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Amitabh Bachchan, Subhash Ghai & \"Devaa\". (Did You Know - 14)
15 Jul, 2009 | Did You Know!

One of most successful and versatile actor, Amitabh Bachchan has worked with almost every renowned director in the industry. But ever thought why the Great Showman, Subhash Ghai never signed him?

Actually he did sign him for a film called "Devaa", in the late eighties, which got started with a grand muhurat as per the reputation of Subhash Ghai and his banner. But due to certain undisclosed reasons, the project was shelved without any announcement and could not make it to the silver screen. As a result, we all missed a golden opportunity to see the two giants of Indian Cinema together.
Interestingly in the muhurat shot of “Devaa”, Amitabh had a get up, very similar to the one adopted in "Khuda Gawah". Unfortunately I lost my copy of “SCREEN” magazine, which featured the Muhurat as its cover story at that time. But I still remember Amitabh standing with a mashaal in his hand, wearing a long shining robe and a turban, looking quite similar to the character of "Baadshah Khan" in “Khuda Gawah”.

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15 Jul 2009 / Comments ( 4 )
Vineet Gupta
I remember the Mahurat very well, and I have the screen issue with the only photo in it as well. It seemed to be an ego war at the time.
Bobby Sing

Great Vineet ....
Glad to hear that.....would it be possible for you to send me a scanned image of that picture.
It will be great for all friends reading the article.

I would really appreciated if you can do that....& thanks for writing in.

Pravin S. Pendkalkar

At that time Subhash Ghai was at his peak and now, he is directing a dud like Yuvraja nd Black and white and just see where amitabh is, even today, devaa can be revived with modification.

In this way subhash ghai shall get a chance to show his true directorial mattle after so many years., and we shall able to see a superstar and a showman together after a very long time. Even if the Project is announced i its initial stage it shall fetch more than 150 crores for sure. Think over it Subhashji.

The First Thing for breaking the ice subhashji can do it is to call amitabh to give lecture in his acting school if subhashji again wants whistles he should immediately try to make peace with amitabh. It is not that subhash ghai is nobody he has its own fanfollowing and I am one among those fans.....

Come on AMITABH AND SUBHASH GHAI come together for the sake of entertainment, as the saying goes ENTERTAINMAENT KE LIYE KUCH BHI KAREGA .

Bobby Sing

Thanks Praving for visiting the site and you are very write in your comment as I also want to see the two giants back on the screen together.

Thanks again & Keep writing...

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