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An Artist's MOOD - Article by KISHORE KUMAR (When the veterans used to express it in their own writings -1) - (BTC Exclusive)


Going through the rich film magazines of the Golden Era i.e. before the ‘Gossip business’ took over from the 70s onwards, I was pleasantly quite stunned to witness the quality articles the film magazines (led by FILMFARE) used to offer its passionate readers every month as their regular feature.
The articles which were not written by routine journalists or columnists as usual, but actually penned by the veteran artists themselves ranging from the well-known actors, directors, music composers, lyricists, writers and even reputed producers. Further the subject matter of these articles touched every important aspect of life beginning from cinema being made all over the world to the various forms of creativity as music, drama, poetry, literature and much more. Reading many of these precious writings revealing a completely different (personal) side of our beloved artists, I strongly felt that this certainly needs to be shared with the maximum number of like-minded friends through BTC as we rarely get to see any such rich feature in the present film magazines, including the new age glossy version of FILMFARE itself.
Perhaps we have lost that loving emotional depth, humour & understanding from our multi-talented personalities in this new millennium or lack that courage to express or share ourselves with the public like these veterans used to do in their Golden Era of Hindi Films in the decades of 1950s-70s.
Mood by Kishore Kumar - Bobby Talks Cinema.comSo missing this important feature in the present world’s journalism and with a humble wish of adding much more to the life of all die-hard lovers of Hindi Cinema all over the globe, this is a new section being introduced at BTC, in which I will try to regularly share many of those worth reading articles written by our favourite artists themselves through the original high quality scans easily readable by enlarging the text too with the zoom option. And the first one in this series is from the inimitable Kishore Da himself with his famous dose of fun, wit and sarcasm talking about an artist’s MOOD and their unexplainable tantrums torturing the helpless producer.
MOOD by Kishore Kumar (FILMFARE – January 4, 1957)
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With a hope that the effort would be appreciated by all dear friends of BTC, I really wish this valuable treasure entertains and enlightens maximum number of friends through the social networks and may it also encourage many other collector’s to share their possessed gems too making a serious effort.

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29 Sep 2014 / Comments ( 11 )
awesome share....definitely I\'ll share this with my friends....
Bobby Sing

Thanks Abhijit Das and Keep Visiting.

Jai Kishor Sharma

my self jai kishor ? .from the childhood I find myself in the love of kish or Kumar songs...now I\'m above 40 nd as I\'m still grow old nd older by listening the songs nd reading about great kishor I find endless things about him.kishor da was untrained singer with a wonderful command on vocals ability..he find mr.k.l.Senegal as his guru....i pray to god nd selected late kishor da as my guru nd try to copy his style of singing though I\'m also an untrained... his soul tought me how to enjoy even a sad song by singing...I\'m thankful to god for selected this great singer nd human being as my guru...I sing his song nd other raags smtimes by closing my eyes nd feel that he is watching me sitting beside me..nd it gives me power to correct my way of singing ...my guru kishor Ji has two sons ...? wrong he has three ...! one is me" jai kishor".I miss u Guru Ji u know I have a photo of urz which always blessed me nd many times pour tears on my eyes....during singing

Bobby Sing

Thanks for visiting and writing in about your loving passion Jai Kishore Sharma.
Really loved to know that.


jai kishor

Dear Sir, many thnx fr giving a space of my lill pain to b print on it...kindly do smithing fr theĀ artist like me. Who want to give a tribute by singing his favourite singers or artisans by giving details of events on there birth or death\'s anniversary..let me inform all the kishor Kumar\'s lover that I\'m n artist also. And planning to make lots of the paintings on kishor and display on his death and birth anniversary...in coming days.and planning to make a movement fr converting kishor Kumar\'s home at khandwa in a museum.. Pls pray all of u in my effort\'s...thnx ...jai kishor...

Bobby Sing

Dear Jai Kishore,
This is not any more a difficult task dear friend.
Just start making your own videos through your phone camera and upload them at Youtube.

Same way you can shoot the pics of your paintings and upload at various platforms too.
If the content has a pull, you will start getting response at once that will guide you for your further initiatives.

In today's digitial world, its not any more dependent upon anyone else.
So begin right away and All The Best with


Jai Kishor Sharma
Dear friends....let me reveal a hidden truth about great kishor Kumar ji...all of his life he stood fr his dignity...and the pain and kindness fr the people envoinment. And friends...I was a in a very young age when I came across to know this ..the world know that in the last years of kishor Kumar ji\'s life he announced to stop singing fr amitabh bachchan..the media promote a story that kishor invited amitabh fr the mahurat fr his film but amitabh didn\'t cm on that event...so kishor decided this .....but the real story was related to a movie were amtabh sang a song where kishor Kumar also sang number of songs...but on he cover of the music album producer put amitabh on the top of....frankly it was an ugly practise...kishor Kumar find it as n insult...everyone knows amithab nowhere stand near with kishor Kumar\'s singing skill and rank...but all of his life that time and till now he ever spoke to this issue...amithab ji is a great actor he should understand the pain of kshor ji...but he didn\'t yet....my humble request is with the people how are close amitabh ji to make a since of this yeasteryears fault he did and ask a forgiveness to great singer of every time....
Bobby Sing

Thanks for sharing the insight Jai Kishore.
Would like to suggest that do join FB groups of Kishore Da and old Hindi film music fans and share these insights there too.
You will not only get a decent response but would also get to know a lot more interacting with other die hard fans.
And you can even begin your own blog writing about the same.


Jai Kishor Sharma
Bobby Singh ji...this time I was waiting sm comments from ur side...is it possible we may send sm audio clips of the singings ..dedicated to the great singers... In future...
Bobby Sing

Dear Jai Kishore,
As suggested earlier, it will be great to share all your works with the entire world through either Blogs, Youtube, Facebook or Twitter whatever you feel like. So please do so and meet many more like minded friends loving Kishore Da.

And keep us posted too.



Hi Bobby Ji,
I am late to the party nonetheless I enjoyed it thouroghly.
I found your website accidently while reading about Baburao Patel.
I grew up during Golden Era of cinema and till today I enjoy movies and songs from that era. I regularly watch "Godeln Era with Annu Kappoor" and "Classic Legends" by Shri Javed Akhtar.

Your wersite is great to read!


Bobby Sing

Hi Bharat Ji,
Really glad that you could join the party through google.
And I am sure you will have a great time here reading about the films and articles from the Golden Era.
If possible please also do try to go through my book too, as it has most of its chapters on the golden era only.
Here is the link of its Amazon page:

Keep Visiting and Writing in,

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