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Ankahee (1985) - (Movies To See Before You Die - Drama)

27 Jul, 2010 | Movies To See Before You Die / Drama

Ankahee - Bobby Talks Cinema.com

This is a rare and rather unknown classic from the well known actor director Amol Palekar. A film which talks about an extremely important and interesting topic of Jyotish, Astrology and future gazing, in a simple yet highly effective style. Amol truly deserves all the praises for raising such a relevant issue in his movie, which can really make or break anyone’s life so easily.

Astrology, Palmistry or Jyotish are no doubt part of a deep study and the research does have many valid favourable points to prove its truthful applicability in real life. But here veteran Amol Palekar, very intelligently asks a question that what will happen to the confidence of a common man if he is straight away told something negative about his future which cannot be averted. And moreover what is the use of telling him all about it when it has to happen and we cannot avoid it in any condition.

The opening sequence of the movie itself raises this debatable question in a well written sequence of a hospital. Vinod Mehra is a doctor who is going to do a delivery operation of a lady. But just before he is going to operate, Dr. Shri Ram Lagoo who plays a well known astrologer in the movie, tells him that the lady is not going to survive as written in her Kundali. Ignoring his prediction, the doctor performs his duty skillfully but unfortunately the lady dies. And then comes a short but impactful confrontation scene between Vinod Mehra & Dr. Lagoo which can easily disturb any person’s views about the topic, putting him in a dilemma.

In real life, whenever we are facing a tough time, we all tend to bow down in search of some alternative solutions to our problems provided by Astrology, Gemology or Numerology. But “Ankahee” comes up with a simple question that if everything is written in our destiny to happen as planned without any exception, then firstly what’s the use of trying to know it and further what’s the use of even trying to avert it or change it.

Supported by Deepti Naval with her superb performance the film is a must watch for all who are interested in watching Hindi films made on some new and unexplored subjects. It’s a well directed film based on a brilliant script revolving around an untouched issue. And as an added merit it also has some soulful classical songs rendered by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi. So if you want to experience something completely out of the box and yet relevant, then just search for its DVD at the earliest and serve your thinking minds with this worth watching film from Amol Palekar.

Directed By Amol Palekar
Starring : Amol Palekar, Deepti Naval, Dr. Shree Ram Lagoo and more.
Music : Jaidev Verma (featuring Pt. Bhimsen Joshi)

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27 Jul 2010 / Comments ( 15 )

Songs by Bhimsen ji. " Dhimiki Dhimiki " and all others are my all time favorite. Just awesome movie and soul steering music compositions.

Bobby Sing

You are very right Vinay Ji.



ANKAHEE for me was a complete surprise package as i didn\'t hear about this cinema before accidentally coming across it. Intense storyline, brilliant performace from Amol Palekar, Deepti Naval, Shreeram Lagoo and one veteran Marathi who played Deepti\'s father and not to forget the soul steerting songs by Pt. Bhimsen Joshi - all make ANKAHEE a unsung milestone of Indian cinema.

Bobby Sing

Yes Bibek, it surely is an unsung masterpiece of Indian Cinema.....

Keep visiting.................Cheers!

dhimiki dhimiki is really grt.
Bobby Sing

Sure Vikas it is really great........Thanks for writing in and keep visiting....Cheers!


Really wonderful movie. not only astrology but the different aspects of life are shown in this movie. A great thinker can only write this sensible play.

You know what Bobby, I listen to Bhimsen ji\'s composition from this song whenever I am in depressions or need a divine presence around me. Dhimiki Dhimiki ........Prabhu ab tum ko meri laaj.........Amazing movie and outstanding composition. What a performance by Deepti Naval ji, Dr. Shri Ram Lagoo, Amol Palekar ji.......and what a subject...........Wah !!!!!!

Regards and thanks again ,

Bobby Sing
My pleasure Vinay and great to know that you love the film and its music so much.
I have recently seen Ankahee,really a nice & different movie. Would like to share few other unsung master pieces of Indian Cinema -

Khamosh (1985)
Inkaar (1977)
Rajnigandha (1974)
Manzil (1979)

Bobby Sing

Hi Abhishek,
Its great that you loved watching Ankahee but if you want to see more such gems then do go through my Must Watch list as there are many more such films listed there waiting to be seen.

However regarding the films you have mentioned I would like to say that they are not the unsung master pieces of Indian Cinema as they are pretty known & famous as a few of them were also received well at the Box Office like Rajnigandha and Inkar.

Also here is some more information about them related to this site only which might interest you.

Khamosh (1985) - This didnt work at the BO but later became a big hit in the home video market and is right there in my Movies To See Before You Die List at the site.

Inkaar (1977) - This was a remake of an Akira Kurosawa Classic is also known as the film which had a famous song of Narender Chanchal.

Rajnigandha (1974) - This classic is also right there in my Movies To See Before You Die List at the site.

Manzil (1979) - This was a remake of a Bengali movie but was no doubt a good one too.

So if you are really interested in some unknown movies then they are many featuring in the site plus many which are being added as I write more about them every week......so Keep Visiting.



R K Singh

Wow! a wonderful movie, skillfully directed crafted and finely played by the actors. Songs are great. I am an Indian American and seldom hear about such great movies. All we hear about are the garbage with lots of noise and display of skin. Indian movies of today have become a drama of dram based on Hollywood craps. I want to see more movies like this..Please tell where do I find them.

Thank you for posting about this movie. Thanks to actors and director of this movie.


Bobby Sing

Thanks R K Singh for your comment and yes there are lot of more such movies listed in the section "Movies To See Before You Die" at the right top of the site. You can surf the various generes there and select your own pick.
And I hope many youngsters read your comment as it is infact a truth that Hindi Cinema certainly has got many more such gems worth watching, hidden in the past years.



Today i was just chcking the list of movies to see before you die drama , and found ths wonderful moviie.
and as you have mentioned it  has very imp questions rised in the begining of the movie by vinod mehra.
also i liked the scene where amol palekar tells her girlfriend that he will marry Indu... the conversation between the two is too good...
the 2nd movie i am going to watch from this list will be dutt saab\'s Yaadein.

Bobby Sing

Glad to hear that you loved the movie Mustafa as it is indeed a worth watching one raising some very important questions related to our life.
Do watch Yaadein and share your views about the same too.


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