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Acid Factory (2009) & Unknown (2006)
12 Oct, 2009 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A

To start with, if you have already seen “Acid Factory” then you are sure going to remember the important scenes of the movie mentioned below.

1.  Five persons are lying unconscious in a deserted chemical factory. One of them is tied on a chair, one is having a bullet wound and is hanging from the railing of the first floor with one hand chained in a hand cuff and the remaining three have blood and bruises on their faces. No one remembers their name or anything related to their origin.

2.  An unknown phone call taking different names puzzles them even more and they start having minor fights with each other. One of them tries to feed the electronic code of the locked doors but is unable to crack it. Later they start remembering about themselves, the gas leakage and discover about a kidnapping and an undercover cop. Meanwhile the boss keeps calling at regular intervals.  

3.  From a small window, they see a car on the road and start shouting in order to gain attention. One of them also tries to attract the kid coming out of the car with a broken glass and its reflection but is not successful in getting him close to the factory.  

Now the best part about whatever is written above is that in actual terms all these scene descriptions are authentically taken from a lesser known English movie “Unknown” released in 2006 and “Acid Factory” has just got its entire content as it is from the original. In fact it’s like a remake of “Unknown” with Indian elements added into the script. 

Interestingly if we look at the Hindi version as an individual work, then it’s indeed a well directed movie from Suparn Verma. But at the same time, his first movie “Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena” too carried the similar tag of inspired work and plagiarism.

Anyhow looking at the current trend of legally acquiring the remake rights like “Daddy Cool”, I hope “Acid Factory” is also an official re-make of its original.  

Check out at : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0450340/ 

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12 Oct 2009 / Comments ( 3 )
Am catching this tonight....

And i'm a huge fan of UNKNOWN which had some genuinely surprising twists and turns!

Bobby Sing

Nice to see you here!
Do let me know how do you rate this Indian version of the Original.


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