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An innocent request by a Son to his Father. (Few Life Inspiring Words - 15)

01 Jan, 2013 | Articles on Music, Poetry and Life / FEW LIFE INSPIRING WORDS & POSITIVE SHARES

Beginning the year with a sweet, inspiring piece on an enlightening conversation between a little boy and his father, I hope this raises many relevant questions in our mind about the kind of life we are living in present. A life, which is being mostly spent in the process of earning money and nothing else!
And here it goes…….!
A tired man came home late in an evening from his office. His 8 years old son was waiting for him at the door only and as soon as he came in, the boy straight away asked him a question,
Son - Dad, may I ask u a question?
“Yes son”, the father replied.
Son - Please tell me how much you earn in an hour?
Dad - But you are too small to know that son and don’t worry about it at all.
Son - No……please tell me dad…..please!
Dad - Ok…..I earn around Rs.500 in an hour.
Son - Thank you dad, now may I please borrow 200 Rupees from you?

The request for some money made the father angry as he couldn’t understand the sudden demand by his son and in the state of anger he shouted at the kid ordering him to go to the bed.
The boy silently walked towards his room and shut the door quietly without saying anything.
After a while when the father realized his mistake he went to the kid’s room, sat beside the child lying on his bed and said,
“Sorry for being so hard son…….here are your 200 Rupees………!

Seeing the money, child started smiling and gave a loving hug to his father saying Thank You. But then all of a sudden he stood up from the bed, went towards his cupboard and took out his piggy bank which had some money saved.
Standing beside the cupboard he counted the money taken from the piggy bank plus the 200 Rupees just received and then came back to his father hurriedly with these stunning words,

“Dad, please take these 500 rupees I have collected and do give me one hour of your time by coming home early tomorrow as I want to have dinner with you.”
The kid’s heart piercing words were shocking enough for his businessmen father and he could say nothing in return to his son but only had sparkling eyes full of tears & guilt.
May this short heartwarming story begin your year with a pleasant evening spent together with everyone in the family.


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01 Jan 2013 / Comments ( 4 )
Mukesh Tiwari

It makes me really stunned...!

Bobby Sing

Yes it is really stunning Mukesh Ji and I also had the same feeling when I first read this story sent in a mail.
Hope it teaches the valuable lesson to many of us in time.

\'heart piercing words\'
very aptly put ........
Bobby Sing

Thanks Chris and I really hope the story wakes up we all at the right time.

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