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Anand (1971) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

10 Dec, 2008 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Hrishikesh Mukherjee's ANAND actually spreads 'Anand' among its dedicated viewers and there must be many watching the film even today at regular intervals to regain their lost energy in life. Unarguably among the Top 3 Movies directed by the maestro, ANAND also happens to be the film having one of the most famous 'Life Teaching Dialogues' by Gulzar, widely famous in the masses as well as the classes.
An unusually brilliant film featuring the superstar Rajesh Khanna without any romantic lead or love songs, ANAND makes you feel the hidden pain felt by its protaganist in his friendly conversations continuing in a playful, light mood right till the end without any depressing moments. And that is where it comes out a complete winner as a calm and soothing film despite being based on a serious, heart wrenching subject of an untimely death.
Sinking deep into their characters, the entire cast delivers outstanding individual performances hugely contributing in the film’s overall impact and a special mention deserves to be made of its melodious and memorable songs composed by Salil Chaudhury with lyrics by Gulzar and Yogesh.
Interestingly, the film was to be made with another cast altogether and the character of Anand was inspired from Mukherjee’s dear freind Raj Kapoor, who use to call Hrishikesh Mukherjee as "Babu Moshaye". And that is the reason we read the opening titles dedicating the film to Raj Kapoor and the people of Bombay.
Reference of Akira Kurosawa's IKIRU (Japanese) is also made as one of the key inspirations behind the film by many as their personal opinion. But as I feel this influence might have been an admiration by one master for the other dealing with an identical subject. Moreover you get to realize the truth, as you watch both the films dealing with the key character in their own distinctive and impressive way unrelated to each other. 
In a few words, ANAND is one of those precious gems of our Hindi Cinema with content and execution equivalent to the life-teaching literature deserving our utmost respect. A pure delight for the heart & soul, the film needs to be seen repeatedly just like we keep reading the pages of our favourite self-help books to regain our lost strength.
Directed By Hrishikesh Mukherjee
Starring : Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan, Johny Walker, Ramesh Deo & More
Music By Salil Chaudhury
Lyrics by Gulzar and Yogesh

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10 Dec 2008 / Comment ( 2 )
amit joshi

Bobby Ji, I have two questions regarding this movie, i don't know I am wrong or not.

The first one:

Anand is shown having no parents, no siblings, no girlfriend, no wife.....a person who has nothing to loose, then it is so obvious that he will not be afraid of death also....what you say ? because most of the time we are afraid of death because we think that we will be sepreated from our dear and near ones.

The second one: which is most important:

We saw Anand full of life, Always happy to go, a jolly person in nature, means it seems that even if he had no disease he will behave in the same manner, my question is  " Is a person who is so full of life can he get affected from an uncurable diseses ? I mean I personally believe that a person can not suffer from cancer (one of the most dangerous diseases) or from an uncurable diseses if he is full of life, Uncurable disease can not enter into a person's body who is so happy all the time or loves life so much.

Sorry I may be wrong in my perception but for a long time I wanted to ask you these two questions, specially the second one. hope you will give some answer.


Amit Joshi

Bobby Sing

Hi Amit,
Have tried to answer you in the following points.

One: This is a myth.
Whether a peson has someone or something to lose or not, his or her greatest fear remains DEATH. And it is not obvious that if someone is all alone in this world then he is ready or willing to die.
That is infact very wrong notion overestimating the humans. 
For example, j​​​​​​Just try to find such people even in the yogis and saints who have no one left in the relations in the entire world.
Even they love life and wish to live longer.

This is another contradiction you are thinking absurdly as mind and body are two separate identities. A person might be so happy and jolly person but his body might react to a medicine or food or climate or anything for that matter.
The body is not mind.
Yes once someone is sick or suffering then mind does play an important role to get him cured with positive thoughts and courage. But a jolly mind cannot guarantee a disease less body.
For instance you might have seen saintly people getting caught by serious diseases like Cancer when they neither drink nor smoke nor eat non-veg food and mostly eat just home-cooked dishes.
And if you have not seen life in that cruel form, then just visit a cancer hospital and observe/study some cases to enlighten yourself.

In short, your attitude towards life can make you live a happy life, but living a healthy life depends upon a lot of factors.
The food you eat, the water you drink and the air you inhale (in a polluted city like Delhi) holds the key.
In other words, do you think pollution will not affect the people, who are always smiling and jolly in nature? Are they inhaling different air from others?

Give it a thought!
Hope you will get your answers in the above points.

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