top or deliberate attempt to conclude the things inside a human mind purposefully, there others may rate it as a valuable documentation of the human psyche, working behind such cruel, emotionless minds in search of their wicked pleasure. The weird experiments showcased in the film make you witness an entirely different perspective towards life, crime, music and sex, which many are sure going to find both upsetting and inventive at the same time.
Regarding the title, as per the writer’s vision, it’s used like a metaphor representing an organic entity (Orange, for an individual) full of juice, sweetness and an odour, being turned into a different personality mechanically. And the expression is visually represented in the film when few powerful experiments and terrifying therapies are used to convert the objectionable individuality of the protagonist into a socially moral one. However in the end, the conclusion remains that we cannot become GOD and can never kill the real individual devil living inside a person’s mind by any kind of scientific procedures or medication, unconditionally.
With many brutal, mature & unpleasant sequences, the film is a strictly ADULTS movie and needs to be given full attention if you sincerely wish to get behind the actual vision of its writer and director. Hence if you are really willing to have a hell of a time watching a powerful trip into a criminal mind expressed skillfully, then do watch A CLOCKWISE ORANGE as a must and witness a completely distinctive kind of cinema, made without any kind of fear, hesitation or restrictions.
Directed By Stanley Kubrick
Written By Stanley Kubrick (Screenplay), Anthony Burgess (Novel)
Starring : Malcolm McDowell, Patrick Magee, Michael Bates and more.

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26 Jan 2014 / Comments ( 6 )
Vinay Ved

Bobby Dear,

Where can I get the link or dvd as I am very curious to watch this.

Vinay Ved

Bobby Sing

Hi Vinay Ved,
Hope you have seen the movie till now with the info shared at FB. So do write your views about the same either at FB or here as you feel like.


Thank u sir for another invaluable write-up on one of my fav Kubrick works.

Below is my req. list :

2001 - a space odyssey (i wathced it after reading a bengali novel by Narayan Sanyal)
Full Metal jacket
Paths of glory
Shining ( i haven\'t seen the movie "room 237", would be good if u review this one also)

and Dr. Strangelove (i am yet to see this though)

Bobby Sing

Thanks Avik for your encouraging response and you must be surprised as your request list has already been accepted long time back and here are the respective links of the movies.

2001 - a space odyssey

Full Metal jacket

Paths of glory

The Shining

Dr. Strangelove

Hope you would enjoy reading them all.

Vinay Ved

Dear Bobby Bro,
I saw the movie last night and do remember that once I tried to watch it few years back and was quite taken back to watch it further after initial scenes. Now that you spoke so high about it, I watched it till the end. Must say that story line is amazing and very unique in many sense. On the contrary to your remarks and reviews I found the movie direction very weak. The dialogues lack total voice modulation and hence everyone is shouting in the film. Background music too is quite like that of cheap horror movies of that era itself. Had this story been in the hands of Fred Zinnemann or Michael Crichton , it could have been a classic for sure. Normally I admire and agree to your reviews, perhaps that is why I dared to watch this film and I beg to disagree my brother.


Vinay Ved

Bobby Sing

No problems Vinay as we all have out own mindsets and expectations.
So one might have a difference of opinion many a times. 
But frankly I have not seen many movies taking you deep inside a person's mind so beautifully & daringly.

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