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A FLAT - Movie Review : Why we keep on making these? (Review By Bobby Sing)

13 Nov, 2010 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A / Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

It’s true that Horror as a genre has indeed got its own audience and success ratio in Bollywood. But that does not give us the liberty or license to keep on giving mediocre and repetitive kind of movies in the name of HORROR. In fact, films such as A FLAT may become responsible for killing the excitement and fun involved in this particular genre which can still bring in good number of people in the theater.

Hence as stated above, this week we have a completely wash-out venture offered to the lovers of Horror films which quite funnily not even once scares you in its less than 2 hours of duration. In other words, almost everything in A FLAT is simply monotonous and uninteresting which never rises above than what you have already seen in all those famous successful scary films released in the past.

Based on the most over-used formula of a haunted flat having a mysterious story to tell, A FLAT actually reveals its entire secret in its title itself. And that only takes away all the fun of watching it since you already know where the secret lies in the script. Moreover the uninspiring angle of bringing an innocent village girl to the town and then unwillingly killing her further reduces your interest in the film as the plot has earlier been used uncountable times in Hindi movies in the past.

With performers not looking like the character they are playing, A FLAT also becomes a victim of a not so convincing casting. For instance, Sachin Khedekar’s sequence of losing his character at that age is not well conceived or written, both Hazel and Naseer Abdullah never look or speak like village residents, Sanjay Suri doesn’t give you the feeling of a wicked character, there is no chemistry between the love pair of Jimmy-Kaveri and Jimmy Shergill really looks like doing it as a burden assignment in most of his scenes.

In addition to this, A FLAT heavily relies on the same old shaky camera tricks played along with some loud sound effects to scare you out which don’t work at all. In absence of any good music or exceptional cinematography it never really gives you any moment to enjoy or feel engrossed.

So after watching it you only have one question in mind that if this was the debut attempt of the director Hemant Madhukar, then why did he chose such kind of jaded subject and treatment which simply had no potential of giving him even an average earner. With a plot reminding you of the FLAT in BHOOT (2003), the hairy spirit of THE RING (2002) and the basic storyline of KUDRAT (1981), he really should have thought of something else to prove himself.

Rating : 0.5 / 5

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13 Nov 2010 / Comments ( 3 )

Hi Bobby,

But can you pls suggest some of the very good horror movies in world cinema?
You have in your list but in a very small numbers just 6. i m sure there will be many more you would like to mention.
Pls suggest as i am a very very found of this genre.


Bobby Sing

Thanks Himanshu for reminding me one of my favourite Horror movies which I had missed in my list. It was RGV's RAAT released in 1992. Anyway I am now posting an article on the same soon. And with that I have also listed down more to add in the list.

Regarding more suggestions I would like to name, "The Blair Witch Project", "Rosemary's Baby", "The Ring" at the moment. Do watch these 3 if you love Horror genre.

And keep writing in.....Cheers!


hi bobby,

hey thanks for the quick revert. its really nice of u
n yes both movies are masterpiece of its own kind
i believe "bhoot" stands tall when it comes to horror in hindi cinemas,

out of hollywood movies that u suggested i have watched the ring......gone a plan to watch other two
thanks a ton

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