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Aamir Khan's "Satyamev Jayate" - A commendable step from a CELEBRITY who very well knows, what it means to be a CELEBRITY. (A word of praise by Bobby Sing)

07 May, 2012 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

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Few friends of mine always used to complain that why I become so serious or social in my film reviews and why I always try to address a current social issue in my write-ups about films?

My answer to them always has been that Entertainment actually remains hollow or incomplete until it is able to pinch you at the right place along with providing you with few lighter moments of life. The term Entertainment in reality has a certain responsibility hidden in its basic structure which should try to bring forward the burning issues of the society in front of the common people in an amusing manner. In simple words various mediums of entertainment like films, television and print media should ideally entertain as well as enlighten the viewers/readers about the society and its relevant features through their powerful narrative.

A common person always thinks in the terms that ‘What I alone can do something for the change required?”. And that’s where we all go wrong and waste a valuable and capable life granted to us by the Almighty. Because If only 1 out of 5 people starts trying to make a positive change around himself, then there surely is a strong possibility of making a better social structure just in a short span of time. So we should all try to do our bit in whatever way we can through any big or small medium which connects us to the people around. And that is why I always try to touch those burning issues in my reviews and articles as a social duty of a creative person.

Besides I strongly believe that every successful person, after reaching a decent height in his or her career has to fulfill a certain responsibility towards his people, his society and his country. Myself as a contributor might not be big enough in terms of the impact made. But a celebrity like AAMIR KHAN can certainly bring the much awaited positive change in our society through his sincere efforts.

And thankfully that is what AAMIR is trying to do through his program SATYAMEV JAYATE for which he truly deserves all the praises and support from the people who actually like to do something for their own society.

A section of media might try to condemn him for using people's tragedies & emotions for his own program which is sure going to make a lot of money. But for them I would only like to say that, even if AAMIR is earning loads of money from this new program of his, but at least here we have a CELEBRITY who understands what it means to be a CELEBRITY of a nation of more than 120 crores of population. At least here we have a STAR, who can think out of the box and is interested in trying to bring a BIG change around us, which we all have been waiting for. At least here we have a thoughtful creative personality who has the courage to try…….. Try for you, for me and for each one of us.

Admittedly we cannot stop those negative attitudes who always try to see the darker side of the picture by saying, “Jab ‘Anna’ Se Kuchh Nahin Hua to Ab ‘Aamir’ Kya Kar Lega?”

But for those friends who still have to learn a more positive way of living their life, I would like to say that,

"Dil Par Jab Lagti Hai, Tabhi Baat Banti Hai"..............It’s better to feel the pain of others and take action against the evil before it comes and hits your own home personally. In straight words, if you are not willing to be the part of Solution then obviously you are in some way part of the Problem.

So here at Bobby Talks Cinema, I Congratulate and fully support Aamir Khan in his new much needed initiative taken with a vision of bringing a change.

You have fulfilled the social responsibility of being a Movie Icon of this country Aamir, and thats what I call "SOCIAL ENTERTAINMENT AIMING TOWARDS A BETTER FUTURE"

Now I only hope and pray that this program just doesnt remain a 'Hit Serial' seen on a Sunday morning, but becomes a REVOLUTION in the coming months giving a new direction to our entire national society.

And hope it reminds each thinking individual of India, about his own personal responsibility towards the nation.

Cheers to Aamir and his team!
"Satyamev Jayate"



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07 May 2012 / Comments ( 9 )

Dear Bro Bobby,

I agree with you from word to word. You just wrote what I have felt while watching the show last morning. Thank you so much for being more than honest to pen down such a salute. I would like add hereby my take to that too as well.

" The Pather with High Comprehend Quotient........

While becoming an audience to " Satymev Jayate " I felt a person in me who was most attentive and ready to Be-womb every thought-soul delivered by Shri Aamir Khan. Perhaps he is the only super star who knows who has become a living dictionary of Super and Star. He has out-grown all the contemporaries with his detailing accuracy and understanding capabilities in every subject he picks to project as Movie which talks sense. He knows very well that no other mode of education as powerful as Films. His Comprehend Quotient is so very high that he understands how to move hearts and heads through his movies. So whenever there is a news about is next venture, millions of brains take a serious note of it and render undivided attention to his efforts. This status never came as a cake walk to him, he has earned it and still earning it with every deliverance. He has taken the responsibility of being a super star so very religiously that he leaves no stone UN-carved to not only match-up the on-growing expectation from him but has also been exceeding it with new mile stones.

Satymev Jayte is yet another expectation which has crossed its desired land mark. Not only he came up with specific social cause but also touched that subject from all 360 degrees. Right from educating the on-going crime to its after-effects and then concluding it with solution as well as a petition where he requests all people to walk along with him by signing in the form of sms or mail as such.

If we can stand with Anna ji, why not Amir ji too as well. Changes come with chain reaction......some one has to be John The Baptist and other .... The Jesus........lets stand strong and so firm like a wall around that this time no one could nail such Pathers. Ya I know there is no word called Pathers in English....but then there were not such people too who could force brains to invent a new word matching to their personalities.

Hail The Pather....Hail Aamir ji. "

With all due regards
Vinay Ved

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for sharing your honest words Vinay and I really hope this step of AAMIR might not remain only as a HIT SUNDAY Serial.....but becomes a revolution in the coming months.

Ramcharan - zanjeer

Awesome read.
Glad that u wrote abt Satyamev jayate.
Respect to u and Aamir.

Bobby Sing

Thanks a lot for you wishes Ramcharan Zanjeer.
The program, Aamir and his team truly deserves this applause as at least here we are presented a issue before all of us by Aamir as his moral duty towards the nation being a Celebrity.

Now whether WE the society and its people want to act for a solution through our actions or not is our own choice and depends upon our own ability to accept and perform.

So Cheers to the effort once again!

Harmohan Singh

Dear Friends,
My English is weak so plz adjust with my Language. Ab Aate Hain Mudde Pe.
When Anna Hazare in Ramlila Maidan, I dont understand what was achieved or what people of India earn.
Only shopkeeper of Anna Topi or T-Shirt manfacturer of Anna came in profit. Aam Logo Ka Bhala Hua?
Kaha Gaye Wo Log.
Same position here. Now a Producer Actor Writer Maker in Action. Now only blog, facebook, twitter or other social networking sites in profit.
Aam Logo Waise Ke Waise. Its only IPL 6 Season not any other.

Bobby Sing

Dear friend,
Thanks for your comment and the choice is all yours that whether you choose the positive side of it or the negative.
It can easily become nothing and it can also become a revolution.

But that doesnt depend upon Aamir but it completely depends upon WE The People.
If we all want a change, it can be brought with a collective effort.......And if we dont want a change and everyone is happy living in his own house then its fine......then nothing will happen...

The choice is all ours not Aamir's.....as he has done his work or duty of a creative celebrity of the nation and rest all depends upon us.

Thanks for writing in.
Keep Visiting.

Vikas Saitya

Dear Bobby,

I think as a nation time have come to star acting & asking question from our rulers by this programe , which may be the start of awareness at meaningful level.

As rightly said by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev " People involvement & participation at grass root level is must in India if you want to change anything. (In Tamilnadu with the help of people, around14 million sampling is planted out of which more than 10 million resulted in tree around 8-10 yrs)

Very well words written by Mr Vinay Ved & Bobby dear.


Bobby Sing

Thanks Vikas for your appreciation and I really hope this program at least brings some positive changes in our attitudes if not in the society around.
Satyamev Jayate!


Nice article bobby bhai, i was one of many who used to think that nothing is going to change in india, but this show (SMJ) has changed my perception ... Thanks to Aamir ...
I see a great positive reaction from all sections of people which is really good ... as you said there is a smaller section which thinks otherwise (like aamir charges 3 crores per episode and he does this for fame etc...) I dont blame them but can only feel pity ... its hightime that we all join hands together for a bright india.

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