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ARISHADVARGA (Kannada) – A must-watch crime thriller wherein the lead actor strongly reminded me of the incomparable Irrfan Khan. (Review by Bobby Sing)

11 Dec, 2020 | Movie Reviews / 2020 Releases / Indian Regional language Gems (Other Than Hindi)

The most essential requirement of a crime investigative novel is its content being unpredictable, giving the reader enough reasons to keep on reading visualizing the characters and their mannerisms, guessing the mystery involved. However while adapting it as a film; one requires talented actors who can portray the same with conviction keeping the viewers intrigued and involved in the onscreen proceedings.
The new Kannada release thoughtfully titled ARISHADVARGA exactly turns out to be the same as a crime thriller that is convincingly unpredictable performed by a fabulous cast enacting all the twisted characters.

Enlightening the audience (including myself) with a new term Arishadvarga, meaning six enemies of mind in Sanskrit, namely Lust (Kama), Anger (Krodh), Greed (Lobh), Pride (Mada/Ego), Moha (Attachment) and Matsarya (Jealousy), the film tries to represent them all through its various characters and does that brilliantly. 
As it’s said, a well-written beginning means half the battle won, the saying perfectly goes with Arishadvarga as its very first scene makes you smile as well as brings you to the edge of your seat expecting the unexpected. Yes, the film does have its lose moments and share of cinematic liberties too, especially in the first half, but it soon becomes an unmissable watch for two persons in particular: one is Anju Alva Naik, making her debut as the wife of a film producer who gets murdered and the other, Nandagopal the police officer investigating the unusual case. In fact, the film asks for a repeat viewing for these two characters in specific, to decode a few things that one is bound to miss or ignore in the first viewing.

Personally speaking, Nandgopal strongly reminded me of the incomparable Irrfan Khan in every scene of his right from the beginning and I am sure many Hindi film viewers are strongly going to relate with that assumption without any doubt. In short, despite the shortcomings and its complex narrative, Arishadvarga is a delightful watch, though I expected its climax to be much more shocking and exciting.

To be honest, I don’t know why many write about the entire storyline and characters in their reviews of even mystery crime thrillers. As I see, that ideally should not be revealed unless required in order to prove a certain point. Hence, keeping the surprise element intact, this is a neo noir investigative crime thriller written, produced and directed by Arvind Kamath, based on the short story “Murder as a gift” by Shankar Vijaykumar. The film has mature content but it still doesn’t cross the line of decency, presenting the characters in a subtle manner. Plus it has a fabulous musical score and an added layer of humour too in the same understated tone keeping the interest alive.

Arishadvarga has been recently released in theaters amongst this covid chaos getting a positive response from the viewers and it should soon get released online in the coming weeks. 

Rating : 3.5 / 5 (with a special mention for both Anju Alva Naik and Nandagopal for their exceptional acts.)

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