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AAJA NACHLE (Movie Review By Bobby Sing)

07 Dec, 2007 | Movie Reviews / 2007 & Before

Aaja Nachle - Madhuri's comeback movie could not create the ripples it should have in the movie world. The first thing which was not in tune were the weak promos and the weakest musical score for a comeback movie like this. If you see the movie, you will find that there are better scenes and dance sequences which should have been used to introduce the film in the market.

The story line and the basic plot has a striking resemblence to the theme of a Brazilian Movie called "Xuxa Requebra" which came in 1999 (http://imdb.com/title/tt0228778/), which was also not a well made movie.
In the whole movie Madhuri is the only positive thing to see and she keeps on trying to make it happening with all the artists. She still looks ravishing and can carry a whole movie on her own but she was not given the backup of a good script. The next best thing in the movie is Akshay Khanna & Divya Dutta, but they also have their limited scenes. The talented Irfan Khan is just wasted. The viewer never gets convinced or feels entertained while watching the movie. The writing is not upto the mark and almost all the scenes are weakly written which simply fail to impress. The only scene which i liked was the emotional breakdown scene of Divya Dutta and Irfan Khan in the climax.
The movie has the weakest start as Madhuri is straight away introduced in the first scene and that also in a song sequence. The climax "Laila-Majnu" concert is well executed but the melody required is not there.
The movie has a good feel but you dont get entertained which is a must for a good film.
Ratings : 2 / 5 (with special mention of Madhuri's spirited performance)

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