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A rare magical experience in a 'Qawwali Concert' which lovingly reminded me of the famous tag line, \"It happens only in INDIA\".

10 Aug, 2013 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

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Beginning with an honest confession, I personally feel that somehow “A Qawwali Concert” today is not attended, cherished and appreciated in the same way as it was awaited and enjoyed in the last century. Probably there are more than one reason for the same but no doubt the decline is really unfortunate not only for the immortal musical heritage but also for the people, who are really missing one of the most divine & ecstatic expressions of music and poetry together.
Anyway, hoping that the scenario would witness a change in the coming years, I would like to share a recent magical experience of a melodious Qawwali Concert, which straight away reminded me of those good old days of the late 80s and 90s. In fact, the incident took me into a truly divine trance which was last experienced only in the unbelievable concert of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Saab and never again.
It was a musical evening “Sham-E-Qawwali” by Ustad Aslam Sabri & Humnawa organized for all music lovers by the Indian Council For Cultural Relations in Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi. It took time to fill the hall completely but after a while it was a packed house surprisingly and the crowd was a pleasant mix of all religions beginning with Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and even foreigners who were eager to hear the qawwali renditions, maybe for the first time ever in their life.
For friends, who might not be familiar with the hugely famous songs of Ustad Aslam Sabri, the veteran is one of the most experienced, well known and loved qawaali exponents of India as well as abroad and is into live concerts since the early sixties. Among his extremely famed tracks is a legendary song, “Aye Meri Jaan-E-Ghazal” and an emotionally written devotional track, “Mohammed Ke Shehar Mein” which has been appreciated all over the world a lot.
Coming to the rare experience I wish to share here, the concert was progressing towards an end after almost 70 minutes and at that moment Ustad Aslam Sabri announced that he will now present the two most famous tracks in the last section of the evening before taking the leave. But as he started singing “Aye Meir Jaan-E-Ghazal”, the maestro got immensely involved in its soulful rendition and went on to sing the same track for the next 20-25 minutes and the fixed time for the concert was over.
Now finishing this last rendition, as Ustad Aslam Sabri & his troupe was about to gather their instruments on the stage, there began a huge roar from the crowd for the second promised track which was left out due to shortage of time and was still awaited by the fans. Here at this particular moment, I was just stunned to see the scenario in the hall, since the roar had something pleasingly shocking and rare which I had never experienced since the last century in the shows of the impeccable Nusrat Saab (in the mid nineties).
The scenario was that the song which was being requested loudly from every corner of the hall was a Muslim devotional track with the opening words “Mohammed Ke Shehar Mein”. And surprisingly all the people or the fans who were up on their seats, loudly requesting for the track were not only Muslims but also Hindus & Sikhs in large numbers which was really an unbelievable, never seen before kind of sight, full of positivity, love and appreciation for each other.
The lovable ambience of the theater, also brought tears in the eyes of Ustad Aslam Sabri and he himself mentioned this rare sight in his few words before the track and said, “Aisa Sirf Hindustan Mein Ho Sakta Hai……..Aur Kahin Nahin”.
And after that as everyone enjoyed clapping and singing along the track with their utmost respect and love, I too had twinkles in my eyes and a line echoing all around my mind saying “It happens only in India…………….!”
May this spirit of love and togetherness be there in every Indian’s heart forever!
Jai Hind!

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