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A Million Thanks to Javed Akhtar Saab for his immensely important speech in the Parliament representing the Indian Music Industry and its legendary exponents. (Did You Know - 34)

11 Jun, 2012 | Did You Know! / Articles on Cinema / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Avid listeners and followers of Western Music must have heard the news of veteran artists such as Elton John, Beatles or Boney M still getting ‘Huge Royalties’ for their original creative contributions in their Hit Classic Albums or Tracks. In a layman’s language their works are still being heard after so many years and they are still being paid a proportion out of these sales even today in the last span of their lives when it really means a lot.
Now coming to our part of the world, where our own Indian Companies are not paying any such kind of royalty to the lyricist, music composers or singers from decades I would like to begin with a recent shocking incident as told by Javed Akhtar Saab in his speech. One fine day, a foreign company starts asking the address of music director Pt. Khemchand Prakash Ji who had composed the song “Aayega Aanewala” in film “Mahal” released in 1949 (more than six decades ago). The reason being that they wanted to handover a royalty of few thousand rupees to him as their normal routine followed in music business. Now after many inquires, they find out that Pt. Khemchand Prakash is no more but his wife can be found in Malad Railway Station in Mumbai sitting as a BEGGAR……………………!
If the above mentioned disgustingly disgraceful and shameful slap on our Indian Film & Music Industry doesn’t move you because the original creator was DEAD then let me make you aware of another talented person Abhilash Ji, who is still alive and not being given a single penny as royalty till date for a song which he wrote in the year 1986 for N. Chandra’s “Ankush”.

The song has become an immensely respectful, cult classic in all these years post its release in 1986 and is also being used as a daily morning prayer in several schools operating in various parts of the country. Moreover, even today it can still be found playing as “A Mobile Ringtone” on millions of mobile phones in the entire nation. However the actual harsh truth is that the man who wrote these immortal lines “Itni Shakti Hamein Dena Daata, Man Ka Vishwaas Kamzor Ho Na”……..still lives in a SLUM area, getting nothing out of any kind of revenue being generated from this single track, now respected as a Bhajan or Prayer by the whole INDIA. And this is not the end of such instances and you will be simply shocked to hear the gigantic names of artists who died in a sad state being the victim of this wrong policy being practiced in the country since independence.
Javed Akhtar Speech in ParliamentNow this important loophole of the Industry was presented before the law makers of the nation by Janaab Javed Akhtar Saab and he rightly deserves many praises, applauses and accolades for this brave act of his, made in front of the people who matter, representing every creative personality of this country.

Mr. Javed Akhtar made a fabulous heartfelt speech of more than 20 minutes in the assembly and every creative person residing in India should must listen to each and every word spoken in his important presentation by sparing only few minutes of their valuable time without any exception.
Javed Saab’s much needed initiative becomes even more daring and important because there always have been many representatives from the Film Industry in the Parliament Assembly since decades. But no one had the guts to bring on the issue so clearly and loudly before the law makers ever before. And those names include one of the biggest names of Indian Film Music Industry, Lata Mangeshkar.

Below mentioned is the Video Link of Javed Saab’s legendary speech which compelled the assembly members to pass the bill in Parliament which is nothing less than a revolutionary win for the entire music industry and its blessed creators.
My heartiest Congratulations and millions of Thanks to Javed Akhtar Saab for being so courageous, brave and thoughtful for having raised this important issue in front of the country’s reputed administrators and lawmakers.

You have really achieved a big goal for the benefit of the whole future generation of creative people emerging from India Javed Saab and I sincerely wish to give you A Big Thanks from all of them in advance with,

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11 Jun 2012 / Comments ( 4 )
Amit Joshi

Remarkable speech.......made everyone speechless...........I think this act of Javed Sir will always be remembered more than his lyrics in the history of Indian Cinema.

But I wonder sometime back How Aamir Khan opposed this by saying that filmstar makes a song hit not lyricist or music composer..........a statement coming from a person who is making social show \'Satyamev Jayate\'.........

Bobby I want to listen your point of view about the change in personality behavior of a socially responsible person like Aamir Khan..........or do you think everyone in the film industry ultimately thinks about his financial interest ?

Bobby Sing

Hi Amit,
Here is my view about the issue.

Aamir Khan & many more people including myself desperately keep looking for perfection in their works, which is tough act no doubt but it also has a debatable or unreachable destination too since no creation or a person can ever be perfect as per DEFAULT settings fixed by THE ALMIGHTY.

For example, Aamir has made 2 episodes (including todays one) for Dowry Cases and Women Safety in marriages.......But these programs remained incomplete as the same laws made for women are also being used in a twisted manner in many reported case against the husbands only which he forgot to or ignored to mention.........He may have ignored it, in order to keep the focus tight but due to that the program talked from only one side of the coin and coudlnt achieve perfection.

Still as a celebrity Aamir is doing a great job for the society, no matter how much he is being paid for as being blamed in the media and by the people too..

Infact Aamir has done a similar great job as Javed Akhtar Saab since no CELEBRITY from Bollywood ever took these two steps before in the 100 years of cinema. So I am not complaining to Aamir for the Imperfection.

Now coming to the Copyright Issue.

Since Aamir cannot achieve perfection, so here once again he is completely wrong and mistaken to oppose this act with any kind of reason he might be giving. May be he is doing so because he belongs to a family of producers and actors. But his ancestors also include Maulana Abdul Kalaam Azad and probably he will realise this mistake after 'Satyamev Jayate".

However after doing SJ still if he keeps standing against this BILL then he is wrong completely and doesnt understand the issue from the right angle.

Here I would like to remind AAMIR who is visibly interested in OSCAR but not in any other awards............... that in OSCAR Awards too "The Best Song/Track" Trophy is only give to the writer and the composer..........and they dont even consider the singer in that as a contributor in the creation.............forget about the actor enacting it on the screen.

For instance.......The Award for "JAI HO" was given to A. R. Rahman and Gulzar Saab excluding  Sukhwinder who sang it.

Yet I hope Aamir is a thinking man and he might consider his decision again after listeing to this important and trend setting speech of Javed Saab. 


Amit Joshi

Yeah you are right bobby the word is imperfection...............we have seen many people doing wrong act in their youth but grown as a matured person by the time pass.........hope Aamir will reliase his mistake........ Society & film industry has given so much to Aamir & now its time for him to give back..........through SJ he took the step towards society & I think by standing in favour of copyright bill he can give something to film industry also.

Amit Joshi

Bobby Sing

Yeah I hope the same too......
Thanks Amit for your thoughtful comment...

And Keep Writing in!

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