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AAKROSH - Movie Review : Priyadarshan again rips off a Hollywood film for his thriller vaguely made on the subject of honour killings. (Review By Bobby Sing)

17 Oct, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A

Priyadarshan returning back to thrillers was a great news after his recent failures in comedy. And with the shining merit of being a film made on honour killings in Bihar, featuring Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Akshay Khanna and Paresh Rawal, AAKROSH did sound interesting as well as exiting before with its pre release promotion in the media.

But very unexpectedly what we get is once again a completely ripped off film from the well known director Priyadarshan who already has numerous inspired films in his repertoire. A scene to scene lift from “Mississippi Burning” (1988), AAKROSH is not at all an original piece of work from any angle. Only giving it an Indian touch by talking about honour killings in Bihar in a very vague manner and adding some love plots into it cannot hide the original source from where it has been clearly copied.
Every little detail in the film is borrowed from the 1988 English film made on disappearance of three civil rights workers in the 60s America which was then fighting with its class problems between the black and whites. For instance, Two officials investigating the case visiting the city, the police standing against them, the officers having different styles of working, attack on their hotel room, the scenes at the barber shop, a car found drowned in the lake, the officers calling their own police men from the city, the silent protest march of the people, the wife of a local officer having a soft corner for one of the investigators, she informing him about the truth and then getting beaten by her husband, one chase sequences interrupted by a train, the two officers losing their case in the court, finding the dead bodies of the three men buried and then the final justice…….Each and every above mentioned scene is shockingly right there in “Mississippi Burning”, which very truthfully is plagiarized in AAKROSH.
In the original the one of the three missing boys is a black and the other two are white. Using the same setting Priyan also casts one dark coloured boy posing as a low caste character and two other boys playing the parts of students coming from well off and influential families. Moreover the burning cross left outside the hotel of the investigators in the English film gets transformed into a burning Trishul in AAKROSH quite amusingly.
So what can be written about a movie which is all shot on the basis on the scenes taken from another director’s work. Apart from being a clear version, the film also doesn’t impress too much as an investigative thriller as nothing interesting happens in its first half except the introduction of the cast in the backdrop of Bihar. Post intermission too the proceedings are a bit lengthy and not engrossing as they should have been. Both Ajay Devgan and Akshay Khanna look like confused officers right from the start and only Ajay comes up with some good chase sequences and dialogues.
Being a undisclosed version, the only merit I could find in the movie was its fine Cinematography with some good action scenes using a yellowish green colour tone throughout. The honour killings topic has neither been touched aggressively nor has any research been put in its use in the movie. Hence its Priyadarshan (ironically a national award winner) once again coming up with an all borrowed content in the script using his favourite echo sound in the dialogues. Still if you don’t bother or care whether it’s an original piece of work or not then you may watch if you wish.
Rating : No Ratings as its all unofficially borrowed.

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17 Oct 2010 / Comments ( 6 )

Ya you\'re right! Two thumbs up for this rating. Dozens and dozens of bollywood films releasing every year are simply a rip off from hollywood. we are seriously deprived of creativity. In another hundred years, we wouldn\'t be able to match movies like inception, avatar, matrix, lord of the rings, pirates, titanic and some of the most ground-breaking movies ever made in the history of world cinema.

At bollywood, we are going in circles and these directors and producers can\'t think outside of box. We got no talent left in our industry my friend. But i am not surprised, it is all to be blamed on "aam-janta" (I\'m sorry but I think i have a right to democrat my opinion) because we are the ones who made a movies like singh is king, housefull, daabang, OSOM, a blockbuster !! We have given an insight to the money-holders on what kind of cinema we\'re after all looking for? And I am again not surprised of sequels being already made for some of these movies. God help us.

I think Taare zameen par was the last time bollywood delivered a movie that was so gripping and a par-with groundbreaking cinema.

I simply adore you for not rating this movie. Great job!

Bobby Sing

Thanks Nihin for your appreciating words......and you can read a lot more about this inspiration angle in the exclusive section of the site (mentioned in the right column)........

Do give some time to it and surprise yourself..........and Keep Visiting...Cheers!


hi bobby i am really happy that you throw light on this shameless copying , i really request you to continue ur great work , i am a script writer i will never INSHAALLAH do this never.

bobby plz add me on facebook my email [email protected]

wish to share my ideas with u , want to show you my shorts and get ur valuable feedback .

Bobby Sing

Hi Mohsin, 

I have added you in FB friends list and would love to see your work too......
Keep Visiting!


Thanks man for the info.
I have seen aakrosh & i saw the trailer of Mississippi Burning. yep you are right.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Simu for your comment and Keep Visiting!

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