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Agnipath (1990), Scarface (1983) & The Godfather (1972)
16 Apr, 2008 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A

Mukul Anand’s stylishly made “Agneepath” was not accepted well at the time of its release. But it is now considered as one of the finest works of his career. However the movie gets many of its main scenes from “ScarFace” & “Godfather”. In fact, these two movies have inspired numerous hindi flicks based on Gangster and Gang War theme.

Among the inspired ones, is the sequence when Amitabh takes Madhavi to a Restaurant for dinner and people start staring at them with a disgusting look.  You can find the same scene in ”Scarface” too. Apart from this, the conflict between Amitabh and his mother, the hospital sequence with the nurse are also there in the original starring Al Pacino.

In “Agneepath”, Amitabh also tried to experiment with his Voice Modulations as done by “Marlon Brando” in “The Godfather", but the audiences didn’t accept it and therefore the re-dubbing was done in his original powerful baritone voice.
But Inspite of all the above similarities "Agneepath" is a masterpiece in its own, with Mithun Da as an added ace beyond any imitation.

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