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ANGREZI MEIN KEHTE HAIN - Positive and sweet but that remains its only merit apart from a few likable performances. (Review By Bobby Sing)
18 May, 2018 | Movie Reviews / 2018 Releases

Commencing with soothing music, nice vocals and the visuals of ghats at Varanasi, ANGREZI MEIN KEHTE HAIN makes a lot of promises as a charming, thoughtful film in its opening sequences. And then the middle class characters enjoying life in their small homes and limited income, further make a favourable impact on the viewers raising the expecations.

However, the highly relatable content starts losing the connect making a far lesser impact in the latter part of the film despite all capable performers. And both the writing as well as the direction is not able to exploit the potential plot of rediscovering love by a middle aged married couple after two decades or so. Moroever the tactics chosen by its characters regarding the subject remain confused, ineffective as well as weird in its concluding moments. Plus all the interesting glimpses shown in its trailer (featuring the couple), actually appear in the final 35-40 minutes of the film only, dealt in a cliched or unconvincing manner.

So where the first half successfully manages to make a decent impact, the second half struggles to take it further resulting in a just average entertainer, missing a good opportunity. In other words, the impact of a few good scenes (in the inital part) gets completely overshadowed by the out of place and over-dramatic sequences post intermission, like the one where an Asian teacher is shown teaching foreign language in local Varanasi school, people beating up the middle-aged romeo and the tragic hospital scene.
In the acting department, Sanjay Mishra is aptly cast performing well (as always) and so does Anshuman Jha, Brijendra Kala and Pankaj Tripathi in their important supporting roles. But among the women, I personally didn’t find Ekavali Khanna getting into the character of a neglected wife, mostly performing in a theatrical mode that seems awkward as well misplaced in the entire film. On the other hand Shivani Raghuvanshi delivers the most natural performance among them all as the young, caring daughter.
Adding to the merits, its cinematography, background score and the soundtrack perfectly contribute in the desired feel of the project produced by NFDC and directed by Harish Vyas. The key characters and their backdrop (local ambience) remain believable. And the basic premise is certainly worth praising bringing forward an important subject of the invisible distance between the aging married couples resulting in a spiritless living.
However, I seriously wish they had conceived a much better second half of a less than two hours film, rising much above the routine and typical Hindi film progression. Still you can watch it as a positive, sweet and realistic meaningful drama for Sanjay and Shivani in particular with minimum expectations.
Rating : 2.5 / 5

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18 May 2018 / Comment ( 2 )
Amit wadhwani
Nice and detailed review about every aspect of the film, thanks.
Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for visiting and writing in Amit Wadhwani.

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