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AZAAN - Movie Review : Sad to see such an effort being made without any proper directions. (Review By Bobby Sing)

19 Oct, 2011 | Movie Reviews / 2011 Releases / Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A

Watching a project such as AZAAN makes me sad because it is a perfect example of a misguided venture backed by a strong resourceful will of making a good film. It can easily be compared to a game wherein a person is holding a bunch of darts ready to hit the target-board. But after he throws them all, he finds out that where some less important ones have rightly hit the bull’s eye, the other most important ones have gone far away from the main circle.

Explaining the example given above, AZAAN has few great merits which should have essentially resulted in a fine movie. Like, it was marketed well and talks about a fresh subject of Bio-terrorism (spreading germs or viruses to kill a large number of people) which has never been exploited by any Hindi Film before so prominently. As required by the international plot it gets full support from its fabulous cinematography, brilliantly capturing the action sequences as well as its various world locations taking the viewer onto a multiple country tour. Plus it gets a very well composed & arranged background score which adds to the thriller aspect of the film perfectly along with few pretty decent tracks in its soundtrack like “Bismillah” and more.
But all these merits become worthless in absence of the right kind of script, pace and performances required for such a project. In other words everything goes wrong in the film apart from these few points, sadly resulting in a poor show altogether. The director Prashant Chadha takes all his inspiration from the famous “BOURNE series” and other films made on the similar subject, but is not able to bring the same kind of excitement in his own film. The script goes on unimpressively, from being predictable to complicated travelling from one continent to another in fast cuts. Moreover the writers don’t ever care to explain the concept of Bio-terrorism to the audience and take everything for granted. The romance factor looks like deliberately added as usual and the thrilling element is surprisingly completely missing in the film based on Global Terrorism.
In the performance department, Sachin Joshi has got the looks but he actually doesn’t match the vast scale of the project. He still needs to sharpen many aspects of his acting including his dialogue delivery. From rest of the cast Ravi Kissen tries hard but everyone else gets nothing written for them specifically in its weak script.
On the whole AZAAN unarguably shows all the big money spent and many sincere efforts put in to convert it into a big success. But unfortunately its just like the case of constructing a fine smooth road towards a wrong direction. And it really makes you feel sad watching such an effort being made without any proper directions.
Rating : 2 / 5 (0.5 more only for the sincere effort made)

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19 Oct 2011 / Comment ( 2 )
Thanks for the detailed review, was waiting for it since long from you.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Shikhar, for waiting it for it.
I hope it was worth reading too...as I tried to cover every possible angle in it.

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