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A positive change is here at Bobbytalkscinema dot com - By Bobby Sing

09 Jul, 2016 | Articles on Cinema / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

Bobby Sing at bobbytalkscinema.com

Addressing my fellow reader friends,
From the last couple of months, I have been realizing (and regretting) a lot of time and effort going into the detailed new Hindi film reviews alone, as I find myself unable to write in short without giving the precise reasoning for the ratings assigned to the new films.
Interestingly this reminds me of famous quote that perfectly fits in here, dealing with the same problem and it goes as,
“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.” – Mark Twain
Two or more Hindi films are being released every week on a regular basis and it takes a lot of time to write about each one of them in details taking up the entire weekend. As a result many important films, articles and fresh thoughts remain in the pending word files waiting to be given a final shape and presented before the reader friends sharing some new insights.
Moreover a few professional associations are over and the second part of my book series DID YOU KNOW (Vol.2) also needs to be worked upon after receiving a highly encouraging and supportive response from the energetic readers all over India and abroad too. In fact I am more than eager to share a few chapters from it along with many other enlightening articles in the ‘Did You Know’ section of the site that hasn’t been updated since long.
Plus there are so many worth recommending books, poetry, music and a lot to be shared with you all that makes me feel guilty of not writing, due to these demanding weekly reviews eating into a big part of the available time that is already too short thinking about my remaining years.
Hence there would be a change in the way BTC reviews would be coming up from now onwards in a different short style (a glimpse of which was given in the recent SULTAN review) and the detailed write-up will only be there whenever a film gives me something extra-ordinary to mention in some descriptive terms.
A new section/series with many nostalgic pictures/scans/magazine fronts of the past is also going to be there sharing some rare-unseen stuff and these pictures will be simultaneously posted at BTC’s various social network platforms too mentioned below. So there is a lot of relevant content coming next at bobbytalkscinema and I am sure this much needed and thoughtful move will get the full support of my readers with the same precious love and wishes as always.
The decision is really giving me some new positive vibes and I am truly feeling the excitement of presenting many fresh interesting features from today itself at the site awaiting your valuable response.
Hoping our years long association would further get enriched in the coming days with this much required change at BTC. Stay blessed and keep experiencing movies, music, poetry and your own passions of life with

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