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Aamir's GHAJINI, Tamil GAJINI, English MEMENTO (2000) and PASAND APNI APNI (1983)

04 Jan, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / G

The thinking actor, Aamir is back with another unique look and subject in his latest venture “Ghajini”.  But there are certain clarifications to be made regarding the theme and look of the movie as it is said to be a Hindi version of a Tamil/Telugu movie with the same name called “Gajini” released in 2005. 

But “Gajini” itself, is said to be a highly inspired version of a 2000 released, widely acclaimed English movie, called “Memento”. One can easily spot the acute similarities in their posters and theme too.
If you see “Memento” then you are bound to agree that the Indian versions are surely based on this original, where a person meets an unwanted disaster in life. His girlfriend is killed and while saving her he gets a serious head injury resulting in a loss of memory. Now the hero has a memory of his last 15 minutes only. So in order to remember all happenings he uses Polaroid Pictures of everyone he meets and writes description on it. He also uses Tattoos on his body to remember the most important things.
The Polaroid pictures and body tattoos can be seen in the available posters of both the versions of “Ghajini”. So it seems to be just another case of unaccepted creative inspiration from the West. May be Aamir, will come up with his own clarifications in the coming days.
Apart from “Memento”, the other World Cinema movie is “Amelie” (French) (2001), from where the inspiration for some particular sequences of Asin has also been taken.
Besides, the track of a rich businessman posing as a struggling man, falling in love with the model or stage actresss is also taken from Basu Chatterjee's "Pasand Apni Apni" (1983) which was in turn an inspired version of "Happy Go Lovely" (1951) itself.
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(Thanks to Chandan and Madhurageethan for their valuable inputs in this write-up.)

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04 Jan 2009 / Comments ( 10 )

Last week I saw Pasand apni apni of basu da,, and 1st half of Ghajini was completely taken from it..of mistaken identity of a rich man..

Bobby Sing

Yeah Chandan, you are very right in noticing that.....it did take that idea from "Pasand Apni Apni".....
Keep Writing in .....Cheers!


pasand apni apni itself is copied from" happy go lovely" an old english movie.

Bobby Sing

Hi Madhurageethan,

Thanks for your valuable info......I will soon look into it and get back...

Till then Keep Visiting>


Hope this link will help u.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Madhurageethan for your valuable inputs.
The new article will be there soon at the site....so keep viositing.


manish bhardwaj

I think gadar ek prem katha should be added in this list.
It is highly inspired from punjabi film shaheed e mohabbat boota singh starring gurdas mann.
Similarity is in title too gadar ek prem katha and shaheed e mohabat and in lead characters as tara singh and boota singh. Shaheed e mohabbat was directed may be by manoj punj who also directed national award winning film waris shah again with gurdas mann. Waris shah went on to win 4 national awards.
In the first half gadar looked ditto copy of shaeed e mohabbat. shaeed e mohabbat was released in late 90\'s featuring ustad nusrat fateh li kahn\'s song \'ishq da rutba\' and many other songs of gurdas mann. climax was changed in gadar. if you will see shaheed e mohabbat you will find it quite touching. not to forget divya dutta was cast opposite gurdas mann playing the role what amisha patel played in gadar. well i must say 90% of bollywood movies are copies of hollywood or regional films or previous hindi cinema.

Bobby Sing

Yes it is Manish and I will surely add this in the list since it deserves it to be there.

Thanks for reminding me and Keep Visiting.


manish bhardwaj
plot of shaheed-e-mohabbat .
directed by shamim ara and manoj punj.

The film is set in 1947. The exodus has begun after Partition. A Sikh ex-military man in his thirties finds a 16-year-old Muslim girl alone in a nearby village and brings her home. But the villagers tell him he should either marry her or leave her in a camp where people bound for Pakistan are located. But he decides that since he\'s far older, he\'d better leave her at the camp. As he is about to send her off with a man bound for the camp and who is prepared to marry her there, she asks Buta Singh if he is so poor that he cannot even feed her two Rotis per day to keep her alive. Whereupon Buta Singh decides to marry her. They have a baby girl. And Buta is pretty happy that despite being overage, matrimonially speaking, he\'s leading a pleasant life. Others of his class usually had to actually buy women from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar whom they married. A jealous uncle who realizes the family property will now go to the Muslim girl, forcibly dumps Buta\'s wife into a truck bound for Pakistan. Buta realizes what has happened, sells all his land and goes along with his child to Pakistan illegally. He\'s quickly arrested and brought before a judge who\'s quite willing to free him if his wife owns up. But, under pressure from her family, the girl backs off. A disillusioned and distraught Buta jumps with his daughter before an oncoming train. He dies, but his daughter is saved. Pakistani youth, overcome by this, hail him thus: Shaheed-e-Mohabat (a martyr in the cause of love), erect a memorial and a trust in his name

i m happy for gadar\'s business but the credit should be given to the original film makers. or the producers bought rights?
Bobby Sing

Yes Manish, as replied earlier too, the plot of GADAR was inspired or taken from SHAHEED-E-MOHABBAT BUTA SINGH. And surprisingly this Original film was an award winning film too.

At the time of release it was mentioned by many in the papers but the success of GADAR was such a huge positive thing that the fact got ingnored. Further regional films, do not have a big say in the market and that was another reason that this truth didnt get that exposure.

And now I am including this too in the "G" Category of the Inspired Movies List.

So thanks for your valuable input and keep writing in.


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