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Angoor (1982) / Do Dooni Chaar (1968) (Movies To See Before You Die - Comedy)

20 Nov, 2007 | Inspired Movies (Alphabetical) / A / Movies To See Before You Die / Comedy

Angor - Do Dooni Chaar - Bobby Talks Cinema

Every hindi movie lover must have seen the classic comedy Angoor, directed by Gulzar. But very few know that the same story plot was used by Bimal Roy way back in 1968 as Do Dooni Chaar. In the B&W Classic, Kishore Kumar & Asit Sen were the two twin pairs as there were Sanjeev Kumar & Deven Verma in Angoor. Needless to mention the comedy in this movie as one of best comedian Kishore Kumar is there to entertain with the one & only Asit Sen. The unique pairing also makes it a must watch vintage classic. Though the Bimal Da version is not as enjoyable as Angoor but still it should be watched once by everyone who loved Gulzar's adaptation of the same. The point worth mentioning is that Gulzar also wrote the dialogues for "Don Dooni Chaar", as then he was associated with the great Bimol Roy. 

Interestingly Angoor is now unarguably included in the All Time Top 10 Comedies from Hindi Film Industry. You will simply fall in love with the characters of Sanjeev Kumar and Deven Verma playing the confused pairs. Specially in the opening scene where Sanjeev Kumar is reading a detective novel and starts acting like a real detective. It is indeed remarkable that Gulzar, who is more known for his social, serious and artistic cinema, gave us one of the best comedies till date.

A Good Example of how two movies on the same theme (Shakespear's Comedy Of Errors) can be so different from each other.

Directed By Gulzar (Angoor), Debu Sen (Do Dooni Chaar)
Starring : (Angoor) Sanjeev Kumar, Deven Verma, Deepti Naval & Maushmi Chaterjee (Do Dooni Chaar) Kishore Kumar & Asit Sen
Music : (Angoor) R. D. Burman (Do Dooni Chaar) Hemant Kumar

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Hii thank u

Bobby Sing

Thanks Sandeep for visiting and writing in...




YES,i too feel that angoor is much better than do dooni chaar.
By the way, bimal roy only produced do dooni chaar,but could not direct it as he was supposed to , as he became very ill at that time.By the time the movie released, bimalda was sadly already dead.

Interestingly,Hollywood made big business [1988] on the same play comedy of errors,but later than these two films.what\'s even more interesting is that the first cinematic expression of this shakespeare\'s play was Bhranti bilas[1963]-a bengali film .produced by bimal roy and directed by manu sen.that movie became a big hit and such a classic that bimalda wanted to remake it itself in hindi, but sadly could not.

I always wondered what standards do dooni chaar might have acheived had bimalda directed it.and i will definately recommend you to watch BHRANTI BILAS -as it is as funny , if not more than angoor and also the original and the first one.It stars bengali superstar Uttam kumar and the master comedian Bhanu Bannerjee in the lead roles.and i also think that indian cinema should get get a pat for making these great movies on this play first and in inspiring hollywood to make movies later on this play which are by the way not as good as these 3 films.

prakash bhatia
Having double roles in indian films as a tradition obviously indian film makers will jump on such scripts.
Bobby Sing

Thanks Prakash Bhatia for your comment and keep visiting.


prakash bhatia

Thanks for replying. I would like to add one more film in the category \'Moviees To See Before You Die\' (I do not know whether it already exists or not). It is Dadamoni\'s (Ashok Kumar) 1943 blockbuster Kismet.Ashok becomes first Indian star to don the mantle of anti hero. I won\'t write a review let this be done by Bobby Singh.

It ran for three years in Cacutta-\'s Roxy cinema.This film changed the entire style of film making and acting in Indian films.The natural style of acting by Ashok Kumar paved way for modern day acting in India.Though Ashok already a star became First Super Star of Indian Cinema. After this film he charged one lac per film. This film did business of roughly 60 lacs in mid forties nearly 400 hundred crores of present time. It is really sad that doyen of Indian films does find a mention in 100 years of Indian Cinema celebrations. No road is named after him in Mumbai whereas his nephew Joy Mukherjee has a road named after him. Should we forget our heritage? Forgetting is just like demolishing. The Taj Mahal. Ashok is Taj Mahal of Indian cinema let us preserve it. Bobby Singh will do a yeoman service by giving a peep into past greats achievements through his pen. Thanks.

Bobby Sing

Hi Prakash Bhatia,
You are very right in saying that "KISMET" is a very important film which deserves to be seen by all. But actually there is a difference of opinion here as for what purpose I am making the list of "Movies To See Before You Die".

The list basically includes films which have something important to say & contribute either as a means of enriching our routine lives or entertain us in such a manner that we feel refreshed. It mainly includes films which are capable of enlightening us on various issues of life ranging from love to war made in all parts of the world (Included as I see them in a random order.)

Now there exist many cases where a film is very important as per the Study of Indian Cinema is concerned but it might not be there in the list due to the other reason. For example there is "KISMET" and similarly there is also "MAHAL", "ANMOL GHADI", "ANDAZ" and several such films which are landmark films as far as Indian Film History is concerned but not included in the list due to the reason mentioned above.

On the other hand a film like "KANOON" is right there as it indeed has something different to say both in style as well as content which might amaze a viewer even today after so many decades.

So that is my reason for not including it and I hope I was able to explain myself properly.


prakash bhatia
Thanks.I appreciate your viewpoint and criteria for listing the films.Cheers. Prakash Bhatia
Bobby Sing

Thanks for understanding my viewpoint too Parkash Bhatia and do Keep Visiting & Writing in.

I am dying to get one copy of these 2 movies DVD/VCD...or even original film!!!

Please help me.....
Bobby Sing

Dear Sreekumar,
Would love to help out here.

You can watch ANGOOR at the folloing link :

and you can watch DO DOONI CHAAR at the following link :


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