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AKSAR 2 - An unnecessary sequel made following the worthless trend. (Review by Bobby Sing)

19 Nov, 2017 | Movie Reviews / 2017 Releases

This latest crime-thriller can easily be included in the list of unrequired, unrelated and unworthy sequels that are just being made to encash the ongoing trend, targeting the single screen centers in particular (purposefully focusing on the skin-show).
The film right away begins on a predictable note where you can easily guess the drama looking at the characters introduced and the mileage given to them giving a clear hint. But with an almost entirely non-performing lead cast (Zareen, Gautam, Abhinav and Mohit), the drama never impresses and all forced songs keep disturbing its already slower pace quite brutally. Ironically the soundtrack was the key reason behind the success of its original film in 2006.
Further, a seriously poor background score does the major damage to the film that is actually considered one of the most important components of a murder mystery. However apart from a routine act by veteran Lillete Dubey, the surprise element of AKSAR 2 happens to be cricketer S. Sreesanth, who delivers a lot more than expected in his controlled act.
Overall this is a pretty weak film from director Ananth Narayan Mahadevan, the name behind many thought provoking and must-watch projects in the recent past as RED ALERT, MEE SINDHUTAI SAPKAL (Marathi), STAYING ALIVE, GOUR HARI DASTAAN, ROUGH BOOK and DOCTOR RAKHMABAI. Putting it honestly, watching the film and having all his award winning ventures in mind I felt like renaming AKSAR 2 as ‘Paapi Pet Ka Sawaal Hai’ depicting the harsh reality, since unfortunately it’s this mainstream cinema in Bollywood only that keeps you in the race (and the kitchen running) more than anything else.
Rating : 1 / 5
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(Beyond The Review)

Making sequels that are not at all related to their original film as some kind of series is the new norm followed by Hindi Cinema, which is nothing but another shortcut designed to have some quick bucks. So here we yet again have a similar sequel that completely misses the most important feature of its original and that is a hit soundtrack.
In fact AKSAR (2006) can easily be quoted as a film that worked more because of its music than anything else, which is nowhere to be found in the so called (unrelated) sequel made after a decade. Besides it isn’t any engaging crime thriller too with an almost non-performing cast with one surprise element as the decent, controlled performance by cricketer S. Sreesanth.


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