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AAMRAS - Movie Review : It's girls world all the way, but less appealing for the big screen. (Review By Bobby Sing)

13 Sep, 2009 | Movie Reviews / 2009 Releases

Aamras - The title may sound confusing but it actually is the name of a cool summer drink made out of mango pulp, more famous in states of central India. It becomes the title of this girly movie because the four lead girls in the film regularly have this drink in one of the girl’s house every day after their school. The movie revolves around these four close friends who study together in a prestigious school and share their every little secret with each other. Coming from extremely different social & financial backgrounds they help out each other in the times of need and have a good fun time in school.

It’s a pure teenage flick where most of the scenes are just written around the four leading young girls and their various school life experiences. With sequences which may force you to remember your own school days, the movie does manage to hold the viewers interest in certain scenes. But those scenes are very few in number and that’s the reason why the movie cannot be rated even as an above average flick. After half an hour into the movie you already know where the story is heading to and how it’s going to end. And that takes away all the charm in this small budget teenage journey.

Director Rupali Guha sticks to her plot too simply and keeps on moving the story on all predictable lines. It’s an easy guess for anybody watching the movie that the girls are going to have some problems in their relationship, which will all get sorted towards the end and that’s it. Even the Parimal Tripathi angle (from Chupke Chupke) and the deliberately added kissing MMS sequence are also not used convincingly. The writer hasn’t got any shock element to add in the storyline. Moreover, it was really surprising to see that in an all girly movie there was very less or marginal talk about love and boys, which in turn, gave the movie a very one sided, tasteless and monotonous feel. Also there are no peppy youthful numbers to lift up the spirits of the viewers.

The only thing which goes in the favor of “Aamras” is, it’s near to perfect casting. All the four girls, Vega, Ntasha, Maanvi & Aanchal have performed brilliantly as the young school going girls. They look like below 18 in their school dresses and also act well as the young fun loving girl gang. Both Zareena Wahab & Reema Lagoo suit their roles perfectly. But with such a thin one line plot, the subject is clearly not an intelligent choice for a big screen movie. In fact, it was more suitable for a new daily soap T.V Serial.

In all it’s a simple movie, shot in a routine manner with nothing extraordinary to offer. So you can easily give it a miss or wait for its home video release.

Rating : 1 / 5

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13 Sep 2009 / Comments ( 2 )
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Hey thanks for review!!!!


Rupali Guha sucks! She\'s the producer of the show on Colors Tv called "Uttaran". It\'s the dumbest show ever! Just read the plot on wikipedia and watch some 2011 episodes. The show is not even interesting anymore! She keeps dragging it and making it lame! There is no story left in the show! Even Sparsh Khanchandani (who played younger version of Ichha) said she doesn\'t watch the show anymore. So I\'m pretty sure this movie must be lame. I\'m not even gonna watch it, but thanks for the review.

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