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\"Alvida SUFI - Phir Zaroor Milenge Dost\" - A loving farewell to our dear friend who spent 12 adoring years with us. (My Poetic Expressions -4)

01 Apr, 2012 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

The words in this ‘Nazm’ are my inner loving expressions for our beloved pet SUFI (A Light Brown Labrador) who left us all for this next better journey on 30th March 2012.
Its a poetic farewell to my dear friend who spent 12 loving years with all of us, without any expectations or demands in return for his innocent, pure love showered upon everyone in the family unconditionally.
All the friends who have met him would readily agree that he was an amazing speechless friend with an unbelievable kind of understanding expressed through his sparkling eyes & kind, innocent gestures, which will always remain in our hearts forever.
There might not be any rhythm in the poetic language here, but I could still feel his heartbeat and the last glimpse of his truthful eyes while writing this on the first lonely night without SUFI sleeping calmly along my bed……………!

And I hope many friends would be able to relate with the state in which it was written.
So sharing this with all readers here as the wordless wonder does need your sincere warm wishes to be born in a better birth in his next journey.
Cheers to SUFI with
     Alvida SUFI - Bobby Talks Cinema.com


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01 Apr 2012 / Comments ( 8 )

Saleeb ke hathon me bhi wahi sufi ki nabz,
Dono ke jism me thuk gaye keel ke nishan !
Lakdi ne sokh liye pinjar ke lahu aur aansu,
Zabaan ke moonh me de gya be-zuban ki zaban !

So sorry to hear this news.........

Bobby Sing

All my Love to our dear companion for 12 long cheerful blessed years

and thanks Vinay for sharing the pain.



Pets do become a part of your family. I had 3 dogs before marriage and we all were very fond of them. When we came back from school,the welcome we got was something which can\'t be described. In the morning they would stand at the bus stop till we boarded the school bus and then went back and would convey this to our parents(bark in a special way). We could not eat for many days after they left us.
But I also hope they have a better birth now.

Bobby Sing

Yes Daman Ji, Pets do become a part of your family and its really tough to face their departure.
Thanks for sharing the pain as only the ones who have faced it can really understand.
Thanks again.

Amit joshi

I never had a pet in my home still I can understand the pain....... I also lost one of my youngest employee (22 yrs old) last week who was with us when we first started our business five years ago............

Bhagwan unki aatma ko shaanti de.

Bobby Sing

Its destiny Amit which clearly gives us indications to be good through all the short lives lived around us, who go at a pretty young age.
And they are supposed to be out biggest teachers above than any other Spiritual Guru or Scripture. Nobody can teach us Life other than Death itself.


Dear Bobby,

I feel very sorry for your loss. Your poem shows how much you love your friend,Sufi!. May his soul rest in peace and be born in the incarnation that brings abundance of love like this.

Bobby Sing

Yes Bavani,
We are all praying too for him to get a better birth with lots of Love all around his new being.

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