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AA GAYA HERO - A perfect film to be discussed and enjoyed in the famous FB group 'I Love Trashy Hindi Movies'. (Review By Bobby Sing)

19 Mar, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

Beginning with a sincere confession, its painful to write such disappointing tagline for a film featuring Govinda in the lead, whom I have been a fan of since the 90s and still consider as one of the finest all-rounder talent of Hindi cinema with an impeccable comic timing, dancing skills, emotional depth and an immensely relatable persona playing a wide variety of roles.

However the truth remains that if one doesn’t accept the change with the changes in time and remains arrogantly stuck to the past revealing his inability to adjust, then it certainly invites such harsh views, disappointing even the die-hard fans of an icon expressing it without any hiding.

In short AA GAYA HERO doesn’t represent any gracefully ageing person to be straight and that should say it all in an unintentional bitter manner.

The film simply is a self-produced venture to glorify the once famous image of the 90s, which doesn’t stand anywhere in comparison to the present norms. It strangely neither has any linear or non-linear storyline nor any sane story progression to be honest.

In fact it seems, the film was shot as and when Govinda arrived on the set and gave his directions to shoot a particular scene of his choice. So the director had to go with the instructions whether he was prepared for that specific scene for the day or not. Probably that is the reason you see many of the sequences shot on ‘chroma’ with the (extremely low grade) backdrops and visual effects added later as per the requirement.

Describing it in a lighter way, the various scenes in AA GAYA HERO are like vehicles moving in their own chosen directions without caring about the other at a crossing where the lights are blinking randomly for two long hours in absence of any controlling officer.

The scenes keep coming on the screen creating a silly mess and Govinda keeps jumping in with a song almost every 10 minutes without caring about the script or the last scene like an unconcerned boss. Plus its really weird to see an interesting cast ensemble forced to ham including Ashutosh Rana, Makarand Deshpande, Murli Sharma, Chandrachur Singh and Harish performing like some hired robots.

Frankly the only entertaining feature in the film remains Govinda’s trademark dance movements and the rest is just perfect to be discussed and enjoyed in the famous Facebook group titled “I Love Trashy Hindi Movies” (quite close to be titled as the new age GUNDA).

Summing up, watching it as a true Govinda fan, there is only one thought in your mind while walking out of the theater and that’s ‘wish this was never made avoiding the humiliation”.

Rating : 0.5 / 5 (and that too just for the famous dance movements providing the only entertainment)

Note:  Just a year back, a controversy was there on an advertisement shot by the Khans standing in a temple like set, having their shoes on. In AA GAYA HERO, there is a song wherein Govinda and the lead female dancer are wearing shoes dancing in ‘a more clear’ set of a temple with even the idol of Lord Shiva prominently visible in the shots. But strangely no one raised an objection and no controversy was there for this unexpected inclusion in the song “Lo Hoi Gawa Woh Kaam Jo Tum Soch Nahin Sakte”.

Perhaps a controversy too is not interested in a forgotten star.


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