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An Empty Jar and Two Cups of Tea. (Few Life Inspiring Words - 7)

04 Sep, 2010 | FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES / Articles on Music, Poetry and Life

“Our life has become too fast and everyone wants to achieve the maximum in the least possible time available with him……….!”. This was being explained by a professor to his morning walk friends who were complaining of feeling stressed and depressed from many days.

As his friends were not looking convinced by his verbal explanation, the professor decided to teach them his theory with a demonstration. And next day he met them all in the morning with some common articles in his hands.

  The professor first of all placed a Jar and few tennis balls on the bench lying outside the tea shop situated within the park. And then he started filling the jar with all the balls till it was full of them and had no place left for any more. Looking at the jar, he asked his friends, “Is the jar full now?” Everybody said, “Yes”.  

But the professor said “No” and then started putting some small stones inside the jar, shaking it a little. The stones quickly took the place lying between the balls and filled the jar. Now he asked them again, “Is the jar full now?” Everybody again said, “Yes”.  

But the professor once again said “No” and then started pouring some sand into the jar, out of a small pouch he had brought along. The sand also made its way in the space available in between the balls and stones and further filled the jar a little more. Now looking at his friends, professor asked, “I think now it is full.” They all collectively answered “Yes, surely”.  

But the professor wasn’t satisfied and he quickly ordered two cups of tea from the tea-seller. On getting the cups he started pouring the tea too into the jar which also started floating along everything inside the jar and made its own place.

 And then Professor started smiling, looking towards the faces of all his friends staring the jar in a strange manner and explained:  

“Dear Friends, Just think of this Jar as your own life and Tennis balls as the most important elements of your life like your family, children, friends, health, your passions and your worshipped GOD.

Consider the small stones as your job, car, big house and other secondary things of life and.............Sand as even smaller matters such as your many avoidable conflicts, disputes and fights.  

Now if you had filled the Jar with the Sand first then there had been no place for the Tennis Balls or Small Stones in it. Or if you had filled the Jar with the small stones first, then again Tennis Balls would have remained outside, however sand surely could have been added along with the stones.  

The same formula is applicable in your real life too. If you keep stressing upon the small un-necessary things around yourself then you are sure going to miss the bigger and more important elements of life within your limited allotted time.  

Now for your own good and peace, it simply depends upon yourself that how you want to fill your own Jar of Life with creativity. Play with your kids, go on long walks with your beloved, throw away the wastes lying in your store-rooms, pursue your hidden hobbies or passions, learn a musical instrument, play some game you love and just feel happy with gratitude towards your GOD and existence.  

In short, do worry about the Big Tennis Balls in your life first and then the rest will automatically take care of itself. As rest everything is just like the sand which can easily adjust with all the other things in your jar.”  

Everyone listening to the professor was stunned and felling calm in that fine morning in the park. Suddenly one of them asked “But what about those two cups of tea you poured in that Jar……You didn’t explain their significance to us.”  

The professor smiled and answered, ”Those two cups of tea teach us that whatsoever kind of busy life we may be living around, one should always take some time out to have a cup of tea with his dear old friends and just enjoy”.   To this everyone laughed out loud and just hugged each other and started walking again.  

(I hope my readers find this small story an enlightening one, which very beautifully teaches us to have a new vision in our attitude towards our gifted lives.)  

(Contributed by Mr.Bharat in Hindi through mail. Translated by Bobby Sing)


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04 Sep 2010 / Comments ( 5 )

Dear Mr.Bobby,
What an excellent post.The topic is certainly of vital importance. Thanks for your hardwork and sharing your knowledge. It is indeed a great post and more enlightening for readers.Your contributions shall always be remembered in one\'s life.

Bobby Sing

Dear Rafiq Javaid,

It really gives me immense joy to know that my articles are able to inspire many of my friends in a creative way. And it really forces me to just keep on writing.

So Keep visiting as there's lot more to come...........with the Almighty's Blessings.



Ajay Khatwani
Dear Mr Bobby,

Thanks to contributor Mr Bharat and to you for translating and posting this article.

What a simple way to explain the priorties of life.


Paresh Rathod

This jar story has really touched my soul..!!
This is a story which can change a man\'s life..

Excellent.. World needs more inspiring stories like these.

Bobby Sing

Thanks Praesh for your kind words........I will surely try to keep adding more such articles here, so do keep visiting and writing in.......Cheers!

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