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AISHA - Movie Review : Partially fine with Sonam leading the team. (Review by Bobby Sing)
06 Aug, 2010 | Movie Reviews / 2010 Releases

The entire promotional campaign of AISHA revolved around only one character alone and the film also does the same. It’s a Sonam Kapoor show all the way where she luckily gets ample support from her supporting cast too. AISHA is rich in glamour, has a certain class of its own and has also got some breezing romantic elements to offer to the younger generation. So Sonam is here to make another impression on the viewers with her fresh charm and elegant style which is clearly visible throughout the movie till its last frame.

But unfortunately, the news is not entirely positive as the compliments given above are strictly meant for the movie before its intermission. Revolving around the story of a funky, fashionable girl who loves to be a match-maker for her friends, AISHA surely manages to impress the audience in its first hour with some good sequences and fine performances. But post interval, it simply starts walking on the same old decayed path of realizing your actual love and then apologizing for the same. Though the movie is not too long in its duration but still it drags a lot in its second hour and has got nothing new in the name of content to sustain the impact generated by its initial reels.
Actually the fact is that AISHA heavily relies on its treatment and therefore comes out as only a partially good product as far as its story content is concerned. Any avid moviegoer can easily predict the complete film and its climax, after just watching the first 10 minutes of the movie. Moreover post intermission it loses the pace and one seriously misses all those witty or comic relief moments which are in fact the highlight of the movie in totality. In other words if the makers would had given more stress on its content than on its styling, the film could have been a milestone in the career of Sonam Kapoor.
Based on Jane Austen’s novel EMMA, and also inspired from “CLUELESS” (1995), the movie has all the colours in the right tone, but the real problem is that the colours are not many. As the movie reaches its end, the characters become lifeless and monotonous, which don’t allow them to emotionally connect with their viewers. So, one doesn’t really feel overjoyed as Aisha finds her true love in the end. Moreover, the climax sequence of entering the wrong marriage venue seems to be just pushed in without any purpose. Actually the movie should have ended right there, but the director deliberately inserts another love proposal scene which is not enjoyable at all towards the end.
On a brighter note AISHA has a refreshing first half and that’s because of some brilliant performances by its supporting cast which mostly has debutants making their presence felt.
Both Ira Dubey and Amrita Puri as Sonam’s fast friends are really a treat to watch. They straight away catch your attention right from their first scene and excel. Especially Amrita Puri who indeed has got the talent to be explored in the right way. Cyrus Sahukar as the dumb rich boy is not loud this time and impresses. Arunoday Singh also leaves a mark with his frank appearance. Anand Tiwari as a middle class boy is lovable but Lisa Haydon as the foreign returned only stands in her scenes without any expression.
Taking about the main lead, there is good news for the fans of Sonam Kapoor, since the girl is there in her full form and style. Along with her acting skills she strongly showcases her fashion sense with her great outfits and make-up. Sonam easily carries the whole film on her shoulders and once again proves that she is undoubtedly among the most talented young girls in the tinsel town. She has always managed to do full justice to her roles in the past but for some reasons all her films till date are only partially good and same is the case with AISHA. I really hope in the near future she hits the bull’s eye with a bang.
However for the fans of Abhay Deol, AISHA may not give them any reason to celebrate as the thinking actor is not present here in his full spirits. Abhay underplays his role well but in absence of a well written character he fails to make the kind of impact he usually does. Still, I loved his silence and one liner dialogues delivered in his own unique manner.
AISHA may work for the younger audience due to its elegant production value, eye catching costume designing and Mills & Boon kind of romantic theme. But for the smaller centers, it doesn’t have the required merit to make it big. Director Rajshree Ojha has strictly made the movie keeping in mind the cities and multiplexes only. It has some good numbers composed by Amit Trivedi as “Suno Aisha” and “Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol”. But I couldn’t understand why a fine party song “Gal Mitthi Mitthi Bol” was saved to be used in the end credits only.
In all, AISHA has a refreshing first half but with a not so impressive second, I was only satisfied partially. Yet, for the romantic movies fans, I would like to rate it better than Sonam’s last “I HATE LUV STORYZ” but its still quite shallow.
Ratings : 2.5 / 5  (Including 1 for only its few good songs)

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06 Aug 2010 / Comments ( 8 )
Shandilya Dixit

2.5 is too much for Aisha.
It was not upto the expectations.
Sonam\'s character was unreal.
You are very kind to give 2.5
I am very much surprised that times of india gave it 4 out of 5.
Either I can\'t understand movies or the movie reviewers are too generous for Anil Kapoor\'s daughter.

Bobby Sing

Hi Shandilya,

As written in my review, the movie before the intermission, the conversations between the characters and the music made me give it 2.5.

However if you rate it around 2 and me at 2.5 then that is quite fine, But I also could not imagine people giving it 3.5 or 4 for no reason at all.

Same was the case last week too. I think now it is quite clear that the reviewing job is also fast becoming a PR activity for the producers.

Still I would like to stick to what I am doing sincerely and truthfully irrespective of who the producer or the lead actor is.

Thanks for the comment and Keep Writing in.


Shandilya Dixit

Very True.

I am a die-hard movie lover.
Friday Night- First Day Last Show- you will always find me in multiplexes.
And after coming back, I read the reviews on indiatimes and bobbytalkscinema.

Your reviews are not only frank and straight forward, but what I like the most is, your choice of words to describe exactly the same feeling that we get while watching the movie.
It\'s amazing.
Also, I get to know the source- based on which the movie is copied, or should I say, "inspired" :)

Bobby Sing

Thanks Shandilya for your love and support.

The reason you can easily relate to the reviews here is that I dont write it with any set motive or target. I write my reviews as seen through the eyes of normal movie lover and hold nothing back of any sort for any reason. And I am really glad that you find them very close to your actual feelings.

I hope many more movie lover friends like yours also find the site and get the real and truthful picture.

Thanks once again for the appreciation and Keep Visiting.


Sanchit Goyal

After reading this review I would have to say that I disagree with you this time. In my opinion you have been very liberal in reviewing this movie.

I wouldnt say much but I found the movie "BAD" to say the least. But I am not disappointed as it was pretty much on the expected lines!

Sonam Kapoor is 1 actress who I like to watch or shall I say "liked to watch". After Delhi 6 I had thought that I would see future movies of hers. I missed IHLS because there wasnt anything in it to watch so I decided to watch Aisha knowing well not to expect much from the movie. But Sonam Kapoor never looked more ugly than what she is looking in this movie.

We all have different viewpoints about movies and sadly we are not on the same page this time. Anyways looking forward to reading some more reviews on this website.


Bobby Sing

Hi Sanchit,

Yeah, I agree with you that we all may have different opinions on some movies. And that perfectly alright because then only we would able to discuss and grow.

Bur regarding "AISHA" as written in my review, my ratings are strictly for the first half and due to its rich look, feel and music. Post its first hour the film does loose its charm undoubtedly and falls flat.

And as I had predicted the film was never made for smaller centers and it hasnt done well in that area. It has only got footfall in the plexes and thats how our majority of films are earning these days.

So may be 2 stars are enough but i gave it 2.5 due to an extra merit of its music, which was sadly not used properly in the film. And yes I really would like to rate it better than "I HATE LUV STORYS" because that movie had nothing in it as far as its content is concerned.

So, see its really good to discuss this way and for the latest release PEEPLI LIVE., again I have a different opinion for it.

Eagerly waiting for your comment on that too.




Didn\'t like this film at all ....the actress is too childish and with no consistance....
real bad movie.

Bobby Sing

Thanks for sharing your views Fatiha and Keep Visitng.


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