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A Hole In The Head (1948) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

28 Jan, 2009 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

In my earlier reviews in this section, I made a statement about Frank Capra and his movies. And after seeing this present flick I stand more strongly on my conclusion that “Frank Capra is the Hrishikesh Mukherjee of the West and vice-versa”. It is said that people in the west are not so emotional and are too practical. But I find that saying pretty wrong every time I see a Frank Capra movie.

Emotions and human feelings are so alive in his movies and that too in a very lighter way like it is found in all Hrishi Da movies in Hindi Cinema. In this movie too, the story revolves around simple and realistic characters living their lives enjoying all its good and bad gifts together. The story talks about a father who has lost his business, about his relationship with his loving kid and his fights with a caring, wealthy brother, who always comes to rescue him financially.
The emotional interactions within the family are all shown in a very light & comic way, as seen in all other Frank Capra movies. And the simple, touching dialogues between the father and his son are a delight to watch. Though it is not rated among the Best of Frank Capra, but I found the movie made straight from the heart. A must watch for those who believe in love and emotions and highly recommended to all friends following their passion for cinema.

Produced & Directed By Frank Capra
Starring : Frank Sinatra, Edward G. Robinson, Eddie Hodges & More.

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