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AJAB GAZABB LOVE - A simple family film which can be seen once for its emotions, songs and Darshan Jariwala. (Review by Bobby Sing)

28 Oct, 2012 | Movie Reviews / 2012 Releases

We all truly love the simple yet impactful cinema of HRISHIKESH MUKHERJEE without any exception. But at the same time we also somehow believe that its quite hard to re-create the similar kind of ambience in a film today, due to ‘the changed world’ around us which values things more than our emotions. As a result whenever any such simple meaningful comedy is attempted by a director, it at once gets compared with all those classic, life teaching films from the maestro in an avoidable manner. And since it is extremely difficult to bring that Hrishi Da magic again, the attempt (most of the times) is considered to be pretty weak and average in comparison.

Now the same problem is faced by this week’s AJAB GAZABB LOVE, if you start comparing it with a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film needlessly. But if one can move out of that set parameter of judging (without wearing any logical thinking caps) then the film easily becomes a sweet simple attempt, which can surely be watched once for its emotions, good songs and a lovable act by Darshan Jariwala. Originally a remake of Telugu film SEEMA TAPAKAI (2011), AGL is directed by Sanjay Gadhvi and revolves around the story of a rich boy who plans a scheme to win over a beautiful girl who actually hates the “Rich & the Famous” section of the society.
Starting off with a perfect catchy party number sung by Mika (Boom Boom), the script does have few good sequences both in its first and second half providing the required entertainment to the viewers. But in actual terms AGL manages to hold your attention mainly due to its 4 good songs, a fresh photogenic female lead and few good performances from the cast as required. In fact these are exactly the few factors which eventually save the film from being called a pretty ordinary venture. And with a better climax, different from the present hushed-up one, AGL could have been a much better family film altogether.
Nevertheless, along with its melodious soundtrack, AGL needs to be given a chance at least for its enjoyable scenes featuring Darshan Jariwala, Kiron Kher and Arshad Warsi. Where Kiron and Arshad successfully make you smile with their hilarious acts, Darshan Jariwala truly enacts the ironies of life lived by a rich person, unable to cherish the finer things existing around him due to his own chosen lifestyle. Unarguably its one of finest performances by the veteran character actor till date, full of insightful love and emotions deserving praises.
Jackyy is surely improving with each new film of his and in AGL he takes one step further looking better. But since the script has too many characters moving on the screen, his sincere efforts get overshadowed unintentionally. Arjun Rampal is fine playing a double role of two brothers who needed a better characterization to be fair. The new entrant Nidhi has got the oomph factor and looks hot on the screen in some chosen outfits reminding you of the beautiful Sangeeta Bijalani of the 80s. She is the same girl who played a small role of a press reporter in OH MY GOD just few weeks back and looked stunning in that too. However Nidhi still needs to work on presenting herself better on the screen as I felt.
The best feature of the film remain Sajid Wajid, who are in their full form here with four good songs in the soundtrack lead by “Boom Bomm” and “Tu”. Particularly I simply loved the base line in the song “Tu” which is also smartly used in the film’s Background Score. All the tracks are well supported by an eye-catching cinematography and great choreography which don’t really allow you to go out the theater breaking the normal routine.
On the whole, AJAB GAZABB LOVE works decently due to its Hrishi Da or Frank Capra kind of plot, a pleasing soundtrack and few loving performances. Its not a great or perfect film for sure but a lot better than the usual routine ventures with the big names.
Rating : 2.5 + 0.5 / 3 (With the additional 0.5 only for its groovy soundtrack)

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28 Oct 2012 / Comment ( 2 )
Aditya Savnal

Sirji. Aren\'t you doing a tribute to the late Jaspal Bhatti? Was actually looking forward to it

Bobby Sing

Dear Aditya,
Thanks for your concern but frankly I dont really write TRIBUTE to an artist just after he is gone.
In fact I strongly feel like writing A deliberate TRIBUTE to an artist just after his demise is like an Insult to him and his work in real terms because now he is just being remembered only because he is no more.

Actually this practive is mainly done by the Media people who are forced to do that as a news coverage as a part of their job.

But for me if you only remember about an artist and his body of work after he has gone, then it is nothing different then writing about any other news of price-rise or a road accident or a chain snatching.

So I write about my loved ones (and may be about Bhatti saab too) but when I get reminded of their great body of work while watching any work of theirs, or after meeting them in person knowing them more closely, or after getting some rare info about them in discussion with other maters.........But honestly not when they are simply gone.......for me writing an TRIBUTE is just like giving an OBITUARY Advertisement in the paper and nothing else.

Note : If you had noticed then recently I wrote about "THE CHOPRA BROTHERS" after the sad departure of Yash Ji. And that was just because the whole media was wrongly quoting him "King of Romance" without even mentioning the role of his elder brother in his career. So to give my friendly readers the real correct information, I wrote that long researched article on both the brothers.............and not only on Yash Chopra because he is not with us now.

I hope you would understand.
(BTW I do share some views on FACEBOOK on such timely events (shared a personal anecdote about Bhatti Saab too), so you are warmly welcome to join me there.)


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