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Almost Famous (2000) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

23 Dec, 2007 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

A movie on a well thought novel theme about the back stage dramas experienced by all the Rock Groups and Music Bands in their career spans. The story is about a young girl who is a die-hard fan of one famous Rock Group. Luckily she gets an opportunity to travel on a tour with the Rock Band and witnesses their personal lives, their fights and break ups from a close perspective.

It is one of the rare movies about back stage life of artists and their complications. In fact it is an insight in the psyche of the artists and breaks the illusions, their fans have about them. In simple words, sometimes meeting your idol artist and spending a day with him can completely change the opinion you had about him in your mind. The director needs to be applauded specially for a particular sequence in the movie where an air crash is expected to happen any moment. This scene has a spiritual value, since it gives us a glimpse of how our characters can change if we see our death coming in few minutes. The whole outlook towards your life changes if you can see the end of it, there in front of your eyes. One of the best scenes I have seen, having the power of bringing a change.
So, “Almost Famous” can be rated as an important movie for all youngsters. An intelligent and thought provoking movie about the show business, capable of teaching the young wannabe’s a lot. And every young musician or music lover got to watch it.
Directed By Cameron Crowe
Starring : Kate Hudson & Others

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