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A Must Read for all parents to understand the value of books in their child's life. (Few Life Inspiring Words - 11)

11 Jan, 2012 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES

It happened at a Stationary-Book Shop in our locality and the experience forced me to share it here with all friends of BTC.

The Book Shop was pretty crowded with kids and parents enquiring about their own different requirements. And in the midst of all this chaos, I heard a child asking for few books of "Hardy Boys" and "Famous Five" from the shopkeeper. The names at once took me back in my own enjoyable school days when we used to read all these mystery books (including Nancy Drew), after getting them issued from our School Library with great excitement. At times we even had small fights, on who will read a new book first and it was all great fun.
The moment the person behind the counter brought some books, the child eagerly started going through them all with twinkles in his eyes. Now as he was busy selecting out of the bunch, his mother took a few seconds glance at the books in his hands and said, "What you will do with these. I don't think they are good enough to read."
"But I like reading them and also have to write their summary in my holidays homework" said the child.
"Copy the summary from NET and write it in your home work.....No need to buy them just for that" the mother replied with power in her voice.
The answer stunned me turning into a stone for a few seconds since I never expected such a response from an educated mother of a bright child. But that was not all, as another woman standing right behind me added "Yes the summary is available at NET easily, so get it from there".
The words suddenly made me feel pity, sorry and sad for that young kid, who really wanted to read those books in his hands but was ordered another cheap way to do his home-work instead. That very moment the word INTERNET, felt like a negative word to me which was instrumental enough to deprive that innocent child of that sheer ecstasy of reading all those great mysteries in his teenage years. And later I even felt more sorry for those parents who keep on encouraging such things with their kids, to save their own time and efforts in a selfish manner. The parents, who are (un)educated enough to say that you don’t need to read a book to write its summary as that can be easily copied and pasted from the net.
I hope INTERNET doesn’t serve as a shortcut of doing such avoidable things because no screen, palm-top, tab or kindle can ever replace the feel of a book in your hands wherein we immensely enjoy turning its each page with excitement. And if parents themselves would encourage this silly unproductive act of Copy-Paste in kids, then that will be the worst kind of upbringing practiced by them with their own flesh and blood.
I hope all parents reading this write-up understand the limits of using Internet at the right point of time and dont follow the instructions given by that ignorant mother at the book-shop.
Wishing you all a Long and Happy Friendship with Books throughout your life!

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11 Jan 2012 / Comment ( 2 )
Amit Joshi
As always you are right :)

I want to share one of my experience too. one week ago my friend came to office and said \"yaar ye school waale bhi na kya kya kaam de dete hai baccho ko\" I said \"kya hua\" he answered that his son asked to write a summery of some famous novel which is so lengthy (around 400 pages) (i don\'t remember the name) then he started reading it from net (wikipedia), while he was making notes for his son he kept saying \"I wonder how (why) people read books, why they have interest in books ? how they come up with lots of time to read a book ! & funniest note he made \" yaar isme to love shove ke baare mein bataya hai......5th class ka baccha is novel ko padkar kya seekhega\" ? I didn\'t argued with him but felt that people thinks that writing is a one of the most easiest work and anybody who writes or read doesn\'t contribute in this productive world.

But one question for you bobby:-
as far as the school assignment is concern, don\'t you think it is unpractical to give 5th class of children a lengthy novel around 400 pages and ask him to make notes, as most of the children cant understand the heavy vocabulary used in novel & most of the time parents are too not much qualified to understand that novel...........so whats the solution for these english novels summery ? I hope you have answer.

But I think we should encourage our children to read and write both.


Amit Joshi

Bobby Sing

Hi Amit,
There is one very rarely used world in almost every field of life and that is called BALANCE.

The whole teachings of BUDDHA point towards finding the MID-PATH, the BALANCED PATH which doesnt tend to go any one way.
And this rule has to be used in defining the STUDY COURSE of the students too.
As pointed by you a 400page novel for a 5th class student is not preferred cause it more or less is going to take him away from the world of books only due to the memory of this heavy burden at that age.
That is the reason books like HARDY BOYS, THE FAMOUS FIVE or NANCY DREW are written by writers like ENID BLYTON for a specific age only.
So a BALANCED way has to be found by the EDUCATIONIST too......which is not at all followed by some prestigious schools.
Now interestingly this reminds me of BIG LOOP HOLE in the world famous film SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.
In this film too, it is shown that a person remembers reading novel "The Three Muskeeteers" in his early childhood class and that too in the SLUMS School.
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