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AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL - A surprisingly repetitive, dull and a strictly avoidable film that desperately tries to save itself with an emotional yet highly cliched climax. [TTP (To The Point) Review By Bobby Sing]

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To begin with, I suppose films are made for ‘We The People, The Fans or The Die-Hard Lovers of Cinema’ willing to catch every new release on the weekend with the same excitement and passion.
But if the so called BIG filmmakers, BIG Stars, BIG Producers and Exhibitors are least concerned about the ‘deliberate ticket price increase’ being charged from us at the time of every big release by these ‘New-Age White Collared BLACK MARKETEERS”, then their films also don’t deserve any detailed in-depth reviews and should only be given that much time and attention they are really worthy of.
So here is the TTP review of AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL which was surprisingly a quite poor and dull film from the house of Dharma Productions or Karan Johar.
Coming straight to the point, AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL never picks up post returning from the flashback narrated by Ranbir himself in his opening interview. Remaining completely focused on verbal and sexual conversations/relationships between its various characters, the film fails to engage the viewers post its initial few minutes, since the narration never offers anything fresh or novel rising above the already seen and heard stuff in films like TAMASHA, ROCKSTAR and more.  
Though a particular dialogue really made me go numb talking about one of the most loved stalwarts of our Hindi cinema, I still thought that they might be rectifying it later with another related sequence fulfilling the duty of a responsible filmmaker. But that never happened right till the very end, and I would like to discuss it later in details post the film’s basic review.
Unexpectedly, the first half of ADHM gives you the same old story progression revolving around two boys and a girl. And the second half introduces another gorgeous lady coming into the life of our lonely hero leading to a short link-up only to get broken by the return of his old girlfriend. But if this doesn’t sound clichéd then we also have a ‘terminal illness’ plot thrown in towards the end which neither connects emotionally nor gives you anything engaging resulting in an even worse second half, yet again reminding you of films such as ANAND, KAL HO NA HO, THE FAUTL IN OUR STARS (English) and the recent dud KATTI BATTI.
In short, everyone seems to be pretty confused and disconnected in the film right from the performers to the makers and they all collectively once again try to fool the viewers with (the trademark) eye catching glossy looks, elegant attires, surprising cameos (SRK & Alia) and good music always associated with a Karan Johar film.
Specifically, both the director and his writer seem to be pretty confused that whether they wished to praise the films-music and stars of the gone era or mock them asking for a laughter ruining many old golden hits distorting their original compositions in their lousy remakes. (Just check out how poorly KJO uses ‘Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo’ being played in a discotheque with people dancing on a different beat altogether!!!!)
The inferior, chaotic thought process adversely affects the performances too wherein even Ranbir Kapoor looks like repeating himself playing another similar character. And both Aishwarya Rai and Fawad Khan remain criminally wasted with only Anushka managing to deliver some watchable brighter moments.
Summing up, a few good songs and some witty dialogues are the only positive points in this weakest project from the director who always makes films focusing on the ‘rich’, completely ignoring the middle and poor section of our society due to his own reasons.
In other words, AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL can easily be rated as Karan Johar’s soulless attempt to slip into the mode of director Imtiaz Ali – and that’s probably the best way to describe this Diwali misfire.
And regarding the appreciable thought of 'One Sided Love" presented in the film in a weird and quite silly manner, ONE SIDED LOVE is so so pure, intense and divine that it cannot even think of anyone else than the beloved even for a second even in the dreams, forget about sleeping or indulging in sex with another so casually.
I hope this says it all about the failed vision of the film insulting the divine gift.
Rating : 1 / 5
Note: Addressing the repetitive issue of ‘Unfair, selective increase in ticket price by the Multiplexes’.
Though my site and write-ups might be too small in front of the big runners and my voice raised against this MULTIPLEX MAFIA also might not get heard or reach anywhere.
But what nobody can stop me from is deducting ONE STAR from every such film that takes ‘we the viewers’ for granted (in revolt). So a star goes from the rating of AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL too since every big actor, director, production house and exhibitor is equally contributing in this sheer exploitation and willfully ignoring the issue over the last couple of years.
Final Rating : 1 – 1 = 0 / 5
Coming to the completely ‘avoidable’ comment on MOHD. RAFI, the pride of our Hindi Cinema, known to be one of most talented as well as humble person witnessed by our film industry.
Without mentioning the exact words, this was a quite absurd and unrequired addition in the film which could have been easily replaced by another line without making any difference, since it didn’t even have any solid context or connection in the characters ongoing conversations.
Moreover this was pretty silly, unintelligent, mean and disrespectful of both Karan Johar to add it and Ranbir Kapoor to allow it ………misguiding, misleading and giving gravely wrong suggestions to the generation born post the 1990s.
Ironically the title of the film was taken from the opening verse of a song sung by Mohd. Rafi only and the lead actor Ranbir's father Rishi Kapoor's entire career had a deep relation with the voice of the ever-smiling immortal legend. In fact this reminded me of a Rafi song from a Dharma Production's film only titled DOSTANA saying,
"Mere Dost Kissa Yeh Kya Ho Gaya, Suna Hai Ke Tu Bewafa Ho Gaya"
As per my personal opinion, with filmmaking there also comes a responsibility to rightly portray the things and pass on the legacy to the next generation without bringing in your personal likings or misconceptions influencing the young receptive minds.
And this mindless inclusion contradicted and ridiculed that important responsibility….. BIG TIME!
Individually any person like Karan Johar has all the rights to have his own views or conclusions over any specific artist. But in a film, which is a medium reaching out to millions of (unaware young) viewers all over the world, you surely need to be extra careful staying away from any such personal biased conclusions demeaning one of the most loved icons of the past…….. because even if you didn’t mean to, it will always be taken as a deliberate negative comment made purposefully.
Perhaps that’s where the ‘Real Sensibilities’ of a director get revealed representing his own thought process towards such blessed stalwarts and their exceptional body of work cherished since more than half a century in the country and world over.
But let me explain the same with an example of how another director dealt with a similar situation in his film much more intelligently and cautiously having the same star in lead i.e. Ranbir Kapoor.
In his film ROCKSTAR director Imtiaz Ali conceived a situation where the upcoming singing sensation Ranbir meets a renowned Shehnai player enacted by the veteran Shammi Kapoor in the office of a reputed audio company. In his one sided conversation with the respected figure Ranbir does make fun of his art commenting over the repetitions made in Classical Music in his own negative and questionable way, but never even once names any particular real life figure maintaining the dignity of both the film and the art-form displaying a clear thought process of his director.
Probably that’s where you get to see the difference between ‘a thoughtful film’ and ‘a well marketed glossy product’ largely dependent upon its colourful packaging, clever promotions and the star-value.

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29 Oct 2016 / Comments ( 8 )
Johar should remove the dialogue immediately or send 5 cr to Rafi saab\'s family.
Bobby Sing

Thanks for visiting and writing in.


Happy Diwali sir...

To expect a good movie from this director itself is a sin... so I\'m not really surprised.. I thank my good fortune that I dont hv any obligations to torture myself with a kjo movie or an extended mountain dew as in diwali, unlike you :D

But sir, honestly how could you even expect these big names to show some respect to our legends when they film a song depicting Bulleya/Murshid showing some weird sexual contents with a vague rockstar look

But the real fault lies in those who waste their money in these trashes and some gems are out of cinemas within a day or two. May God bless them all with some sense this diwali

Bobby Sing

Hi Avik,
Thanks a lot for your support but unfortunately both the viewers and the makers have actually stopped thinking in terms of respect in todays times unarguably.

In fact as tweeted by Sonu Nigam.....
"RIP Adab.... we dont really need you anymore"


First 45 mins were unbearable...
Feel bad for anushka...failed to get the right chemistry with ranbir...
Just too Loud in expressions...a bit overacting.
She must watch her 1st two movies to get things right.
Bobby Sing

The film was simply a badly written film hugely saved by its music and Star factor alone.


Agreed but felt kind of relief after Aish entry in the film followed by a good exchange of poetic words in a guest appearance from SRK.
Just wish Ranbir gets a better direction.

Bobby Sing

Actually the kind of poetry didn't match the persona of Aish shown on the screen. But yes her presence does bring some brightness into the film no doubt.

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